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Frequently Asked Questions: Band

Who are Rammstein?

Name Instrument
Till Lindemann Vocals
Christian "Flake" Lorenz Keyboards
Richard Kruspe-Bernstein Guitar
Paul Landers Guitar
Oliver Riedel Bass
Christoph Doom Schneider Drums

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Is Richard's last name really Bernstein?

From the Rammstein Chat:

Jobarr: Richard, Kruspe or Bernstein now and why?
Richard: Both. I have taken on my wife's last name as well. It sounds good right?

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What does Rammstein mean?

Rammstein is German for "Ramming Stone". This is what Till has to say about where they got their name (Taken from an MTV interview):

"The name came from the big catastrophe that happened in Ramstein, which is a place in Germany, where the American airforce had a flight show. They crashed and over 80 people got hurt and killed. So the first song, actually, was about that accident. And then there was always like a cause when they'd say: "Ramstein, Ramstein!" So it came into our head and it stayed there. We just changed the spelling slightly because Ramstein is actually spelt with one "m". It also became somewhat of a provocation, by just repeating it, it kind of became like a symbol for us, an anthem."

Check here for more information on the Ramstein accident.

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Are Rammstein nazis?

No. Read this (taken from a Hit Parader article that can be found in the articles section called "Teutonic Values"):

Unfortunately, considering the band's staunch approach, and their reliance on both German language and heritage to inspire their music, the haunting images of their nation's war-like past have followed Rammstein around virtually from day one. Even the German media has set out to uncover the true meanings behind some of Rammstein's more controversial and mysterious songs- with no evidence what-so-ever of oft-rumored Nazi-leanings ever even showing up. The band's members themselves are as confounded as anyone as to where these obviously false allegations first started. Some believe it may have to do with the cover art of their 1995 debut disc, Herzeleid, where the six shirtless, well-toned band members come across as poster boys for some new "master race." Other group members insist it's just the German media doing their best to cause trouble.

"It has been so silly," Flake explained. "That was just a photo of us- not some political statement! The German media sometimes gets carried away with such things. There was even one critic who said that the way Till rolls his 'r's' when he sings is supposed to mimic the way that Hitler used to speak! How silly can they get. We've never written a political song in our life, and we probably never will. It's just reverse discrimination because we are German. Kraftwerk had the same thing happen to them twenty years ago. If we were Spanish or Dutch, there would be no problem."

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Are Rammstein gay?


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What equipment do they use?

Logic, AKAI, ESP, Musicman, Mesa Boogie, Protools, MAC-Computer, SANSMAP, Ensonic, Dean Markley strings, TAMA Rockstar Custom drum kit, Pro-Mark drumsticks, Meinl Cymbals, Rath Amp, Shure.

Paul plays two Music Man Val Halen guitars; in his track there is a Tech 21 PSA-1 preamp, from which he only uses one preset; he goes from the preamp to the mixer and into a Boogie Strategy 500 power amp and two marshall 4x12" speaker (from the DVD trivia game).

There is no doubt more, but at least that is a start.

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Was Till really an Olympic swimmer?

According to an interview with Schneider: "Till was part of Germany’s swimming team in the European Championships when he was 13 or 14. They went to Italy but it was still Communist times and he left the hotel without permission to buy some porn magazines and got caught. I think they excluded him from the team for that."

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Are they Satanists? What do they think of religion?

Flake: I disapprove of religions which are made into rigid institutions. I also think that religious fanaticism and missionary work are dangerous.
Paul: I am not really concerned with religion and believe more in ourselves.

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Whose daughter is Khira Li Lindemann?

She is not Till's daughter. Oddly enough she is Richard's.

Here's what happened (according to Alex Becker)...Richard became involved with Till's ex-wife and had Khira. They never got married or stayed together for that matter, but Till's ex-wife never reverted back to her maiden name so Khira's last name is Lindemann. Richard did get married though, to Caron Bernstein.

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