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Interim Control Module

In 1997 NASA requested that NRL study the feasibility of adapting an existing, heritage spaceflight system to provide low-cost, contingency propulsion operations for the International Space Station (ISS).

After determining that the system could be adapted in time to meet NASA's schedule requirements, NRL was granted authority to proceed with the Interim Control Module (ICM). From its inception ICM was a contingency option for attitude control and reboost of the ISS that would allow NASA to preserve the on-orbit construction schedule in case of delays in the launch of the Russian Service Module.

ICM was to launch on board the Space Shuttle, deploy from the Shuttle's cargo bay, and mate with the ISS at the Russian Control Module (called Zarya). Once on orbit ICM would provide sufficient fuel for 1 to 3 years operation.

ICM is based on a satellite dispenser designed and built by NRL. Although significant modifications were required, ICM met all requirements for its ISS mission.

ICM is currently in a caretaker status at NRL's Payload Processing Facility in Washington, D.C., and is being preserved in readiness in case it is needed for future ISS missions. NRL is studying alternative mission options for ICM.

ICM Concept

ICM's Core Structure

ICM Hardware in NRL's Payload Processing Facility

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