I had little time to prepare, and even less to get my act together before this astonishing event. A true thing to remember and cherish for the rest of my life! When I did this interview, I almost cracked the shit loose! I don’t think I have been this nervous since... ...ever! This man I have listened to and admired, since childhood. So, when I got the chance to make an interview with this little big man (!), I had to drink a shitload of brews and smoke a hell lot of tags, just to keep them nerves calm... When I met him, though, every doubt, and hesitation to this thing just flew away. Well, not really, but who gives a stinking shit! Great dude anyway. Well, boys and girls, here he is... ... mister

Udo Dirkschneider!

?- Hello Udo. Anything you want to tell the fans in this country ?

U- Hello, this is Udo from Accept. Nice to see you here in Sweden.

?- Well you are now performing a small tour here in Sweden. Tell us about it. Is it a great succes or what?

U- Yeah, we did one show here in Sweden last night, in Gothenburg and tonight we are here in Västerås. So we have two more shows now, in Uppsala and Stockholm and then we go to Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Germany. So we are already on our European tour, really. And then we go to South America and Japan. We’ve already done

North America. So we are on our world tour.

?- Well this is your last tour, what are you planning to do in the future? Any work, hobby, music... ...whatever?

U- Yeah, I’ll be starting up again, U.D.O. My own band, which I have already made four albums with. But Accept after this tour is gone. The guys don’t want to do it anymore, so we quit.

U- As a historical band, how do you think that you have succeeded in music?

?- Well, it has been twenty years of history, now, so it’s hard to tell you in a few minutes, but I know that Accept is a band which has been inspiring a lot of musicians in America and especially in Germany. But I think after twenty years we can be proud, to have inspired a lot of famous musicians. I hope that the fans keep Accept in their minds and their hearts. I’m still around with U.D.O. though. Of course I will play some Accept songs, but I will do a lot of U.D.O. stuff as well.

?- Are you pleased with the new Accept album "Predator", or are there some things you might have wanted to have changed afterwards?

U- Not really. See that is another problem with Accept at the moment, well not at the moment really. We have two guys living in America and I living in Germany. So it’s not that easy anymore. Peter does’nt want to do music anymore, and Wolf is not interested. And on this album it was the first time everybody had written music on their own. So I think that not everybody is completely happy with the album. It’s not a real Accept album, but some different songs we never did before. But I think that it’s good that on the last album, everybody got their own satisfaction.

?- The song "Hard Attack", is it maybe about yourself, and the incidents that happened years ago?

U- No, not a heart attack. It’s a hard attack.

?- How is your heart really? I was afraid loosing a real metal hero of mine...


U- No, not any problems anymore. But it was not a real heart attack, it was more like body breakdown. At this time 90-91 I was working very hard. I did to much. I worked in two different directions. I was doing my own album and at the same time I was working as an producer. Lots of stuff really, this and that, you know. So it came to be too much.

?- As I don’t recall how many albums you have released throughall these years, how many are they?

U- With Accept... Uhh! I think about ten... And two live albums. So that makes twelwe albums. And I did four of my own.

?- Some years agoyou deviated from the group, what was the cause?

U- It was a problem at this time, the record company and all the business around us, tried to make an American band. And the guys started writing songs in a very commercial way, I say. And I said that I don’t wanted to do that, so I said to them that they should look for a new singer. And I’d do my own band.

?- Which country has had the best selling rates? Was it Germany or what?!

U- Germany is of course very strong, and Japan and America are large too.

?- Do you believe metal or hardrock will be ver so popular as in the mid 80’s?

U- Hard question... I think in a way - yes. I have been in this business for twentyfive years now. And always heavy metal or hardrock or whatever you want to call it. It’s going down and it’s coming up and at the moment especially in America. I have the feeling that metal is meet again. Well, you never know if it’s going to be as big as it was in the mid 80’s, but I think that heavy metal is still there.

?- The song "Balls To The Wall" must have been the greatest song in Accept’s history. Tell us about the times when this piece of art was made.

U- What can I tell, it’s a coomonly known song worldwide, especially in America. Very big. This song was written for the human race. You don’t have to be slaves. Just be yourselves. That’s the message. Be alive! I think that is the reason for that song being so popular.

?- What except music... Do you have any hobbies, or?

U- My sparetime? Always into music. I write music for different musicians, wll it’s always music.

?- You made a video some years ago, of the song "Protectors Of Terror", which was heavily influenced by the occult stuff. How do you look upon the black metal scene, if I refer to church burnings and so on?

U- I am really not into death metal (dess metal: he he he) The lyrics was against the power of the church in the middle age. That is why the story came up in the video, but it had nothing to do with today’s black metal scene.

?- It has been said in the pressthat you and the rest of the band, had some nazi valuations. Any comments? I mean the press publish a lot of junk.

U- I’m not really into that stuff. I mean when this whole story came up, was when I was wearing this army outfit. And they started writing some bullshit!!! And then when we did the intro on the "Restless And Wild", before "Fast As A Shark", that part, ay di ay do ay da, was a normal German folk song. We found out later that French or Polish TV, showed stuff from WW2, they alwaysed played that song... Ay di ay do ay da. So we got a lot of problems with that. But we didnt know, so we had to do a lot of interviews and talk shows on that.


?- What do you think about playing with Vicious Rumours on this tour.

U- That’s a good band, and we did alredy two years ago some festivals in Germany with them. I think that is a good band. But I think their problem right now is that their original singer has died last year. They did a new album, and the guitarist and the drummer are singing. But they are still looking for a new singer. That’s the problem with them at the moment. Very good band though...

?- Would you to end this interview, like to tell the public any special message?

U- I hope to see you again, and I come to Sweden with U.D.O. next time. So hopefully we meet again.