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North American Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 3 - Annex 307.3 to Annex 315

Annex 307.3: Repair and Rebuilding of Vessels

United States

Annex 308.1: Most-Favored-Nation Rates of Duty on Certain Automatic Data Processing Goods and Their Parts

Section A - General Provisions

Section B - Rates of Duty and Schedule for Reduction

Annex 308.2: Most-Favored-Nation Rates of Duty on Certain Color Cathode-Ray Television Picture Tubes

Annex 308.3: Most-Favored-Nation Duty-Free Treatment of Local Area Network Apparatus

Annex 310.1: Existing Customs User Fees

Section A - Mexico

Section B - United States

Annex 311: Country of Origin Marking

Annex 312.2: Wine and Distilled Spirits

Section A - Canada and the United States

Section B - Canada and Mexico

Annex 313: Distinctive Products

Annex 314: Export Taxes


Annex 315: Other Export Measures

Continue on to Annex 300-A: Trade and Investment in the Automotive Sector

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