Thursday, December 1, 2011

Album Review: Martina McBride - Eleven

Great timing on this album. Martina McBride released her eleventh album, "Eleven" containing eleven songs on October 11, 2011.   The six-time CMA winner and five-time ACM winner (including an honorary award in 2011) Has been a staple in country music since she burst on the scene in the early 90's. She's an amazing singer that defines country music.

One Night: What a song. Makes me want to just drop everything and go on an adventure. No worries. No concerns. Just love. I can agree. I'm Tired of waiting my whole life for something real. Like a match under my ass cause I'm ready to live it up. It's too bad the radios are going to play the shit out of this song.

Always Be This Way: This song is short but to the point. A well-written song about love.  Who wouldn't want their lover to say " you make my heart beat faster," and "I'm crazy for you"? It's too bad life's so freaked up that things can't always be just the good times.

I'm Gonna Love You Though It: Such an inspirational song to keep the fight. Although this song is very sad it's the truth. It's an amazing feeling have a person to hold on to and help give you strength when you have nothing left. There will always be those moments where everything is taken from you but, guess what, you're loved. Even though this song makes me want to cry, I love the video of real stories of people who didn't think they had anything to live for, but they survived.

Marry Me: I like everything about this song, although I definitely don't think she should be saying "marry me" to the guy. I guess I'm old fashion when it comes to those things. Even though it sounds like they are just two people wishing they had the nerve to go over to the other and say "hello", yet they want to marry each other. Now, I've heard stories of people just taking a look at someone and knowing they're the one for life, but I guess it's just in what you believe in. Awesome song. I think she chose a beautiful, gentle sound, and it doesn't hurt to have a great guy singing it with you.

Broken Umbrella: Even though this song has nothing to do with Christmas, I love how the song has that tone to it. No care in the world just cause I'm with you. I love it. :-) Why should anything else matter when you're in love? You should never let the little things bug you. There is more to life.

You Can Get Your Lovin' Right Here: I love how she just lets her man be a man. There are too many little high school girls who think if they keep a tight chain on their dog, he won't run away. ( He will run for the sky right when you turn away) She just sings of how she will let him do what he wants as long as he comes home for a passionate night or two. Great song. She has amazing range in her voice.

Whatcha Gonna Do: A huge change from the first part of the album. Then again every relationship has there rocky points. I definitely agree when a relationship is not working there is no use for staying and putting yourself through the heartbreak. Like She says, "I can't keep waiting around this house, expecting you to change, You lead me on and let me down every time you say your sorry." It will never work itself out if only one person is doing the giving and taking. Partnership.

Teenage Daughters: No kid comes with a manual. Of course when they're small, they love you and you're the greatest thing since ice cream, but when those teen years come along, you're wrong. Just love them for who they are and help them become the best they can. Don't give in but don't abuse. Awesome songs for parents who think they're alone.

Summer Of Love: This song is deja vu for me. I've never had a song explain my situation more perfectly then this one. It was like i was reliving the moment. A wonderful song about "kiss me one more time, you said kiss me so I won't forget, so I can have this feeling even when you're gone." I think every person who's in a military relationship can agree with me on this song.

When You Love A Sinner: This song reminds me of people who marry because they think they can change the other person. In the end you don't.

Long Distance Lullaby: I don't really know what to say about this one. It's beautiful, sweet, and is something that would surely put me to sleep. I do wish I could send my kiss a thousand miles to you, and just to feel your touch.

This is an album that shows slightly different styles (which all sound amazing). It is one of my favorites. She held my interest through out the whole album. I love that she didn't put songs that wouldn't go on the radio or that didn't make any sense. It was powerful but gentle and inspirational and got to the point. Her voice is sensational and her range is amazing. She is one of many people that is going to keep country music alive.  9/10


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