Young and the Restless Transcript Canada--Friday 8/3/01;  U.S.--Monday 8/6/01

By Stephanie

Raul: I mean it, Billy, back off.

Billy: I know you're upset.

Raul: I have every right to be. J.T. Slept with Mac instead of Rianna. How would you feel?

Billy: I would be going nuts.

Raul: Damn right you would be.

Billy: It happened a long time ago. Rianna is crazy about you, man.

Raul: I have to get out of here.

Billy: What about the barbecue?

Raul: I totally forgot.

Billy: You're not going to bail, are you

Raul: I don't know, Billy. Hanging around J.T. And Rianna, it might be a little too much for me to take.

Mackenzie: Thank. You feeling

Rianna: I can't stop thinking about Raul. I know he's angry with me. We can work through this. Right, Mac?

Mackenzie: When you were talking to Raul, how honest were you?

Rianna: What are you asking?

Mackenzie: Did you tell him how you felt about J.T.?

Rianna: I admitted that the guy still gets to me. I know that it's weird.

Mackenzie: With a do you think it means?

Rianna: I wish I knew. It's not like I cared about J.T. The way I do about Raul.

Mackenzie: But you had feelings for him.

Rianna: Mac, I lost my virginity to the guy. It is just so confusing. One minute I know exactly what my feelings are and the next minute they're turned upside-down. How can I expect Raul to understand if I don't?

Sharon: I'm already several months along? Are you sure?

You're nearing the end of your first trimester, even beyond it.

Nicholas: Is that possible?

Sharon: I'm sure I had a period in June.

It's not impossible to have a cycle or the case here.

Sharon: I didn't know I was pregnant and now you're telling me I was several months along and I didn't know it?

I can understand why you would be surprised but you also seem alarmed. I said the -- I told you, the baby looks fine.

Sharon: It's not that, it's just that --

Nicholas, I read about your incarceration. There's no doubt the baby was conceived well before you went to jail.

Sharon: It's just that --

I'm not making any insinuations, just so it's clear.

Nicholas: That means she would have been pregnant in may.

Yes. Why? What happened in may? (Knock on door)

Victor: Come in.

I'm sorry, are you on your way to work out?

Victor: I am. What can I do for you?

Phyllis: I wanted to give you the latest tally on the internet. I was going to give them to Ryan but he and your daughter are dealing with more important things. Our website is getting twice as many hits and we have favourite target demographic. Our competition is doing very well.

Victor: Like jabot?

Phyllis: Yes. They're having a very good summer.

Victor: You keep tabs on them?

Phyllis: I keep tabs on all our rivals.

Victor: Being you're living with Jack Abbott. I wonder why you kept that piece of information on me.

The role of Sean Bridges is now being played by David lee russic.

Sean: Sorry about the interruption. Anyway, that's the latest from my end. I'll run those numbers and get back to you. Any questions?

Nikki: None that I can think of.

Brad: A me neither.

Jill: As usual you covered all the bases. Sean, I hope you know how pleased we are of your work.

Sean: The public can't get enough of the kids.

Jack: Here I am, gang.

Brad: Sean was bringing us up to speed on the summer promotion.

Jack: I understand we're having a barbecue tonight.

Sean: We postponed so Brittany could attend. It's happening at the pool broadcast by a life stream on the internet.

Jack: You and Jill are supervising, right?

Sean: We're heading over there next.

Jill: We want the competition sniffing around.

Jack: I am not about to kick the woman out of her home. This is a web cast.

Jill: Have you heard after closed set?

Jack: She's a professional. She won't learn anything from us. No offense.

Sean: None taken.

Jill: Sean heard about the Silicon valley. You know how ridiculous you look running after that woman all the time?

Jack: You listen to me. Phyllis and I are a couple now. You better get used to that.

Colleen: Thanks for picking me up from dance class.

John: You're certainly welcome. I certainly love to watch you dance. En: Do you think dad will come watch me?

John: I will definitely tell him he should sit in on one of your dance classes.

Colleen: Really?

John: And Jack and Ashley and Billy. I want the whole world to know what a talented granddaughter i have. Brad and Ashley should be back by now.

