Atlas of Brain perfusion SPECT

Radiolabeled Agents for Brain Perfusion SPECT


The inert gas Xenon-133 has long been used to study rCBF by clearance techniques that relate the change in radiotracer activity over time to blood flow. A number of centers have used SPECT to measure perfusion following the inhalation of Xe-133.

1. rCBF can be measured quantitatively without arterial sampling
2. Owing to its rapid clearance from the brain, multiple studies can be performed on the same day.

  • It has a low photon energy (80 KeV) which is (a) difficult to image and (b) cause photon attenuation by brain structures.
  • Its rapid clearance from brain (a) causes poor spatial resolution and (b) requires very sensitive instrumentation to capture photons.
  • The inhalation technique is technically more difficult than giving an intravenous injection.

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