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The tradition of hot rodding started in the...





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Hot rodding started in the 1920s, when young people began tinkering with cars to improve their speed.
The most popular early hot rod was the...

Ford Model T

Chevrolet Nomad

Chrysler 300

Dodge 420

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Most early hot rods were modified model Ts. The T's successor, the model A, also became popular with hot rodders.
What was the original purpose of hot rodding?

To look cool

To cruise the strip

To pick up girls

To participate in informal races

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In the beginning, hot rods were meant for racing. Young people would modify their cars, then race them together on abandoned roads, dry lake beds or other open areas.
A hot rod in the original style is:

A truck, lowered to be closer to the ground

A roadster with excess parts removed to reduce weight

A sedan with a huge engine

A sedan with excess parts removed to reduce weight

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Most early hot rods were roadsters (because roadsters were already pretty light) with any unneeded parts removed to save weight and increase speed.
As time went by, "hot rod" came to mean not only a car meant for racing but:

A car that was very fast

A car that was lowered

A car that was customized

A car that had been chopped

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In the 1930s and '40s, hot rod became a term applied to many custom or modified cars. Popular modifications included chopping and decking, lowering the suspension, and removing or adding chrome.
What's a rat rod?

A hot rod built for looks alone

A hot rod built by Bill Rattinger

A completely stripped down hot rod

A poorly built hot rod

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A rat rod is a completely stripped down hot rod. It is built using only basic parts and with very little flourish. A rat rod may not even be painted!
Who are Chip Foose and Boyd Coddington?

World War II vets who brought the hot-rod trend east

Modern custom-car and hot-rod designers

They put the first V-8 engine in a hot rod.

They built the first hybrid hot rod.

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Chip Foose and the late Boyd Coddington are modern custom-car and hot-rod designers. Both have had their work documented; Foose was featured on the TLC show OverHaulin', and Coddington on the Discovery Channel's American Hot Rod.
Chopping and decking a car means...

Making it shorter and adding wood to it

Exposing the engine

Lowering the roof and changing the angle of the roofline

Lowering the suspension

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Chopping and decking a car means lowering the roof and changing the angle of the roofline.
Many modern hot rods and custom cars are...

Not as good as the originals

Technologically simple

Prohibitively expensive

Tributes to classic hot rods and designers

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Many modern designers use their hot rods to pay tribute to classic hot rods and customs.
When hot rodders and custom-car aficionados talk about the Ridler, what are they referring to?

A villain from Batman

The most prestigious custom-car award in the U.S.

The riddle of matching custom parts to a chassis

A key hot-rod component, located behind the catalytic converter

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The Ridler is the custom-car world's most prestigious award. Chip Foose is the only recipient to win the award for two consecutive years.

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