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Let’s TALK about

The Power of One
Swami Namann brings to town the concept of the Oneness University
Jagmeeta Thind Joy

Chandigarh, April 24: UNIVERSITY? At first, you wonder what they teach and where. Perhaps the word ‘Oneness’ means that different subjects are taught at one time! But all these preconceived notions crumble like a cookie when Swami Namann, principal advisor of the Oneness University (based 70 kms away from Chennai) says it’s got nothing to do with academics! In town to deliver a talk at the Rotary Club, this senior disciple of the University’s founders - Sri Bhagwan and his wife Padmavati Amma, sat us down for a brief talk.

For the uninitiated, like us, while the Oneness University conducts a variety of courses, the means and method are very different. ‘‘Schools and universities the world over impart knowledge vis-a-vis technical teaching. But there are no places addressing different needs of people - be it inner conflicts, mind development to handling hurt, relationships, stress etc,’’ mentions Sri Namann, who incidentally completed his early schooling from Jeevashram (a Gurukul ashram) run by the two founders. ‘‘This is a school where till class eight there are no examinations, learning is more by experience,’’ smiles the young spiritual guru.

According to Sri Namann, ‘‘Sri Bhagavan’s vision is to elevate man to an altered state of consciousness of causeless love and limitless joy and transfer him into a state of oneness with everything around him.’’ Interestingly, the founders aim to ‘‘enlighten’’ 64,000 people by 2012 who in turn will pass this on to everyone else. And how do they intend to achieve that? ‘‘Through the unique process of Deeksha,’’ answers Sri Namann, seated at his host and Rotarian Kawal Bedi’s house in Sector 8. ‘‘Deeksha is the transfer of energy that allows for a permanent state of enlightenment. The avatars through the power of their consciousness bestow upon the seeker an altered state of consciousness,’’ explains Sri Namann. On a more scientific level, he explains it as a neuro-physiological change that involves decreased activity in the parietal lobes (the area of the brain responsible for discursive thought and our sense of separation), and increased activity of the frontal lobes (the area associated with ethics and higher states of awareness). ‘‘We believe that a human being is the result of his conditionings, fundamental childhood decisions, the experiences that happened in the womb and the past lives. And the only solution to all human problems and suffering is a state of oneness; oneness within oneself, with the world around and with God,’’ he sums up.

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