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Over the past few years, college football has changed. There are no longer those "unbeatable" teams that crush every team in their way on the way to a 12-0 season and a national championship game against another "unbeatable" team...

College Football and Feeling the Pain of a Late-Season Loss

by Isaac Luber (Columnist)


748 reads


November 11, 2008

College Football, Big Ten Football, Penn State Football, Editorial

Over the past few years, college football has changed. There are no longer those "unbeatable" teams that crush every team in their way on the way to a 12-0 season and a national championship game against another "unbeatable" team. Those days are over.

For some reason, whether it be scholarship limits or recognition of smaller schools, the powerhouses have basically disappeared. In the past two seasons, dozens of upsets have broken the hearts of many fans.

Upsets such as Pitt over West Virginia, Appalachian State over Michigan, Iowa over Penn State, Oregon State over USC, and so on. The small schools, for some reason, are now able to upset the traditional powerhouses. The fan bases of these powerhouses have their hearts broken every year because they lose a game that they should have won.

Some of these upsets aren't so bad. When LSU lost twice last year, the Tigers still got into the national championship because they didn't lose very late in the season. USC's loss this year to Oregon State isn't so bad because USC still has a shot at the title. Florida's loss to Ole Miss earlier in the season doesn't hurt anymore, now that Florida is No. 3 and has a great shot at the national title.

For me, personally, two losses have crushed me in my life. One of those was Michigan over Penn State in 2005, and the other was Iowa over Penn State last weekend. These two games ended perfect seasons and a shot at the national championship.

The Michigan one was controversial, and many bad calls led to the last second (which was also controversial) touchdown. However, I am not here to talk about how Michigan "cheated" us. I am here to describe the pain that I have felt, and that I'm sure many of my fellow college football fans have felt.

The Michigan loss was very painful, it put us at 6-1, and we went on to win the rest of our games and the Orange Bowl over Bobby Bowden and the Seminoles.

The Iowa loss, however, was much more painful. Penn State passed its biggest stretch of games, which were games against Purdue on the road, Wisconsin on the road, Michigan at home, and Ohio State on the road. We also crushed a very talented Oregon State team at the beginning of the season.

The only games we had left were against a mediocre, but scrappy Iowa team, a bad Indiana team, and a decent Michigan State team. After a bye week, I expected Penn State to come out strong and crush Iowa, especially after they didn't move up to No. 2 in the polls.

Penn State looked good in the second and third quarters, but was really unable to get its offense going. The defense was great until the fourth quarter, where Iowa scored 10 unanswered points, including a last second field goal, to pull off the upset.

Penn State had the easiest road to go undefeated out of the top three teams, and it blew it. Texas Tech still has Oklahoma and the Big 12 Championship to play, and Alabama, after escaping LSU in overtime, still has the SEC championship to play.

The Lions seemed like they were a lock to go undefeated and would most likely be in the championship game, but upsets mess up everything. They break peoples' hearts, and this one broke my heart.

After the loss, I will admit that I was crying. I dropped to my knees, and then went face-first into my hardwood floor. I just laid there, sobbing, trying to pretend that it didn't happen.

After I got up, I went on a rampage. I took pillows and slammed them against the couch, I dented my dad's home office door, I went into the basement and threw childhood toys against the wall until they broke, and then I started denting wooden doors and walls with a hockey stick. I also took a piece of metal and smashed my bedroom door. My heart was broken and I couldn't control myself.

The pain that I felt was worse than any pain I have felt in my life.  It was a gut-wrenching pain that made me choke and nearly vomit countless times. It was a heartbreaking pain that made my insides sore and my outsides hot with anger and frustration. It was pain that put water in my eyes and a bullet through my heart.

My life was over. Penn State lost. It was unbearable, unthinkable. I had to punch and pinch myself just to make sure that it wasn't all a horrible nightmare. The pain of a loss, especially an upset, is just awful.

The pain that I felt from this loss was destroying me, just knowing that a loss this late in the season meant that my team had virtually no shot at a national title, while just a few hours before they were basically a lock for the game.

I'm sure that West Virginia fans, Missouri fans, and all other fans who have had their teams upset in recent years felt the way I did. The way I still do. I'm not sure if I can ever recover from this loss, especially when its a loss to an inferior team late in the season, a loss that should never have been a loss.

