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All Birds Barcoding Initiative (ABBI)

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The All Birds Barcoding Initiative (ABBI) aims to establish a public archive of DNA barcodes linked to museum specimens for the approximately 10,000 species of birds by 2010. ABBI was announced at the First International Barcode Conference at the Natural History Museum, London, on 9 February 2005. Representatives of the world's major bird collections will attend the ABBI organizational meeting at the Museum of Comparative Zoology on 7-9 September 2005. This 'invitation only' workshop will be devoted to planning the logistics of the ABBI campaign, as described in "Barcoding Takes Flight: ABBI Needs and Resources Statement"

The All Birds Barcoding Initiative (ABBI) will determine the DNA barcodes for the 10,000 species of known bird species. ABBI held its inaugural meeting in the Museum of Comparative Zoology of Harvard University on 8-9 September 2005.

Read the ABBI Workshop Report (pdf, 1.1Mb)

We invite you to visit the new Barcode Blog on the Rockefeller University site. It includes an update on ABBI progress (about 3300 sequences from 800 species so far) and news from the barcoding symposium in Oslo.




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