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Last updated on 2014/08/15 (pre-1990s information)
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NWA National Heavyweight Title
2013 - 20152015 - 20172018 -
(as of 2021/03/30)

Jack Brisco 1980/10  
Announced as the first champion.
Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie) 1980/12/12Atlanta, GA
Steve Olsonoski 1981/03/29Atlanta, GA
Masked Superstar1981/08/15Columbus, GA
Unifies Georgia Title, defeating Tommy Rich on 81/09/12 in Atlanta, GA.
Tommy Rich1981/09/28Augusta, GA
Masked Superstar [2]1981/11/25Atlanta, GA
Tommy Rich [2]1982/01/17Atlanta, GA
Ron Bass1982/03/15Augusta, GA
Tommy Rich [3]1982/04/19Augusta, GA
Buzz Sawyer1982/05/02Atlanta, GA
Paul Orndorff1982/06/20Atlanta, GA
Vacates in 82 when Orndorff trains for the World title.
Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) 1982/08/29Atlanta, GA
Wins tournament.
Paul Orndorff [2]1982/10/03Atlanta, GA
Masked Superstar [3]1982/10/17Atlanta, GA
Paul Orndorff [3] 1982/11/07Atlanta, GA
Killer Tim Brooks1983/03/20Atlanta, GA
Larry Zbyszko 1983/03/20Atlanta, GA
Pays Brooks $25,000 for the belt; stripped by NWA President Bob Geigel on 83/04/30.
Larry Zbyszko [2] 1983/06/05Atlanta, GA
Defeats Mr. Wrestling II in tournament final.
Brett Wayne (Brett Sawyer) 1983/09/25Atlanta, GA
Ted DiBiase1983/11/18Cleveland, OH
Brad Armstrong1984/02/18Atlanta, GA
Booked as DiBiase vs. Mr. R, who had been Tommy Rich until this match; DiBiase unmasks Armstrong during the match and Rich appears at ringside.
The Spoiler1984/04/12Wheeling, WV
Brad Armstrong [2]1984/05/04Marietta, GA
The Spoiler [2]1984/07/01Atlanta, GA
Ted DiBiase [2]1984/07/14Macon, GA *
Spoiler is briefly recognized as champion by WWF after its buyout of Georgia Championship Wrestling.
Ron Garvin1984/10/11Baltimore, MD
Black Bart 1985/06/08Atlanta, GA
Terry Taylor1985/09/22Atlanta, GA
Buddy Landel1985/11/28Greensboro, NC
Dusty Rhodes1985/12/19Albaquerque, NM *
Tully Blanchard1986/03/04Spartanburg, SC
Wahoo McDaniel1986/08/28Los Angeles, CA
Nikita Koloff1986/09/28Atlanta, GA
Unified with the United States Title, which Koloff has won on 86/08/17 in Charlotte, NC, defeating Magnum T.A..

Big Slam 1997  
Title revived by NWA.
Salvatore Sincere1997/07/18Raeford, NC
Vacates on 97/10/11.
Doug Gilbert1998/03/27Mt. Holly, NJ
Defeats Barry Windham and Rocco Rock in a 3 Way Dance.
Stevie Richards1998/08/22Mt. Holly, NJ
Doug Gilbert [2]1998/10/24Cherry Hill, NJ
Wins a war game between Richards' team and Gilbert's team.
Don Brodie2000/01/15Memphis, TN
Kevin Northcutt2000/04/14N. Richland Hills, TX
Stone Mountain2000/09/13Athens, GA
Terry Knight2000/11/04Cornelia, GA
Also unifies NWA Wildside United States Title, defeating Jesse Taylor on 00/11/18 in Cornelia, GA.
Don Brodie [2]2001/01/12Greenville, MS
Defeats Knight and Ricky Murdoch in a 3-way match; vacates in 01/08 due to an automobile accident.
Kevin Northcutt [2] 2001/08/22  
Hotstuff Hernandez2001/10/13St. Petersburg, FL
Hashimoto Shin'ya # 2002/05/23 Tōkyō, JPN
Wins the title with NWA President Jim Miller in attendance for the title match ceremony.
Hotstuff Hernandez # 2002/05
Hashimoto refuses the title; NWA later claims the match has not been for the title.
Ricky Murdoch2003/01/11Greenville, MS
Spyder2004/10/15Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Vacant on 05/10/08 when Spyder no-shows a scheduled title defense.
Ricky Murdoch [2]2005/10/08Nashville, TN
Defeats Juggulator for vacant title; held up after the match against Big Bully Douglas on 06/03/31 in Lebanon, TN due to interference by Kory Williams.
Big Bully Douglas2006/04/01Columbia, TN
Defeats Murdoch in rematch.
Kory Williams2006/09/30Lebanon, TN
Chance Prophet2007/05/05Salyersville, KY
Stripped on 07/10/12 by the NWA Board of Director due to injury.
Pepper Parks2007/10/20Lebanon, TN
Defeats Kory Williams.
Crusher Hansen2008/04/19McKeesport, PA
Phil Shatter 2009/01/17 McKeesport, PA
Chance Prophet [2] 2011/02/19 Franklinville, NJ
Kahagas 2012/03/29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Vacates on 12/11/13 after winning the World Title on 12/11/02.
Damien Wayne 2013/01/05 Nashville, NC
Defeats Lance Erikson and Chance Prophet in a 3-way match.
Vordell Walker 2013/06/14 Millersville, TN
Damien Wayne [2] 2013/08/02 Millersville, TN
Nitro (Phil Monahan) 2013/09/14 Toledo, OH
Lou Marconi 2014/03/01 Williamston, NC
Nitro [2] 2014/03/22 Hillsdale, MI
Lou Marconi [2] 2014/03/23 Oregon, OH
Nitro [3] 2014/04/05 Carolina Beach, NC
Lou Marconi [3] 2014/07/12 Carolina Beach, NC
Jax Dane 2015/02/06 Millersville, TN
Also wins North American Title, defeating Tim Storm on 15/04/12 in Las Vegas, NV in a double title match; vacates on 15/05/28 due to injury.
Arrick Andrews 2015/07/11 Cookeville, TN
Defeats Chase Owens in 8-man tournament final; vacates on 16/01/02 due to knee injury.
John Saxon 2016/01/09 Dyersburg, TN
Wins battle royal, last eliminating Greg Anthony.
Greg Anthony 2016/01/30 Dyersburg, TN
Mustang Mike 2016/07/02 Morgan City, LA
Greg Anthony [2] 2016/07/09 Dyersburg, TN
Jake Logan 2016/09/17 Amarillo, TX
Greg Anthony [3] 2016/10/29 Dyersburg, TN
Damien Wayne [3] 2016/11/19 Gallatin, TN
Kahagas [2] 2017/02/03 Franklin, KY
Vacant when NWA terminates the contracts with its licensees on 17/09/30.
Willie Mack 2018/10/21 Nashville, TN
Defeats Samuel Shaw after each man wins a respective 4-way elimination match.
Colt Cabana 2019/04/27 Concord, NC
James Storm 2019/06/29 Philadelphia, PA
Colt Cabana [2] 2019/10/01 Atlanta, GA
Aron Stevens (Damien Sandow) 2019/12/14 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Cabana and Ricky Starks in a 3-way match.
Trevor Murdoch 2020/09/29 Long Beach, CA
Chris Adonis (Chris Masters) 2021/03/30 Atlanta, GA
Broadcast date; the actual recording date is most likely 21/03/22.