Bono's Movie Debut Stays Out Of Reach

December 16, 1994|Tribune Media Services

HOLLYWOOD — Chalk up Batman Forever as the latest movie U2's Bono won't be doing.

"He asked to be in the movie," says Forever director Joel Schumacher. "I wanted him in it. But there wasn't a role in the film for him."

Schumacher finally did come up with the notion of having Bono singing a song in a Batman Forever party scene. "I thought I could have him standing on a piano in costume as Macphisto (the devilish character Bono played during U2's 1993 Zooropa tour). But I wasn't sure it would work out for him to sing an entire song and advised him the idea wasn't a good one for him. He agreed."

Earlier this year Bono was supposedly all set to appear in the big-screen Strange Days. The film rolled minus Bono.

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