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Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature
Feature Information

Umbriel: Wunda

See Crater, craters in the descriptor terms page for additional information.

Direction of Increasing Longitude: east
Longitude Range: 0.0° to 360.0°

Feature Name Wunda Search for maps that cover Wunda in the Planetary Map Index
Latitude -7.9°
Longitude 273.6°
Starting Latitude -8.2°
Starting Longitude 266.9°
Ending Latitude -7.5°
Ending Longitude 280.3°
Diameter 131 KM
Continent Oceania
Ethnicity Australia
Quadrangle UMBRIE
Approval Status 5: Adopted by IAU General Assembly
Approval Year 1988
Reference List of names supplied by T. C. Owen.
Origin Australian dark spirit.


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