Elizabeth Taylor Death Fears Return After Hospitalization

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Elizabeth Taylor death rumors have sprung up before. This time, Elizabeth Taylor death reports are over a new case of congestive heart failure. The movie legend has dealt with various health problems over the years, and has dealt with a congestive heart for some time. Once, she even had to go on "Larry King Live" to deny she was gravely ill. But she is stuck in her hospital bed now.

Earlier this week, the Oscar winner was admitted into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for new symptoms from her congestive heart failure. But it didn't get out until her publicist confirmed it Friday, as she stated she's being kept for monitoring.

Given her age and her recent history of serious health problems, it wouldn't take much for the Internet to believe she died. After all, it has fallen for much less plausible celebrity deaths before.

Every so often, there is a string of incorrect rumors about famous people dying. Several of them came out to start 2011, yet the rumor mill charged down after a while. For the most part, the Internet tends to kill off celebs who are relatively healthy, and who haven't really had a serious condition before.

The Taylor death rumors are another story, however. Fears of her demise have spread since 2004, when she was first diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She has also broken her back several times, and had to use a wheelchair for several years.

In 2006, she was alleged to be gravely ill and suffering for Alzheimer's, but she went on "Larry King Live" to show she was alive and well. But she hasn't really been well for some time. She was worshiped as Hollywood's most famous beauty in the 1960s, yet her body has let her down in her old age.

While the death speculation begins anew, those on the Internet have to be cautious. It may be tempting for pranksters to declare her dead, as they've done countless times with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Yet as always, if such rumors come from unofficial sources and outlets, they can't be believed.

If the worst does happen, then official news outlets will probably rush to report it themselves since it would mean the loss of a Hollywood legend. But until then, the death rumor mill is likely on alert, although it has been premature many times before.


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