RAAF Sabres began Borneo patrols

During the period of Indonesian confrontation against the new Federation of Malaysia, a detachment of six Sabres from No 77 Squadron was temporarily moved from Malaya to Labuan, in northern Borneo. These arrived on this day to take over from No 20 Squadron, RAF. As well as maintaining aircraft on alert to respond to any intrusions of Malaysian airspace, the Sabres carried out combat patrols near the border with Kalimantan where Indonesian Air Force aircraft were known to be strafing villages on the Malaysian side. Pilots were authorised to carry out direct armed action with enemy aircraft, though no raiders were actually encountered. Scrambles were ordered on several occasions, but these were often too late and no interceptions were achieved. The 77 Squadron detachment was relieved on 27 November by No 3 Squadron, which continued the mission until late December.

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