The pain wouldn't have been so bad if we had lost earlier in the season. That way, we could have climbed back up the rankings and still had the national championship game in our sights. That way, the loss wouldn't be so painful because we would not have gotten past all of our major tests, and I would not have known how good this team really is.

Late season losses, especially in college football, may be the most painful times in all of sports. If you lose in the national championship, you can understand that because you're playing against a very good team, and you both want to win that game.

Losing in any other sport isn't as bad. In college basketball, you can have like 15 losses and still get into the Final Four tournament. In the NFL, you can have six or seven losses and still make the playoffs. In the NHL and the NBA, you can have a ton of losses and still get into the playoffs.

In college football, one loss can cost you the chance to go to the national championship game. College football losses are the most dramatic, most severe, and most painful losses in all of sports, and are probably the most painful losses in peoples' sports lives.

I have felt this pain and I feel it now, and I'm sure all of you have felt it as well. The pain of a college football loss, of an upset loss, of a late-season loss, of a late season upset loss, is too painful for any die-hard fan to handle. I'm feeling this pain, and nothing anyone says or does can make it better or worse.

Unless...of course...Penn State makes it to the national championship and wins it. Then, I can finally go to the title game and storm the field when the team wins, I can finally be cured, I can finally stop hurting. I'm almost positive that many of you have felt the same way.

This article is expressing and trying to explain the pain that I, and many other college football fans, suffer from a late-season upset loss. If you would like, you can comment on times your team has been upset and how you felt when it happened, and how you felt for the rest of the season.

If you want to express yourself, that is great, but the one thing that will be the same in every case is that late season losses hurt, and they hurt a lot.

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How did you feel when your team was upset?

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comments (65) write a comment »

  1. You should check your history before you write a story. To compare the Iowa vs PSU game to the Michigan vs Appalachian State game is an insult to a first rate Iowa program that is anything but a "little program." Iowa and Penn State have played 8 times over the past 10 years (they did not play in 2005 or 2006). Iowa has beaten Penn State in six of those eight meetings. While the win on Saturday may come as the upset of the century to you, we Iowan have grown accustomed to schooling Penn State in football. The real story is that the media is too shallow to look beyond the W-L stats. Iowa's offence has gone through some of the usual inconsistancy and turn-over problems that most teams experience when starting a young and inexperienced quarterback; however, Stanzi is developing into a solid performer. However regardless of their offensive problems, Iowa has one of the best defenses in the country; especially in the red zone. If some expected the lions to waltz into Kinnick Stadium and have their way with Iowa than they are either sitting too far up in the bleachers to see what has been happening on the field this year or they have been drinking the Happy Valley Cool Aid. Penn State has a fine team that will probably win the conference title but there are a number a fine teams in the Big Ten that can beat anyone on any given day.

    1. Chuck, I was saying the extremeness of the upset, not the comparison between two teams. App state vs. UM was big because it was D2 vs D1, and Iowa's was extreme because it knocked of undefeated and what seemed to be unstoppable PSU from going to and possibly winning the NC. I wasn't trying to compare Iowa to App State, Iowa's a good team. Sorry if you misinterpreted that. I was just naming all the upsets that have ruined "powerhouse" or "great" or "unstoppable" teams.

    2. James the goldfish!

  2. Wow. Isaac, to relate the death of a person to the loss of a game is WAY out in left field.

    College Football is a game. Period. Yes it generates $$$ for the university, but it is still a game - and it is played by humans who are flawed and make mistakes. Even the ball is shaped so that it takes crazy bounces. It is rare for someone to have a perfect season.

    I saw this coming. I told you the talk of Miami was way too premature. You were building up for a big letdown. You need to keep a more even keel. Let the media serve up the hype, but don't buy into it. I love the Dawgs, but to say that no one can ever beat them is not only not true, but a disrespect to the other teams that work hard at practice every week.

    This should be a learning experience for you. Nothing wrong with bragging on your team and discussing their strengths and why you think they will win. Never forget that on a given Saturday - any team can lose. ANY TEAM. I hope you never let a loss effect you like this again. No need to break stuff - no need to lose your temper. Stay in control. It is just a game. Nothing more.

