Orlando Magic finalize new 3-year contract with Jameer Nelson

By Josh Robbins, Orlando Sentinel

10:49 p.m. EST, July 16, 2012

The Orlando Magic formally announced Monday night that they have re-signed point guard and team co-captain Jameer Nelson.

Magic officials did not disclose the overall value of the contract or whether it includes a player option or a team option, but the deal is for three seasons.

Nelson, 30, has played his entire eight-year NBA career with the Magic.

Nelson and the Magic agreed in principle to a deal on July 5 and the deal could've been signed as early as July 11, but some details had to be worked out first. In addition, Nelson and his wife just had their fourth child, which delayed Nelson from taking his physical.

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  • markr01000 at 8:11 PM July 17, 2012

    I guess this is a gift for loyalty from the Magic.

    Because Jameer's performace dosn't warrant this contract.

  • Alec Cortez at 9:28 AM July 17, 2012

    They're not heading in the right direction with this one.

    But 3yrs 12m isn't bad.  Magic needs to have a vet and a leader, and he can be just that.  He's a potential garbage contract, so let's see how it goes

  • amstar at 9:03 AM July 17, 2012

    pitbullz @@ you must be jameers momy your the only one defending this bum he falls on the floor for no reason he cant jump, defend, block shots, and has low assists he is also  older now..  even bleacher report said its was a mistake to keep him  so say what you want orlando needs a better point guard... except it loser

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