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Dylan: I fight with my daughter over music

NEW YORK -- It even happens to Bob Dylan.

The music legend who changed the face of rock 'n' roll in the 1960s says, despite his knowledge on the subject, he argues with his teenage daughter about music.

She apparently likes some of the acts that are popular today; Dylan, like most fathers, doesn't get it.

"I get in fights with her if I talk about music," Dylan tells Time magazine.

For instance, there's Beck. Dylan suggests the singer-songwriter find more focus.

"You just can't be that good at everything you touch," Dylan says.

He says he hasn't really listened to controversial rapper Eminem, but adds, "I almost feel like if anything is controversial, the guy's gotta be doing something right."

Dylan is currently promoting his latest release, "Love and Theft." It's his 43rd album.

D'Oh! Eat Homer for breakfast

HOLLYWOOD, California -- First, Kellogg Co. announced it was working with Disney on a new cereal.

Now, it's promoting "The Simpsons" over morning breakfast.

The cereal company is preparing to launch two cereal brands tied to Fox's long-running cartoon hit, Variety reports. Later this month, shoppers will be able to choose between Homer's Cinnamon Donut Cereal and Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch.

Last week, Kellogg announced a similar deal with Disney to put Mickey Mouse & Co. on its boxes. For now, Kellogg is calling the "Simpsons" cereals "limited edition."

Beatle Paul to read his poetry

LONDON, England -- Great Britain's National Poetry Day just got a high-profile boost.

Sir Paul McCartney will read from his poetry next month as part of the celebrations. The former Beatle will treat audiences to new material at the 21st Poetry Olympics on October 4, organizer Michael Horovitz said Sunday, The Associated Press reports.

McCartney has long written poetry, but he published his first poetry collection, "Blackbird Singing," last year.

Also appearing at this year's event, to be held at the Queen's Theater, will be Patience Agbabi, Inge Elsa Laird, Fran Landesman, Lemn Sissay and Tom Pickard, according to the AP.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty big sing-along

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Nearly 49,000 people attending the Texas Tech-New Mexico football game on Saturday night participated in a record-breaking sing-along of Buddy Holly's hit "Peggy Sue," according to The Associated Press.

The event was the climax of four-day symposium on Holly, the rock 'n' roll legend who died in a 1959 plane crash.

There has been no word yet from Guinness Book of Records officials, university spokeswoman Cindy Rugeley said Sunday. But if it is accepted by Guinness officials, the halftime sing-along will demolish the record set in Scotland in 1999 when 15,352 people sang in unison.

The symposium, titled "Not Fade Away: The Life and Times of Buddy Holly," included panels on Holly's style, the sources he drew on and how his music influenced musicians around the world.

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