    1. Its more than a game. You are right about the person's loss, so I took that out, it is way too extreme. I am a die-hard, my life is Penn State. My life is Penn State football. Yes, I hang out with friends and have fun with them, yes girlfriends are all fun and good, but when it comes down to it, PSU is my life. It is the only college I will apply to. I've always wanted to be in the "best student section in the country". I've always wanted to storm the field when PSU wins a NC, its my dream. GG, you cannot judge people like that. Your priorities are different than mine, and it hurts me that you say my priorities are not right. My life has been Penn State, I have been going there since I was born. You should not judge my priorities or my life dream. I would appreciate that.

    2. I'm with Gray on this one Isaac. I understand you were sad, but I HONESTLY hope that you did not seriously do all of the stuff you described.

      I understand being unhappy about the outcome but if you seriously acted like that after Penn State's loss, you need to stop watching sports.

      There is a difference of being passionate about a team and living your life through a team.

    3. Wow. Thanks. You are really hurting me. I'll just tell you something about my family. My dad and my older brother went to Penn State. The only bond we share is Penn State football, its the only real time we spend together. My dad and I, and sometimes even my mom discuss PSU, we always discuss Penn State. Penn State is our life, its what we live for. We have given up all sports except for PSU football. Whenever someone we know sees us, they will talk to us about PSU, they know we love them. We went to breakfast, and all the waiters were apologizing to us about Penn State's loss. We are the Penn State family, I'm even known as the Penn State kid, and also the college football kid at my school. Our family is based around Penn State. My whole family, except for my mom, has been watching and attending Penn State football games since they were born. We are a Penn State family, it is our life, our main priority other than family, but our family is all about Penn State, so Penn State ties in to our main priority everywhere. Please, you guys are really hurting me.

    4. Isaac, you and I are buds and we support each other here on B/R. You are one of my faves and you know that to be true. I am not judging your priorities - you just told me what they were. I am simply making an assessment based upon what you told me and trying to help you get your feet back on the ground. Don't misread anything that I say as being critical - I am trying to be constructive.

      If it is more than a game, it is because you have made it more than a game. Regardless, it is a game - 60 minutes of trying to get a ball into the end-zone. A game.

      Your life is not Penn State football. It is BIG to you, it is something you get involved and passionate about, but it is NOT your life. You will find that out one day. When I held my Dads head in my hands as he lay dying - I could have cared less about the Georgia Bulldogs. Am I passionate? My boys room is painted Red and Black - Bulldog curtains - pictures of Herschel - Knowshon - UGA clock etc... I never miss a game. The Florida loss this year was tough, and I have family that are Gator fans. I HATE losing to them!!!

      But there is more to life than football. Ask Justin Goar - the LSU community leader - if LSU football is his life. He and his wife just welcomed a baby girl into this world. Football doesn't mean squat to him in comparison to that little princess of his. Isaac, at 15 years old, you don't have many comparisons to make, but one day you will. You will always be a die-hard Penn State fan, and I admire that, but you will grow to see that there is more to life than football.

      In the meanwhile, don't jump! B/R wouldn't be the same without you!

    5. GG, I agree that I have not faced death or hard situations like that in my life. The only bad thing that has happened was that my great-gradmom died, and I barely knew her. I'm sure later on that I will face harder things and will not be able to concentrate on PSU, but right now Penn State is my life. There is more to life than PSU football, but it is the most important thing in my life right now. My parents or friends or relatives have not died, so the worst grievance I can feel is a PSU loss, and this loss was the worst in my life. I guess I'm lucky. When my parents die, it will be much worse than a PSU loss, but as of now, this is the worst thing that has happened to me. My life is not good, but it is lucky. Thank you GG.

    6. You are a great guy Isaac, and I am glad you are my friend. Penn State is lucky to have such a fan. Keep the chin up and keep om writing!

    7. Blanche the goldfish!

    8. isaac,

      i wish i knew what to tell you to console you. i just learned that you were so young (yes 15 is young to a 32 year old). be glad that it never showed in your writing.

      the only solace i can give is that more or less i used to be you. taking losses very hard and such. and eventually it went away. somewhat. for example losing this week to alabama was the toughest loss of the season way worse than getting beat handily by uga and fla.

      but GG is right, it's just a game.

      with age, comes perspective. and perspective will keep you from hurting so much after a loss. i don't criticize you for the way you feel. i work in the medical field and we're taught that pain is what the patient says it is.

      but living life is the only antidote to you being poisoned so much by a loss. because as you do so you learn as GG said, it's just a game.

