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Endemano Takes BVITV Financial Reigns

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 Sunday, June 27, 2004

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  Don’t Budget Yourself Out of Business… Or Budget Blues
By Mark Simon

Independent producer/director Mark Simon talks about the death nail to independent production underbids and over-promises. [June 24, 2004]
  Dumb Luck on Sloppy Seconds for Superman on the Couch: Three Book Reviews
By Taylor Jessen

Taylor Jessen takes a short look at Bill Plympton’s Sloppy Seconds, Gary Baseman’s Dumb Luck and Danny Fingeroth’s Superman on the Couch. [June 23, 2004]
  Licensing Show Upbeat and Energetic
By Karen Raugust

Traveling to Licensing Show, Karen Raugust checks out the animated properties of all types showcased at annual convention. [June 22, 2004]
  Fresh from the Festivals: June 2004’s Film Reviews
By Taylor Jessen

Taylor Jessen reviews five short films: Lemmings by Craig Van Dyke, Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher by Alexander Woo, Rock the World by Sukwon Shin, Ryan by Chris Landreth and Flashbacks from My Past: Starry Night by Irra Verbitsky. Includes QuickTime movie clips! [June 18, 2004]
  Steve Rude Executes Animated Nexus
By Janet Hetherington

Janet Hetherington looks at Steve Rude’s 16-year struggle to put out the indie Nexus animated DVD. [June 17, 2004]
Survey: How to Finance Independent Animation
By Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson surveys some of the leading independent animators in the world to discover how they find the funds to produces their films. [June 16, 2004]
South African Animation: Not Just Elephants and Zebras
By Eric Oldrin

Eric Oldrin reveals the animated possibilities and astounding growth of animation and visual effects studios in South Africa. [June 15, 2004]
Secrets from the Selection Committee: Zagreb Animafest 2004
By Deanna Morse

Deanna Morse gives an insiders perspective on the selection process at the Zagreb Animafest 2004. [June 14, 2004]
As Time Goes By
By Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman

Dr. Toon back in time to look at the creative and cultural trends in animation in the 1980s. [June 10, 2004]
The Tad Stones Interview — Part 1
By Joe Strike

Joe Strike talks to Tad Stones about his thirtysome years in animation, from Eric Larson’s training program at Disney, his work on EPCOT, the influence of Jeffrey Katzenberg, Disney TV Animation and now his new project, Brer Rabbit, at Universal Cartoon Studios. [June 09, 2004]
Self-Help for Nudnik — Part 2
By Gene Deitch

Gene Deitch shares an interview he did with the Screen Cartoonists’ Union newsletter, Top Cel, about animation production life in a communist country in 1968. [June 07, 2004]
Career Coach: Accepting a Job Proposal
By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson

The Career Coach points out various considerations and things to check out before you enter into a relationship with an employer that will hopefully result in a happy employment. [June 04, 2004]
The NFB Animation Hothouse — Part 1
By Jean Detheux

Jean Detheux in conversation with Michael Fukushima about the National Film Board of Canada and its Hothouse project to encourage new, young animation filmmakers. [June 03, 2004]
The Animation Pimp: Harvey Birdman: Sprechen Sie Snackerdoodle?
By Chris Robinson

The Animation Pimp's baffling take on the equally baffling Harvey Birdman. [June 02, 2004]

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