We, the fans of Chuck would love nothing more than to have a 6th Season. NBC Cut off Chuck leaving them half a season to do Season 5! For the many of us, this was probably the best show we've ever watched! Petition to NBC against the end of Chuck, we want more! Chuck is an awesome show! Sadly, production has ended, the cast are soon to be busy with other commitments, and this is simply not going to happen anymore. Never the less, there is still a possibility of a Chuck Movie. What you can do to help, is sign this petition, and when the Chuck DVDs come out, buy them, Warner Brothers might consider a movie like they did others with good DVD sales! Let's hit a million signatures and prove to NBC and Warner Brothers that Chuck is worth keeping or making a movie out of!


We want NBC to see the value of Chuck, and we can only do that with your support. Enter in your real email address, and hit Sign!

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Even if NBC Doesn't want Chuck for a 6th Season, with this petition, we can prove to any network, that they should be Chuck's new home. There are MILLIONS of Chuck fans around the world willing to thank any network who hosts Chuck. Not only that, there are millions of Chuck fans ready to help the show out with sales and merchandise, if this happens, a movie isn't too far off :)

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