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Welcome to the Rhodes Peninsula / Homebush Bay Re-development web site.

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10 storey towers totally out of scale with neighbouring development. highrise.JPG (59686 bytes) SREP 22 is supposed to protect views from the river. Note absolute dominance of the built form. fromwater.JPG (37063 bytes)

(photos are impressions - click for larger images 

See community comments on:
Draft Transport Management Plan
Draft Community Development Plan
Draft Development Control Plan

Click on the pictures below to see larger versions. They are slow to load, but you will see why the the Rhodes Community Liaison Groups want all preliminary works done in negatyive pressure sheds and why the EPA's dust control and enforcement is not trusted. These are photos taken by a former Mayor of Strathfield  of a remediation site under EPA control.
View of AGL site and river during wind. Note dust compared to next photo. Same view as last photo. No dust but check the  water. Close up view of site. Note dust blowing from soil heaps. 
agldust.JPG (214520 bytes)  aglnodust.JPG (246053 bytes)  aglsite.JPG (204791 bytes)
AGL with dust storm.  This is why we want Meriton/ERM to use a shed like Thiess have said they will. EPA requirements were clearly not tight enough for dust control. AGL no dust storm, but check the water. EPA requirements were clearly not tight enough for run-off control. AGL with wind creating a dust storm. Pliumes of dust from uncovered mounds so thick it discolours the trees, almost obliterating them.


The issues of road and rail transport for anyone on the main northern railway line or Concord Rd / Homebush Bay Drive remain critical. Local schools will not be able to cope without substantial building programs, possibly threatening the CWPS playing field. Still no organised football, sailing, rowing, netball, bowling, cricket within the development. Still no Riparian Protection Zone. 

If you live at Liberty Grove, Meadowbank, Concord West, Rhodes or Mariners Cove you must be concerned at the deafening silence on how you and the river will be protected during remediation.

Homebush Bay is within 1 kilometre of the Olympic Stadium. When you read about the unremediated contamination and sewerage pollution in this area, you will know that while the Olympic Games might have been a catalyst for a massive cleanup, there is still a huge amount of work to be done. For Background about the Olympic Catchment  see:
The Olympic Catchment - Toxics, Pollution,

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If you have an interest in living, working, buying or leasing property, running a business ,consulting in relation to a purchase or lease, lending against property, or even driving through Rhodes, or Liberty Grove, Newington, Concord West, or along Concord Road, Homebush Bay Drive, Church Street or Devlin Streets in Ryde, or over Ryde Bridge this site contains important information for you.

Consultants, Brokers, Lenders and Investors might wish to consider the information provided.

See the pages linked above for more information.

Want more info, want to be kept informed?
Browse this site and if you want more info Email rhodes@drive.to if you wish to be kept up to date on developments and events about this project. Please disclose if you are employed or retained by a relevant government department or consultant or site owner or are a contractor to any of the above.

Want to protest about traffic, contamination, sewerage, overdevelopment?
The most effective way is to write (not email)to your local Member of Parliament, explain your main concern and ask him to ascertain from the relevant Minister(s) what steps are being taken to meet your concerns. The MP will write to the Minister. The Minister will be obliged to write back to the MP. A Minister will not lightly sign a letter because of his accountability to Parliament.

For details of the plan as Gazetted see:
 Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No. 29 will control the overall use of the land and the scale and density of development. There are four maps with the plan: map 1 - subject land; map 2 - zoning; map 3 - heights and map 4 - floorspace precincts.

DUAP have not seen fit to put the draft Development Control Plan, draft Transport Management Plan or draft Community Development Plan on their web site. Many documents referred to as a basis for those draft plans are not available on the internet.

Article in the Australian Magazine June 25 & 26 "Home Sweet Homebush" - not available digitally

Table of Issues for Strategy Testing Workshop

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If you have any information of relevance to this project or wish to advise of any corrections that need to be made, please advise the webmaster. rhodes@drive.to

If you become aware of later figures being available please provide copies of the relevant report so that it may be analysed and the pages updated.