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Taylor Swift, 'Change' (Sessions)


AOL: Do you want to do Broadway?

SWIFT: I think Broadway is something that I might want to do when I'm older. I started out in children's theater, and I have just this complete appreciation for drama. In my headlining tour this year, it's my goal to make it dramatic and to make a theatrical element to it, rather than just song after song after song.

AOL: The song 'Change' is a bit of a departure for you in that it takes a strong stance to challenge the status quo. What inspired that?

SWIFT: I wrote the song 'Change' as an underdog story. It's kind of crazy to think that the Olympics chose this as one of the songs to play during the Olympic Games. That blew my mind, because what I actually wrote this song about was being on a small record label. When you're at a record label that has 12 employees, you have to work harder to get on major tours. You have to work harder to get presenter slots or performer slots on award shows. There was this moment where I sat there and was like, 'When are we going to get a fighting chance? We're the smallest record label in Nashville, but we want this really bad.' I wrote the beginning to this song, and I thought someday things are going to be different. I finished the song the night that I won the Horizon Award at the CMA Awards and looked over and saw the president of my tiny, little record label crying.

AOL: You talk about how this album has a lot of love songs on it. To me, the most beautiful love song is 'The Best Day.' Talk about the day you played that for your mom.

SWIFT: I started writing it in the summertime last year, and I decided I wasn't going to play it for my mom until Christmas. So I finished the song secretly [and] recorded it completely without her knowing. I synched it up with all these home videos of me when I was little with her, and I made this music video for it. On Christmas Eve, I put it in the DVD player and played it for her. She didn't know that it was me singing until about halfway through the song, at which point she burst out crying. It's probably one of my favorite songs that I've ever written. My mom and I have been best friends since I was born. So I'm really glad that I got that down on CD.

AOL: You never went through a rebellious stage with your mom like a lot of teenage girls do?

SWIFT: My mom has never been condescending. She's not the kind of person that needs to be perfect all the time and needs me to see no flaws in her. The coolest thing about my mom is she's always been so real with me, and honest no matter what. When I was little, she would indulge my imagination and tell me stories. I attribute my fascination with writing and storytelling to that. And even when I was preteen, that's when I needed her the most. That's usually when people are [at the] too-cool-for-their-parents stage. Well, I was really not cool enough for anyone but my parents in that phase. I had no friends! My mom was the one person that I could turn to and who never, ever, hurt me.

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