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Seven species of pangolins are included in the single family Manidae, confined to the warmer parts of Asian and of the Africa south of Sahara. Hunting and habitat destruction have made these strangely scaled mammals one of the most endangered groups in the world.

      Pangolin Specialist Group

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Class: Mammalia
    Order: Pholidota
         Family: Manidae
             Genus and species:

  Manis javanica
    Paramanis Pocock, 1924 (generic name)
Manis labuanus Fitzinger, 1872
Manis malaccensis Fitzinger, 1872
Manis javanus Gray, 1869
Manis guy Focillon, 1850
Manis leucura Blyth, 1847
Manis lepyura Blyth, 1847
Manis aspera Sundevall, 1842
Manis pentadactyla Raffles, 1822
Manis javanica Desmarest, 1822
  Manis crassicaudata
    Pholidotus indicus Gray, 1865
Phatages Sundevall, 1843(generic name)
Manis crassicaudata Gray, 1827
Manis laticauda Illiger, 1815
Manis brachyura Erxleben, 1777
  Manis pentadactyla
    Pholidotus kreyenbergi Matschie, 1907
Manis pusilla Allen, 1906
Pangolin Gray, 1873(generic name)
Phatages bengalensis Fitzinger, 1872
Philodotus assamensis Fitzinger, 1872
Manis javanica Adams, 1859
Manis dalmanni Sundevall, 1843
Manis auritus Hodgson, 1836
Pangolinus Rafinesque, 1821(generic name)
Manis brachyura Erxleben, 1777
Manis pentadactyla Linneaus, 1758
  Manis tetradactyla
    Uromanis Pocock, 1924(generic name)
Manis hessi Noack, 1889
Manis senegalensis Fitzinger, 1872
Manis guineensis Fitzinger, 1872
Manis longicauda Sundevall, 1843
Manis africana Desmarest, 1820
Manis macroura Erxleben, 1777
Manis longicaudata Brisson, 1754 & 1762
  Manis tricuspis
    Triglochinolophis Fitzinger, 1872(generic name)
Phatagin Gray, 1865(generic name)
Manis tridentata Focillon, 1850
Manis multiscutata Gray, 1843
Phataginus Rafinesque, 1821(generic name)
  Manis gigantea
    Manis wagneri Fitzinger, 1872
Smutsia africana Gray, 1865
Manis gigantea Illiger, 1815
  Manis temminckii
    Manis hedenbergi Fitzinger, 1872
Smutsia Gray, 1865
Manis temminckii Smuts, 1832

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