Plug-in & Skin & Script

Q :I applied a new skin, but it didn't change. What should I do?

A :Please restart Sleipnir after applying the skin.
If the Sleipnir skin didn't change even if you did this action, turn off the "Enable Sleipnir Speed Launcher" button at "Tool -> Sleipnir option -> General", then restart Sleipnir.
If the Sleipnir skin is applied correctly, turn on same button again and enjoy using Sleipnir.

Q :What should I do if I can't install any plug-ins?

A :We think the most likely cause is SmartInstaller and some incompatible security programs with Sleipnir.

We are now seeking a way to solve this problem, but some reports say if the security program is turned off temporarily, the Sleipnir Plug-ins are able to install.

ATTENTION: If you change the setting of the security program, please understand that you are changing it at your own risk and be careful.

Q :What should I do if I can't select script menu because it is grayout?

A :To make the script allow to work, do the following steps:

1. Select "Sleipnir Option -> Client ->General" at "Tool" from menu bar.
2. Turn on "Allow script to control Sleipnir"
3. Click OK

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