Raoul Belmans (Swirl People)

Take a love for electric boogie music, an appreciation for black culture, an admiration for snares, palpitating bass lines and seducing vocals and what do you get? A consummate dish of tantalising house music, Belgian-style, served delightfully by Raoul Belmans.

Raoul Belmans has emerged as a prominent, international house music figure, with a DJ career spanning beyond a decade. Possessing a love of all things funky, Raoul’s passion for music amalgamated with a drive to succeed has resulted in him becoming a pivotal force in the house music industry.

What began as a local radio show at the baroque-style, Leuven University in the early 90s, propelled into a full-scale international career, resulting in a 9 year residency at the Belgium’s seething popular house club, Food.
Alongside DJ compatriot and fellow house pioneer Massimo Da Costa, Raoul helped bolster Food’s following, presenting the most upfront house sounds and hosting an array of big names including Derrick Carter, Kenny Hawkes and DJ Sneak.

As his DJ career exacerbated, Raoul moved into producing forming Swirl People with fellow mastermind Dimitri Dewever. The debut Swirl People album, titled “Hi mom, let’s dance” was released on the Scottish label Solemusic, hosting artists such as DJ Spinna, Phil Asher, Basement Jaxx, and Milton Jackson and was highly praised by the U.K. press.

The highly anticipated follow-up album “Special Combo” in 2004, featured the two already highly rotated singles “Lideloo dow dow” and “We used to party” featuring Chi-town DJ Heather on vocals. Adding to the spice of life, the pair have also produced under the monikers Swirl Peepz, Cosy Creatures, Different Noodles and Tiger Sprouts.

Taking a step back to 1998, Raoul’s career soared to heights of grandiose with the birth of Aroma recordings. What started as a humble, record label, bloomed into one of the world’s most respected house labels, predicated on delivering upfront and floor-filling music, accompanied by delicious cover art and with quality pressings that leave’s DJ’s salivating at the best of times.
Among the myriad of label talent, Aroma has produced artists such as Cricco Castelli, Sasha Kruger, Da Cuban Heelz, DJD, Lance De Sardi, Zap Mama, DJ Jonene, JT Donaldson, Alexander East, Olivier Desmet (Oh Dee), Deviate, East Coast Boogiemen, Spettro, Miles Maeda, Dizzy, Thomas White, Caucasian Boy, No Assembly Firm, John Larner & Slater Hogan, Jazzy Eyewear, Lawnchair Generals with remixes from Miguel Migs, Drop Music’s Inland Knights, Guiro, Mazi, Wally Callerio, Volga Select (Ivan Smagghe), Freaks and Rob Mello.

Following the label’s success, Raoul was invited to host the Aroma radio show on Belgium’s Studio Brussel with an audience reach of more than 200.000 weekly. The success of Aroma has proven the label to be more than just lyrical repartee.

Nowadays, Raoul extensively tours worldwide, with a loyal following in tow and an ever-expanding repertoire of house heads, playing for crowds with an insatiable appetite for upfront tracks, deck mastery and a technical ingenuity possessed only by an elite few.

Accompanied by a plethora of releases, Raoul has helped produced for record labels such as Global Cuts (R & S) (B), Wally’s Groove World (B), Push & Pull (Nl.), Tronicsole / Solemusic (U.K.), Panhandle (U.S.), Seasons (U.S.), Music For Freaks (U.K.), Brique Rouge (France), Lowdown Music (U.S), Amenti music (U.S.), Tango (U.S.). Oomph (U.S.) and Odds & Ends (U.S.).

Touring cities such as London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Dublin, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Cape Town, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, almost every major city in the USA, Auckland (NZ), Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, loveable Perth, talented Melbourne, Seoul (Korea), El Juarez (Mexico), Tokyo (Japan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Rio (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Raoul has also began to break into the emerging eastern European market, touring Krakow and Istanbul.

Picking up accolades for Best Belgian House DJ in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Best Belgian Producers (Swirl People) in 2004 at the Partyguide Electronic Music Award, Raoul has accelerated beyond all intentions and predictions.

It is with great pleasure Raoul Belmans and Dimitri Dewever present the next step in the Swirl People dynasty, “Swirl it Up.” Released worldwide on April 9th on Aroma recordings.

Bodacious! Cosy Creatures Remix (Porcelain EP #1) by Raoul Belmans

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