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Chakzampa Thangtong Gyalpo: Architect, Philosopher and Iron Chain Bridge Builder

Gerner, Manfred

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Thangtong Gyalpo (Thang sTong rGyal po) is a historical figure reaching in the supernatural who impresses us with his versatility to liberate sentient beings. His teachings and writings are translated only partly. The far bigger part of his work is passed down traditionally. To a large extent, it is directly visible, learnable and conceivable in reality in the form of monasteries, bridges, plays and songs. In Tibet, Bhutan and the world of the Mahayana Buddhism in the Himalayas, Thangtong Gyalpo is known and revered by all people. If one questions this, his oeuvre, his whole work and actions will be known far less. This is one reason for the results shown in the present work, which is the result of about 30 years of research projects in Tibet and Bhutan and in particular, fieldwork that was taken up in July 1974 in Bhutan and in April 1981 in Tibet.

Dokumententyp: Buch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2007
Erstellungsdatum: 5 März 2009
ISBN: 99936-14-39-4
Institute/Einrichtungen: Forschungseinrichtungen / Akademien > Centre for Bhutan Studies
DDC-Sachgruppe: Geschichte Asiens
Normierte Schlagwörter: Than-ston-rgyal-po, Biographie, Himalaja, Brückenbau
Freie Schlagwörter: Thangtong Gyalpo , Himalaja-Region, Thangton Gyalpo , Biography , Himalaya Region , Bridge Building
Thema: Geschichte und Archäologie
Land/Region: Bhutan
Zusätzliche Informationen: Erstveröffentlichung unter:

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