Colleen: The sitter is upstairs with the baby.

John: Would you like me to stay?

Colleen: That's okay. I have to write down notes my instructor gave me.

John: Well, I certainly won't stand in the way of genius.

Colleen: Bye.

John: Bye.

Colleen: Where is that pad?


Brittany: Well, she was cute.

J.T.: I didn't notice.

Brittany: All day long you have beautiful girls coming up to you and all you can think of is Mackenzie Browning, the love of your life.

J.T.: It's Billy and Raul. They were giving me an earful about Rianna. I gave it right back.

Brittany: Billy mad at you is status quo. What did you do to Raul?

J.T.: Those guys look for any excuse to get in my face.

Brittany: You apologized to Rianna, didn't you?

JT: For the first time I didn't have an agenda. I just apologized because i felt bad about hurting her.

Brittany: This is just perfect. I make a couple of mistakes and I'm an outcast. You treat Rianna. She's not over you. You think I'm crazy?

J.T.: Completely. Raul and Rianna are joined the hip. She couldn't care less about me.

Brittany: Believe what you want to. I still say I'm right.

Nicholas: While I was away Sharon went through something traumatic.

Can you tell me about it?

Sharon: I was assaulted by the man who framed Nicholas.

When you say assaulted.

Sharon: I wasn't raped.

Were you struck in the abdomen?

Sharon: No. The abuse was emotional mostly.

Did you seek counseling? Loved ones can provide a great deal of help but it you should seek counseling.

Sharon: I'm fine. I put the whole episode behind me. I worry about the effects it could have on my baby.

I don't foresee any complications as long as you do your part.

Sharon: Eat right, get plenty of rest and take my prenatal vitamins.

I will write out a prescription.

Sharon: Can you tell us what sex the baby is?

It wasn't clear. Do you want to do an am neo?

Sharon: No, not unless it's necessary.

There you are. I'll let you get dressed. Congratulations to the two of you. Sharon, I want to see you in a couple of weeks. You can make an appointment with my receptionist as you leave.

Nicholas: Thanks, doc.

You bet.

Nicholas: I can't believe you've been pregnant all this time.

Sharon: You can't? How could I not know?

Nicholas: At least you're through your first trimester. It's smooth sailing from here.

Sean: Jill, I should get a move on.

Jill: Jack's not interested in listening to reason.

Jack: Have fun, you two.

Brad: Well, I will head out as well.

Jack: Before you take off, Brad, I have a question for you. I spoke to dad earlier. He said Colleen is staying with you and Ashley. How's that going?

Brad: Very well.

Jack: How did that even come to pass?

Brad: It was Colleen's idea.

Jack: How's Ashley taking all this?

Brad: She's in favor of it, Jack. In fact, she called Traci to get her approval.

Jack: Sounds like all your bases are covered.

Brad: That's right, they are. Now that the inquisition is over, may I have a moment alone.

Jack: What's that mean?

Nikki: Just curious about your trip to California.

Jack: Not you too. I already told everyone --

Nikki: I know what you said. Now I want to hear about what really happened out there.

Ashley: Hey, Colleen.

Colleen: Hi. How was your meeting?

Ashley: Okay. It got me out of the lab for the day.

Colleen: Must be cool being president of jabot.

Ashley: It's cool. It has its perks. I can sneak out and spend time with my baby girl.

Colleen: I just checked on her. She's sleeping.

Ashley: Did you send the sitter home?

Colleen: Yeah. I hope that' okay.

Ashley: Of course. I trust you with Colleen. You're wonderful with her.

Colleen: Why didn't you tell me Abby is really my sister?

Phyllis: I told your daughter Victoria Jack and i are living together.

Victor: I don't have to remind you Jack Abbott and i are adversaries in more than just business.

Phyllis: I realize there's a lot of bad blood between you. I have proven I can keep my personal and private life separate.

Victor: You don't feel your with Jack Abbott compromises your work in any way.

Phyllis: Absolutely not. Not in any least. If you have a problem with that, then you can fire me.

