While Kicks from the penalty mark is the official name, this website will use the more familiar, penalty kick shootout. And penalty shootout, or just shootout, will be used for brevity.

The last six World Cups have averaged three penalty kick shootouts. In 2006 there were three shootouts in the tournament itself and one in the qualifiers.

Four of the last ten Champions League Finals have been decided by the penalty kick shootout.

Six of the previous ten Copa Libertadores Finals have been decided by the penalty kick shootout.

The penalty shootout was endorsed by UEFA in 1970 and by FIFA in 1976.

UEFA first used the penalty kick shootout to decide matches in the UEFA Champion Clubs Cup and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup from the 1970-71 season.

Israeli Yosef Dagan and former German referee Karl Wald, both claim to be the inventor of the penalty kick shootout.

The first major competition decided by the penalty kick shootout was the Euro 76 final.

The FIFA World Rankings calculate the base value of a win as three points, a win on penalties as two, a draw and a loss on penalties as one and a loss as zero.

What is ADG?

Attacker, Defender, Goalkeeper (ADG) is a new and exciting alternative to the penalty kick shootout. ADG features a series of ten contests in which an attacker has thirty seconds to score a goal against a defender and goalkeeper. At the completion of the ten contests, the team with the most goals is the winner.

2010 will mark the fortieth year since the introduction of the penalty kick shootout. No other aspect of football is as universally unpopular with players, managers and supporters. Let’s make sure that it’s not another forty years before this blight on the beautiful game is eradicated.

ADG will offer a dynamic and exhilarating exhibition of skill, athleticism and courage, while maintaining the penalty kick shootout’s inherent tension. Most importantly, ADG will provide the ideal competitive platform for the superior football team to claim victory.



“We realised we could not really beat Marseille unless they made a mistake, so I told my players to be patient and to wait for penalties. We practised penalties a lot in our closed training session on Tuesday and it paid off.”


Ljupko Petrovic

Former Manager Red Star Belgrade