      when the game is on we live and die with every play and every break in the game, but when it's over it's over and it's back to reality. football is an escape.

      be thankful for your friends and family and be thankful that you care about something as much as you care about penn state football.

      i grew up a bigger saints fan than an LSU fan. you wanna talk about a tough road??!!

      once i got to college i flip flopped my passions but me having passion for sports has never changed. it's a good thing and there's no question you have it as well.

      but as life goes on, i promise losing gets better. as you gain perspective it will get better.

      you love penn state. but you can't control the outcome on the football field. so control what you can. be a good example for other fans. be classy when you interact with opposing fans. personify the university that you love in a way that would make your fellow nittany lions proud. that's your part and that's all you can do.

      about six years or so ago i said something that was considered blasphemy by some of my friends, that tailgating got to be more important than going to the game.

      when i go to a game, it's awesome, don't get me wrong but i experience with only one maybe two other people that i know.

      when i tailgate, i'm surrounded by people who matter, family, friends, etc. i've met friends through tailgating, i'm going to be the best man in a wedding in april for a friend of mine who met his future wife at our tailgate.
      sure we're all clad in our purple and gold and the game matters but for me it's an excellent excuse to throw a party and have fun with the people who matter to me seven times a year. and it's all done in the name of LSU football.

      eventually you'll learn that PSU football is a very important part of your life, but it isn't you're whole life. but heck don't rush it. stay young, stay passionate.

      lastly, on what GG said about me, it's totally true. my daughter was born about 11 days ago, and all this football stuff to me just doesn't matter. we could be 9-0 or 0-9 and it just doesn't matter to me right now.

      there are other things in life other than football, it took me about 25 years or so to learn that so don't think it's going to happen overnight. good luck and know that if you make it to the rose bowl and face USC, pretty much the whole state of Louisiana will be cheering for y'all. take care!!

    9. What do you know? Another goldfish named Todd! Anyway, thanks for the comment Justin. Right now, I just can't see anything worse than what happened last weekend. Maybe in the future I will realize that maybe its not the worst thing ever to lose, but in the situation me and Penn State are in now, I just don't see that happening. It was an awful loss. You already had losses, this was a loss against a mediocre team that blew our NC hopes, and its just awful.

  3. Isaac,

    I understand completely. Your reaction? A bit out of line.

    I went for a long walk into the night, about an hour around my neighborhood.

    I realized that I would rather bite the bullet of a loss now, then go the NC and have PSU disrespected for the rest of the offseason. It will do PSU better with the current state of the Big Ten to win out, and go to the Rose Bowl. Beat USC. That's what we must do. A title loss to me is worse than an undefeated season falling short.

    Seethe this loss over. But I'll feel better beating Indiana.

    Loss the title game?

    I'll have to wait a whole offseason to see PSU make amends.

    Sorry about the loss, but let's get over it man, and move on.

    1. PSU wouldn't be disrespected if they went to the NC because they would win or lose close. My reaction is perfectly fine. Every year they screw up a perfect season or a chance at a good bowl, and every year they break my heart. I'm sick of it and it really hurts when they lose. This was their worst loss of my lifetime. It was too depressing and upsetting to just let it go, get over it, and move on. The only way I can get over this is when I am at the NC and I storm the field when PSU wins.

    2. Bill, you have a very big vocabulary for a goldfish!

  4. Isaac,

    I understand completely. Your reaction? A bit out of line.

    I went for a long walk into the night, about an hour around my neighborhood.

    I realized that I would rather bite the bullet of a loss now, then go the NC and have PSU disrespected for the rest of the offseason. It will do PSU better with the current state of the Big Ten to win out, and go to the Rose Bowl. Beat USC. That's what we must do. A title loss to me is worse than an undefeated season falling short.

    Seethe this loss over. But I'll feel better beating Indiana.

    Loss the title game?

    I'll have to wait a whole offseason to see PSU make amends.

    Sorry about the loss, but let's get over it man, and move on.

  5. I would really enjoy a PSU-Florida game. Granted, Penn State lost to Iowa, but they are a solid, well coached team.

    Isaac my friend, we are still in for a super season! Can you honsesty say that you predicted Penn State to be 9-0 going into the Iowa game? I would have said 7-2, 8-1 and would have been thrilled. We still have the Rose Bowl, not a bad consiliation! Would you feel better by beating the Trojans in their back yard? Also, route for Florida to loose, Tech to beat Sooners, Longhorns loss, USC loose to the the lucky Irish, and we are right back in it!-Is there a Santa Clause?