Victor: I'm aware of that fact. The fact you haven't done anything wrong proves nothing. You're incapable of causing damage because I have placed restrictions on what you can

Phyllis: If that's true, why are you giving me the third degree?

Nikki: Last time we talked, you said you were giving up on Phyllis. What happened to turn things around?

Jack: Phyllis said she was maybe ending our relationship. I wasn't ready to let her go so I went after her.

Nikki: Must have done some smooth talking.

Jack: I think we patched up our differences.

Nikki: She said yes, didn't she?

Jack: To what?

Nikki: Don't play dumb with me. She accepted your proposal.

Jack: You're getting me in a lot of trouble. No one is supposed to know a thing about this.

Nikki: Well, I guess congratulations are in order. When are you going to announce this big news?

Jack: We're going to have a surprise engagement party in a couple weeks. In the meantime, Phyllis isn't even wearing her engagement ring. I can trust you to keep this a secret, right? Right, Nik?

Nikki: Yes, yes. My lips are sealed.

Mackenzie: Take it easy, okay?

Rianna: Can we go someplace and talk?

Raul: Sean's going to be here soon. We should get ready.

Billy: It's okay, man.

Raul: I'll find the matches to start the grill.

Billy: That's okay. The cameras are rolling.

Mackenzie: Everything we said was recorded.

Billy: Don't worry. I'll talk to Sean, make sure none of is uploaded to the sight.

Mackenzie: Why don't we go into the kitchen and get the food. You want to come with?

Rianna: No thank you.

Mackenzie: Okay. We'll be right back, okay?

Sharon: Hi, Lisa.

Hi, Sharon.

Nicholas: Where are the troops?

Up in their rooms. They just got back from camp. Sharon, should I be here at The same time tomorrow?

You bet.

Sharon: You are the best.

Thanks, Sharon.

Nicholas: Drive safely. So you ready to tell the kids about the newest addition to the Newman family?

Sharon: As ready as I'll ever be, I guess.

Nicholas: You look a little nervous.

Sharon: We never told the kids anything like this before. I'm not sure what we're going to say.

Nicholas: I have an idea if you don't mind me handling it.

Sharon: By all means.

Nicholas: All right. Hey, kids, can you guys come downstairs for a second?

Cassie: Hi, Mommy. Hi, daddy. Where's Lisa?

Sharon: She just left.

Nicholas: There's something we'd like to talk to you about.

Cassie: Okay.

Nicholas: I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Cassie: About what

Nicholas: How lucky we are. We have so much to be grateful for. And sometimes you have to slow down and count your blessings.

Cassie: Like we do at thanksgiving.

Nicholas: Exactly. We don't have to wait for thanksgiving, right? Let's do it right now. I'll go first. The thing I'm most grateful for is you guys, my family.

Cassie: Me too, dad. And lots of friends.

Noah: And the horses are awesome.

Nicholas: They are awesome. But there's something else that could make our lives better. Something we can't buy in a store or catalogue. It's actually a gift from god.

Cassie: A gift from god? Oh, my gosh. Are you saying we're having --

Sharon: I think you guessed it, Cassie. We're having a baby!

Cassie: Oh, my!

Nicholas: We're having a baby.

Colleen: It's true, isn't it?

Ashley: Who told you Brad isn't Abby's biological daughter?

Colleen: I was looking for paper and I found the adoption certificate. Is it a secret? Because if it is --

Ashley: It isn't. We just didn't feel a need to publicize it. Legally and in every other way that matters, Brad is Abby's daddy. The biology isn't that important.

Colleen: Who's the real father?

Ashley: A man. A very descent, good, kind man.

Colleen: You just decided to marry Brad instead of him.

Ashley: Because I love Brad.

Colleen: I get a feeling you don't want to talk about this.

Ashley: It's perfectly natural for you to have questions about it, it is. It's just Brad is as close to Abby as if -- am I being insensitive? Am i? I'm sorry. Is this hard for you?

Colleen: Why would it be?

Ashley: Well, honey, because of the situation that you're in with Steve and Brad.

Colleen: I'm fine, aunt Ashley. I'm just a little surprised. Now that I think about it, it clears things up.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Colleen: Before I wasn't sure what to think of Abby as my sister or my cousin. Now I know. .

