The Catholic Youth Bible: New American Bible Including the Revised Psalms and the Revised New Testament

Brian Singer-Towns
Saint Mary's Press, 2005 - 1814 pages
Teens love this Bible because it contains many helpful articles, it touches on topics deeply important to them, and it speaks a language they can understand. The special features of The Catholic Youth Bible include a 60-page concordance to help readers locate scripture passages
over 700 articles to help readers Pray It! Study It! And Live It!
  • introductions to the major sections of the Bible and all the books of the Bible
  • biblical connections to many different cultures, illustrating the universality of the Catholic Church
  • insights into how the Church has interpreted certain scripture passages throughout history
  • 4 special indexes, 9 color maps, a 4-page color timeline, and 4 pages of full-color biblical art and photos
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