Touring the Olympic Village

As the site of the 1996 Olympic Village, Georgia Tech is undergoing a flurry of construction activity. Here's a guide to some of the most interesting and impressive projects under way on campus.

  1. The Georgia Tech Aquatic Center
    Looming over the Student Athletic Center, this innovative $17 million structure is the venue for Olympic swimming and diving events. Dedicated Aug. 2, it was designed by Tech grads Bill Stanley, Arch '72, Ivenue Love-Stanley, Arch '77, and Keith Hicks, Arch '77.

  2. The Georgia Tech Plaza
    The centerpiece of the Olympic Village, the new Plaza will feature a large fountain with a stainless-steel spire and an outdoor amphitheater. Construction is still under way.

  3. The Homer Rice Center for Sports Performance
    Adjoining the Edge Building, the three-story building will house sports-performance and sports-medicine research facilities and a museum. It is still under construction, but when finished, it will also house a new McDonald's restaurant.

  4. The University Apartments
    Located at the old site of Junior's, which is now in the old Battery in the Carnegie Building, the University Apartments will house 2,000 athletes during the games. They will then become dorms for Georgia State.

  5. The New Sigma Chi Fraternity House
    Many of Georgia Tech's fraternities and sororities are building new digs or dramatically refitting existing houses: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Gamma Delta, Beta Theta Pi, Chi Psi, Delta Chi and Theta Xi. Two were still deciding how to proceed at press time: Alpha Zi Delta and Delta Upsilon.

  6. The Fourth Street Apartments
    These news dorms will house 120 students after the Games.

  7. The ATO Lot
    Three new fraternity houses are going up on the ATO Lot: Phi Kappa Theta, Pi Kappa Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha.

  8. The Alexander Memorial Coliseum at McDonald's Center
    The $12 million refit of the coliseum will dramatically improve the facility, adding better seating, air-conditioning, executive suites and a McDonald's restaurant. Still under construction, the renovated coliseum will serve as the Olympic boxing venue.

  9. The Center Street Apartments
    These new facilities will house more than 350 students after the Games.

  10. The Hemphill Ave. Apartments
    This new facility will house more than 300 students after the Games.

  11. The Eighth Street Apartments
    The new facilities will house 650 students after the Games.

  12. The Undergraduate Living Center
    The new facility will house more than 400 students after the Games.

  13. The Sixth Street Apartments
    The new facilities will house nearly 500 students after the Games. They are still under construction.

  14. The Howell and Harris Halls

  15. The Manufacturing Related Disciplines Complex
    The MRDC isn't Olympic construction, but it's worth a look.

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