Victor: Have you considered my primary concern is not for me or Newman enterprises?

Phyllis: What could it be?

Victor: You.

Phyllis: Me?

Victor: I don't know you very well, miss summers. But I certainly do know Jack Abbott.

Phyllis: If you're going to start attacking Jack --

Victor: He's a swindler. You are a valuable employee. You say this relationship doesn't affect your work. I have to take your word for it.

Phyllis: You have no reason to worry.

Victor: You see to it that i don't.

Phyllis: I will. Listen, Victor, I get the feeling that you think Jack and I are an odd match. Actually we're quite compatible.

Victor: That warms the cockles of my heart, miss summers. You have a nice day. Thank you.

Jack: You don't approve of my pending nuptials.

Nikki: I congratulated you.

Jack: You have your doubts.

Nikki: You sure were in California a long time.

Jack: I convinced her to marry me my first day there.

Nikki: It took a long time for you to get back here.

Jack: We ran into a hitch. I brought up the idea of us having children together.

Nikki: Uh-oh.

Jack: Phyllis' first go around with motherhood was an ugly thing. She lost custody of her child. It left very deep wounds. I think having the idea of having children was traumatic.

Nikki: Was. You turned her around on that?

Jack: After emotional arm twisting, yeah. You think she's trying to pacify me?

Nikki: That dangerous game. I know how much you want children. That won't change.

Jack: I know deep down inside she probably does have some misgivings. I also believe deep down she trusts me. She believes in this relationship and it is going to work out.

Nikki: I hope you're right.

Jack: I am right. Trust me.

Nikki: I do. I'm happy for you. I am. I'm very happy for you.

Jack: Thanks. Thanks, that means a lot.

Sharon: I'll be right back.

Come on, it'll be fun.

We'll sing together.

Sean: Hey, gang, how are the festivities progressing? You having a foos ball tournament?

Rianna: Not really.

Billy: Is my mom here yet?

Sean: She's making a call.

Billy: Can I talk to you for a second?

Sean: Sure. What's up?

Billy: Well, I have a couple favors to ask you.

Sean: Shoot.

Billy: All right. I need you to be very careful about editing the footage from today. There are some very personal conversations on there and, you know, the kind of stuff that should not be uploaded to the site.

Sean: I'll cut stuff that's too embarrassing. I need some interesting stuff. What am I looking for?

Billy: Trust me you'll know when you see it.

Sean: What's the other favor?

Billy: Things have been kind of tense around here.

Sean: I picked up on that.

Billy: I hate to ask this but is there any way we can put off the barbecue?

Sean: We already postponed it once.

Billy: Just a week or two.

Sean: I'm sorry you're having issues. I did some advertising yesterday and people will be logging on. I can't disappoint the audience.

Billy: I guess we'll have to grin and bear it.

Sean: Sorry, buddy. It's just one night.

Billy: One very long night. (Phone ringing)

Ashley: Hello.

Traci: Ashley. Hi, it's Traci.

Ashley: Hi. How are you?

Traci: I'm doing my best.

Ashley: Are things any better with you and Steve?

Traci: We have a long way to go. He feels I'm being unreasonable. I think Steve would just like me to forgive and forget.

Ashley: How convenient for him.

Traci: I don't know. Maybe that's exactly what i should do.

Ashley: Well, I can't tell you how to handle the situation, it's your decision. I wouldn't let Steve pressure you.

Traci: I won't. This whole thing is wearing me down. Listen, how's Colleen?

Ashley: She's fine. She took a dance class today.

Traci: Really. She and Brad getting along?

Ashley: Yeah. They seem to be very comfortable with each other. He's been sweet with her, giving her lots of space.

Traci: Is your husband around? We spoke earlier. I would like to touch base with him.

Ashley: No, actually he isn't. Will I do?

Traci: Sure. He invited me to come back to Genoa city for a while, if i felt I needed a breather from things here. And frankly, I do.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Traci: Brad didn't mention this to you

Ashley: When did you last speak?

Traci: This morning.