    1. I predicted that we would go 12-0, honestly. At the beginning of the season, I am always optimistic, so this was a real downer. Also, UF lost to Ole Miss, and they are so great, so the same goes for us. I'm rooting for TTU to lose, Bama to lose twice, UF to lose, USC to lose, Texas to lose, and OU to lose. Then we will be back in it! Hooray! Or we can crush Oregon State again, if they win out and make it to the Rose. However, that's not good enough. Our team is great, and only a NC is right for them.

  6. Keep your chin up buddy. All fans have felt the sting of a loss that hurt beyond belief. But, life is full of disappointments and although at the time you may think there is no way you can handle the situation at some point you will learn to forget and move on. The future is always brighter when you approach it with open eyes. Look to the future, Isaac. This isn't the end of Penn State. They will take the field on Saturday and the Saturday after that. They will play in an incredible bowl (one that 100 other schools would love to have the opportunity to play in), and next season they will start all over again. Penn State will have another shot at a title and you will get an opportunity to celebrate that. When it will happen no one knows, but look to the future Isaac and the past will be become less important.

    1. This is our best season ever. This team was great, and they deserve nothing less than a NC. But bad coaching and a bad performance blew it. I'm just so pissed. It can't get much worse than this. I hope PSU can somehow make it to the NC, but if not a Rose Bowl will be okay, but not good enough. I'll just have to wait until PSU wins a NC so I can be happy again.

    2. Mr. Wermuth...I don't remember naming a goldfish that. Oh well, another one for my collection. This article is bringing in a lot of goldfish.

  7. Hey man at least its not your senior year at PSU. PSU will have more chances. And its still a great season.

    1. Not as great as it should have been. Its unacceptable to lose to a team like that at a time in the season like this.

    2. Calvin. If Iowa lost, it would have been okay because they are the inferior team. You have to beat the inferior team late in the season.

  8. ... It is a game...
    I kicked a coffee table after losing thousands of dollars and got kicked out of my house for a year, you destroyed your house, i'm hoping you got punished?
    It still is a game, regardless of how much you have invested in it. You took this loss worse than the ACTUAL Penn State players, doesn't that say something...?
    If the worst thing in your life is a Penn State loss, realize that you're living the good life.

    1. No, I didn't get punished. My dad is almost as big a fan as me. My mom was hiding from my rampage. Also, if the players didn't take it as hard as I did, then maybe they didn't understand what their season means and could have meant, and what they destroyed by losing that game. Maybe the players should take this more seriously, they should be very depressed right now and should feel like they blew their one shot at a NC in their lifetime.

    2. You act as if they don't realize that this season is a big deal. But they handled it much more maturely, i'm sure. Perhaps you could take a lesson from them. It is a loss, get over it, you have to prepare for the next game.
      You didn't see the Tampa Bay Rays throwing bats onto the field and punching water coolers after they lost the world series did you?
      If every team or fan threw tantrums after losses, the world would be much worse for it. It is alright to take a loss hard, but to say that your life is over due to that loss, perhaps you need to take a step back and look at how pitiful and immature it makes you seem.

    3. The next game? How about prepare for another 30 years of having good teams, until finally having that one great team so that we can have a chance at the NC like we did with this year's great team? Second, my life is PSU, and so is my dad's and my older brother's. I don't want to go into detail of how we are the Penn State family, but on the second comment thread in response to GG's comments I explain it. Penn State football is the biggest thing in my family's lives. Also, Tampa had 3 losses to spare before losing the World Series, but one loss in CFB and you're done. College football is bigger and more emotional than any other sport, and is the best sport in America, and possibly the world. Haven't you read my bio? Its all about PSU, and both my family and I love PSU with a passion and it is basically our whole lives.

    4. Yes, but the same way, The Rays were 3 games away from winning a championship, so was Penn State.

    5. I don't like baseball. Also, the Rays had how many losses during the regular season? 50 or 60? One loss and PSU is out. That would mean the Rays were awful, having 50 losses. Its just not fair, and that's why life isn't fair. We deserve the NC, or at least a shot at it, and because of an upset/fluke/overlooking against a inferior team its all over now. It just sucks, and its just depressing. Imagine if TTU loses to Baylor or whichever bad team they play in their remaining schedule and lose in a fluke loss. You don't get in the NC after you think you are a sure lock. How do you feel? Like the stuff that comes out your butt, that's what you'll feel like. Its the worst feeling ever.

