Kerala  Water  Authority  is  also  responsible  for  the collection  of waste  water  and disposal  in  the  State  of  Kerala.  The Authority has separate system for sewage and storm water collection.         

           Waste  water  includes  Sewage and  Sullage.  Sewerage implies the collection of waste water from domestic sources  and conveying it to Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP). 

           At  present,  sewerage schemes are under operation  only in two cities in the State i.e. at Trivandrum city region and a part  of Cochin.   The  work is in progress at Guruvayoor for implementation.

Trivandrum Sewerage Scheme

      In 1938, action was taken for investigation of a "Comprehensive sewerage Scheme" on modern lines. The Thiruvananthapuram Corporation area has been divided into 7 Sewerage Blocks viz. A to G for the execution of the sewerage scheme. Sewerage facilities existing in A, B, C, D  (Medical College-Kannmmoola  zone  and Medical College campus only) and  E   ( part  of Peroorkada Zone only) Blocks.

       The scheme for the disposal of sullage and sewage is an underground system based on principle  of separate system.  All the sewerage blocks had been considered to be provided with  sewerage  network  draining  into  a  main pumping station,  where  sewage  would  be pumped through pumping mains to Treatment and Disposal works situated at Valiyathura. The disposal system adopted is land treatment.

Block A

        This system covers an area of 13.84 comprising most important portions of town  such  as  Kowdiar, Vellayambalam,  Vazhuthacaud,  Thycaud,  Thampanoor,   Pazhavangadi, Puthenchanthai and Palayam. The main pumping station for this block is located at Kuriathy, where  sewage  from  this  entire area  is  collected and  pumped out to the disposal works at Valiathura.  Three  sub-pumping  stations  were also proposed in this block to lift the sewage  from Mudavanmugal,  Arannoor  and  Thaliyal areas.  The scheme was comissioned in 1945. For  effective  disposal  of  sewage  from this block the system comprises of five intercepting sewers.

Block B

       Covers an area of 5.51 It comprises areas of the city such as Sreekanteswaram, Pettah, Kaithamukku, Pattom Valley, Nanthencode etc. with pump house at Pattoor. The system comprises three intercepting sewers.

Block C

       Covers an area of 2.43  Commissioned in 1970. All the sewage from this block is collected at the main pumping station at Enchackkal. The system comprises two intercepting sewers.

Block D

       Covers Medical College and Kannammoola areas. Partially commissioned during 1994. There are two pumping stations viz. the Medical College lift up pumping station catering the needs of Medical College complex and the Kannammoola main  pumping station which discharges to the sewage farm at Valiathura.

Block E

            Only a small portion of the Peroorkada-Ambalammukku and Jawahar Nagar area is commissioned in this block during 1990. There is one lifting pumping station in this block at Sasthamangalam near Pippinmoodu which discharges sewer into the main sewer (IS-1) in    block A  which ultimately reach the Kuriathy main pump house.

         The proposed Trivandrum Sewerage scheme  cpmprises of 7 blocks. The first 5 blocks covering a total area around 30% of the city area of  75 sq km. This covers only 40% of the total households. The remaining two blocks has no  drainage facilities at present. The urban growth has been  very  rapid and  about  80-85%  of the  water supplied is returned to public drainage.  The  sewage  from  the pumping  stations  at Kuriathy,  Pattoor,   Enchakkal  and Kannammoola  is  pumped  to  the  stilling  chamber  at Valiyathura and  is disposed through  sewage farming. The sewage farm is maintained by the Diary Development Department and fodder cultivation is done there.  

Kochi Sewerage Scheme

          In  Kochi  the entire area has been divided into 3 zones, Ernakulam South, Ernakulam North and Palluruthy-Mattancherry of providing sewerage facilities, Ernakulam South Zone is  further divided into  5 Blocks. Block A and small portion of the Block B has been commissioned. 

 Sewerage System Components

Sub Branch line
Branch line
Main line
Intersecting line(IS)
Sewage TreatmentPlants
Pump Houses

        Barring the connection fee and deposit amount realized from the consumer, there is no revenue  generation  from  the schemes.  Sewerage  is a service that is provided to selected areas.  Apart  from Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram  and Guruvayoor, the KWA  have concrete plans to expand the system to more areas.

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