Ashley: I was in meeting all day. We haven't touched base.

Traci: Is it okay if i visit for a while?

Ashley: Of course. When will you come?

Traci: In a day or two. I hope this whole thing isn't a problem?

Ashley: Of course it isn't. Always happy to see you.

Traci: Great. Okay. I'll be in touch.

Ashley: Okay. We'll see you soon. Bye.

Cassie: I'm so excited!

Nicholas: Hey Little Man, You're going to be a big brother?

Noah: Am I going to have a little brother?

Sharon: We don't know that yet, whether it will and brother or sister.

Noah: I want a brother.

Nicholas: It doesn't work that way. We take what we can get.

Noah: You know --

Cassie: You know what I'm happy for?

Sharon: What?

Cassie: I wasn't living here when you were pregnant with Noah. Now I can help you with whatever you need.

Sharon: Well thank you. Being pregnant is a lot of work and I'm glad I can count on you.

Noah: I want to help too.

Sharon: You can both help.

Nicholas: What about me?

Sharon: You can all help.

Nicholas: I think we should celebrate. I'm thinking ice cream. Who wants some?

Cassie: I do!

Noah: Nicholas: What are we waiting for? Let's get in the kitchen.

Brad: I've been waiting to do that all day.

Ashley: I hope it was worth the wait.

Brad: Always is. I tried to call you earlier on your phone.

Ashley: Wait a second, Brad. Tell you something.

Brad: What?

Ashley: Colleen found Abby's adoption papers.

Brad: She upset?

Ashley: She thought we were keeping something important from her. After the initial shock, she seemed okay.

Brad: I'll go talk to her.

Ashley: One more thing. I spoke to my sister a little while ago.

Brad: She called?

Ashley: She called back to say she was thinking of taking you up on your invitation to come to Genoa city. She assumed you spoke to me.

Brad: I left you a voice mail message.

Ashley: That's good to know. Still there's one thing.

Brad: What?

Ashley: It's not that i have any objection for her to stay, Brad. Maybe you should have discussed it with me first before you made the invitation?

Brad: I didn't see the need, Ash. She's your sister.

Ashley: And Colleen's mother and Colleen is living under our roof. I'd have preferred if you had come to me with it first.

Brad: You're right. I could have handled it better. I suppose the reason I didn't tell you -- well, it wasn't my idea to invite Traci.

Ashley: Whose was it?

Brad: Colleen's.

Billy: These are done. Okey-dokey. We need to talk.

Mackenzie: Can it wait? I'm busy.

J.T.: I want to you hear my side of the story.

Mackenzie: I can't get into this now

J.T.: All did was apologize, what you wanted me to do.

Mackenzie: Because i thought it was a good idea.

J.T.: Why am I being treated like a jerk?

Mackenzie: What about the stuff you said to Raul and Billy? You knew they would get upset.

J.T.: I wasn't trying to make trouble. What happened between me and Rianna is ancient history, unless you know something about her that I don't.

Mackenzie: I have to go get some plates.

Billy: You holding out, man?

Raul: You talk to Sean?

Billy: I tried to get us out of tonight.

Raul: No dice?

Billy: Sorry, man.

Raul: You did what you could.

Brittany: I was right about Rianna, wasn't I? She still has feelings for you. I'll take that silence as a yes. What an interesting Predicament.

J.T.: Stay out of this, Brit.

Brittany: You know on the one hand, about time Rianna got a healthy dose of reality. All that sugary sweetness can be nauseous.

J.T.: Have you forgotten she used to be your best friend?

Brittany: The idea of her being hung up on you? I wouldn't wish that on anyone i cared about.

Sean: Attention please, everyone. We're about to start the web cast. You've done this before. You know the drill. The rest of you, we're doing this live across the internet. That means whatever happens, millions of eyes are watching. But no pressure.

Jill: Listen Sean and i will be nearby if you need us. We want you nice and relaxed, lots of energy. Just have fun, okay?

Sean: Cameras are rolling. We are live in five, four, three, two... Action. And don't you know you're right on track time is only borrowed you know wherever you are and where it's at

welcome to the party. .