  9. Oh Iowa scrappy? MSU decent? Where have you been? Iowa is one of the best teams in the nation in my opinion because A. they finally were able to make those crucial finishes and win and B. they bet you beloved lions. Oh and look at this to see how good the Spartans are.
    and that's just Javon. Add greg jones, johnny adams, otis weily, blair white, brian hoyer, and all other players that I can't name due to space. MSU is going to the rose bowl and going to beat PSU! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

    1. Spartans are not 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Nation in those categories, so you must be getting that info from or something. Penn State will not lose again, and Iowa is not great.

      Also, I said it is the worst thing OTHER than losing a person's life. Also, I'm 15, and a virgin, but even so I can guarantee that winning a NC is better than sex, even though I love girls. Also, Iowa has been unable to get crucial finishes, as they lost all their games by 5 points or less.

    2. I do find it funny that you said a National Championship is better than sex, seeing as you have experienced neither.

    3. Actually, I have watched the PSU NC's, I have tapes of them. I felt great when I saw them win it on the tapes. And yes, I have not experienced sex, as most people don't at 15.

    4. Another goldfish! How many will I get?

    5. Another goldfish! How many will I get?

  10. You GO Isaac. I am a 1976 Penn State grad, dormmate with Matt Bahr and Brad Benson (think New
    York Giant Super bowl win with Parcells) and I, at 55, live and die with Penn State football. When PSU
    won there first national title over Georgia in 1982, the police had to be called to my apartment because I could not stop screaming and the neighbors thought someone was being murdered. When in 1999 that great team lost to Minnesota, I was depressed for a week and when Michigan beat us in 2005 in the final play, I was a bitch to be around. When Penn State beat Miami in the Fiesta Bowl for the NC, we stormed the town here in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Be happy. Enjoy the thrill of being a fan and never apologize for that. But, the others are right. It is just a game and not life and death. Hey, at 55,I still haven't grown up. I'm the crazed fan in that commercial with the subtitle, "Still hasn't graduated." Keep up the passion, don't apologize for your zeal and don't give up hope for this year. Other teams can lose. Stranger things have happened!!!! WE ARE>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. PENN STATE!!! I can't get over this loss, this is even worse than the 2005 Michigan cheat. This is the worst loss in my life time.

  11. Isaac - Keep your chin up. Penn State is having a great year. How many people thought they would be playing in the Rose Bowl before this season started? They are still on pace for a Big Ten title and BCS game and I guarantee the players are happy about that! Put the loss behind you and look forward to that!

    1. I thought that PSU would win it all at the beginning of the season, and they blew it. The players shouldn't be happy. They should be pissed that they blew a chance at the NC and permanent National respect and instead now have a chance for a Rose Bowl and one or two years of respect. They should be looking at how they blew the season and the NC. If they win the Rose Bowl, that's great, but they should be kicking themselves for not winning the NC. A Rose Bowl is not what those players want or what fans want, we all want a NC, and they blew it!

  12. I've been reading BR for a long time, but finally decided to register so I could respond to this article.

    Isaac, I can't tell you how many times I've been on here this year reading about how great Penn State is and about how everyone else sucks. I've hated you since you started writing.

    But I feel your pain.
    My family has been attending UF since 1935- my great aunt was in the first class of women to graduate from Florida, so I understand living college sports.
    I cried at the 2006 Auburn game, when we were #2 and lost. And I cried at this years Georgia game. Might have been the bourbon that time though.
    Haha, anyway. If you're breaking stuff when your team experiences a devestating upset, you need to control yourself. Get your mom to pick you up some ritalin or something.

    I respect Penn State as a football team this year, as a great national program, and as a university. But honestly, if you want to be taken seriously, quit talking about how Penn State is going to KILL any team they will play. Learn some humility and practice the art of trash talk instead of being disrespectful to other teams and fans. Oh, and cut out the temper tantrums. And especially don't write about them!

    Alright, I'm done. You've pissed me off for far too long and I had to get it out. I'll continue to read what you write for some reason... At least you're passionate.

    By the way, I'm at UF right now as a 21 year old. So know it's not like I'm a grandpa trying to teach you a lesson or anything.


    1. I don't break stuff usually, but this was the worse PSU loss of my life. I don't think every team sucks, but everyone thinks that PSU sucks so I'm always backed into a corner and I have to defend myself against like 100 people, and that's hard to do. They don't know how good PSU is, and even though they lost, they are still great. Teams like Texas, Texas Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, and Alabama are great as well. Penn State is at that level this year. They could beat every one of those teams, and those teams could all beat Penn State. However, everyone says that PSU would lose to Vandy, so I have to defend myself and explain to them the quality of this PSU team. They are at an elite level, yet no one believes me. Also, it wasn't a temper tantrum, I wasn't yelling at my mom and crying mommy and "No, I don't wanna" or anything. I was just taking out my rage by denting doors and breaking childhood toys that are sitting around in my basement. I can take any loss, as I have taken many in my lifetime, but not this one. This one was the worst of them all.

  13. ---"Teams like Texas, Texas Tech, Florida, Oklahoma, and Alabama are great as well. Penn State is at that level this year. They could beat every one of those teams, and those teams could all beat Penn State"

    I completely agree.
    This is the mindset you need to have everytime you write anything on here.
    Bad football teams don't start a season 9-0. Everyone knows Penn State is a great team this year, regardless of what they say. Maybe not quite elite, but great.

    ---"They are at an elite level, yet no one believes me."

    Beat an elite team, then people will believe you. Ohio State was a great win. Unfortunately, they, along with Illinois and Wisconsin have tarnished the entire conference. Now beat USC in the Rose Bowl and no one will doubt how great Penn State was this year. Also, it's not that no one believe YOU. If people are doubting, just remember that actions speak louder than words. Let your team prove you right and enjoy that moral victory.

    ---"Also, it wasn't a temper tantrum"..."I was just taking out my rage by denting doors and breaking childhood toys that are sitting around in my basement."

    Dude, who cares if your mom wasn't involved. You lost your temper and seem like a real brat. Respectable individuals can control their anger. Better learn that fast before some other fan teaches you a lesson in person.

    Thanks for responding and tell your boys to please kill the arrogant USC players. Ever wonder why they always lose a game they shouldn't? Cause they're overconfident ALL THE TIME!

    1. I agree. Sadly, PSU was overconfident against Iowa, and overlooking them and they didn't play well because they beat themselves and they didn't seem like they wanted to win. PSU will gladly destroy those arrogant USC players, with their fair-weather fans.

  14. Penn State won't score 14 against USC.

    USC 40
    PSU 10

    Book it.

    1. Here is math. PSU beats Oregon State by 31, Oregon State beats USC by 6, so we beat USC by 37.


      Book it. PSU would destroy USC.

    2. By your stupid inbred logic, Indiana should kill Penn State - because they beat Northwestern, who beat Iowa, the team that beat Penn State. You need to pay a lot more attention in school, read some books, get some perspective...or else even a crappy school like Penn State won't accept you for admission. They'll tear your application up and throw it out.

      How bout this - after USC dismantles Penn State, you write an article saying you were wrong all along, and that Penn State is merely a top-25 team at best?

    3. Take a chill pill jeff. USC is so overrated. You are just a PSU hater, so anyone they play is amazing. I'm just kidding with you. PSU would only beat USC by 10 or something like that. Also, whatever crap school you went to doesn't have close to the academic standards at PSU. I talked to the Dean of Education, and you need a 3.7 GPA and better than a 1200 on the SATs to get in, and that's just the average. Out of 100,000 applicants, 7,000 are accepted. That's 7%, less than most colleges. Maybe you should go to school. You are clearly too stupid to know anything, and do some research next time. How about this, after PSU beats USC in the Rose Bowl, you right about how ignorant and stupid you are?

    4. If you paid more attention in school and read more often, you'd know that your statistic is irrelevant, Isaac. PSU rejects more students than Harvard and Princeton combined each year...I suppose you probably think that means PSU is a better school?

      I graduated from Ohio State, for the record and I've got my MBA. So yes, I've attended plenty of college

  15. Isaac, stop doing that!
    Penn State WOULD NOT destroy USC! Could they win? definitely! you are the only person on the planet who thinks that score is even in the realm of possibility!

    1. That was just a response to Jeff being arrogant and saying that PSU wouldn't score 14 on USC. I don't really think that, I'm just getting on his nerves. PSU would never give up 40 points, not with this defense. Also, it was just math. I know it won't happen, but neither will USC 40, PSU 10. So I just responded with a comment that makes as much sense as his. We would beat them by like 10, I think.

  16. When my ducks lost to usc, I was upset, but I didn't cry like a little girl. there is a reason it is called a game. there is always be next year, life is not over.

    1. I didn't cry like a little girl. I was tearing in my eyes and I let out like a painful sob, not hysterical crying. Just quick moan and hurt.

  17. Cry me a river. Enjoy watching the Gators play for another title.

    1. If the gators play for another title.

  18. Isaac,

    I don't even know where to start with this article.

    Therefore, I won't.

    Time heals all wounds.

    1. Time cannot heal this one. This loss haunts me in my sleep.

  19. Bernie: Isaac, Isaac, Isaac. Is it wrong I was totally thinking of you and your heartache when Iowa kicked that fieldgoal?

    Pat: Is it wrong that I was jumping up and down?

    Bernie: Yeah on hos special bed. Patty still wets it ya know

    Pat: This is about Penn State losing.

    Bernie: MMMMMMK

    1. Bernie, I am so pissed. Penn State is still one of the best teams in the Nation, but they screwed it up. If they had to lose, they should have lost early like Florida did, so they could have a better chance at the NC right now. Iowa played well, we played like crap, and on top of all that, we beat ourselves. Pat, wow. I'm sure you do wet your bed. I hope every team in your Top 5 loses, including Middle Tennessee State, Eastern Michigan, Marshall, and Texas Tech.

  20. Isaac, again I love your passion and zeal for PS football. It's admirable. In the mid to late 60's living in Altoona, my Dad took took me to PS games and we, too, shared a lifelong bond. I understand that.
    Later I became a student and sat in the stands every week enjoying the time of my life. Dad recently died and I would give back every PS win and the joy in victory felt in a heartbeat for one
    more day with him. That's called perspective and it comes with age and life experience, which you lack and that's OK. Enjoy being young and frivolous for now. But, understand football's a game. And, never hold back on doing or saying something good to your parents. Because, they don't live forever and you never get that second chance as you always do in football as there's always next week, next year, next decade etc. Just a little wisdom from a 55 year-old guy who also dies a little when the Lions lose....

  21. Certainly the Michigan loss in '05 and the Iowa loss of a few weeks ago are both painful... very painful - but I will say this, the '99 loss to Minnesota is still worse. I was in the stadium. The Nits were 9-0, just like against Iowa. They gave up a hail mary pass that kept the Gophers alive... then forced them to fourth down... and when the pass was tipped and knocked out of the way by our secondary, Beaver Stadium to go into a frenzy... only to watch the tipped ball land right in the lap of another Minnesota receiver that had fallen down. A few plays later, they kicked the game-winning FG. As I looked around, I saw that no one was leaving the stands. Many were in shock... many were crying. It was homecoming as well... and all those parties were spoiled. They were already #2 at that point... until after that game was over and it was just a crushing experience.

  22. I respect you Isaac as a young writer and a passionate fan and I hope you keep writing but sometimes you are a tad bit dramatic...and I am still trying to figure out why, do you know why?

    It amazes me how you call USC fans fair weathered...what do you base this on? Have you been to the Coliseum to see them play? I really think you are a good kid and will be a good writer (when you learn a sense of humility and are less biased) but I am sick of you disrespecting USC over and over again... you always complain that people don't give Penn State enough respect... where is your respect? It amazes me how we can have MANY top recruits and a great coach and somehow we are overrated... you need to wait until games take place and there is proof... you base facts on your opinions... those aren't facts.

    Like I said I respect your writing and your love for PSU but you do need to settle down about this loss...The Oregon St. loss killed me but seeing how well the Beavers have played since beating USC makes me respect them and that running back is quite good... you need to learn respect, in all facets

    1. I don't like USC, but I respect them. I'm saying that USC has a lot of fair weathered fans. You are not one, but I know plenty. My dad said he used to visit his other son (my brother) in Cali, and they would go to the Coliseum and USC was average then. Only half the stadium was filled. When they are good, the stadium is completely filled. With PSU, the stadium always has at least 80,000, unless we're playing a D2 team.

  23. Let's Go State!

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