Y&R Transcript Thursday 5/6/04--Canada; Friday 5/7/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Liz: Thank you.

Jill: Oh, this is gonna be so much fun.

Gina: The special buffet is all-you-can-eat, and, of course, if you'd prefer, you can order off the menu. So have a wonderful time, and Happy Mother's Day.

Woman: Thank you.

Gina: Enjoy yourself. Oh, you made it!

Kay: Gina.

Gina: Katherine. Mrs. Foster, it's so good to see you.

Liz: Oh, thank you, Gina.

Gina: Jill, you are the luckiest woman in this place to have two Mothers on Mother's Day.

Jill: My cup just runneth over, doesn't it?

Gina: I can see how happy you are. Let me take you to your table.


Brad: Okay, honey. Let's go sit down.

Abby: When can I have my ice cream?

Brad: Right after you have some of this quiche.

Abby: Quiche? That sounds yucky.

Brad: Well, you know, it does sound yucky, but it tastes good.

Ashley: It's really yummy.


Diane: Kyle, honey, do you want some quiche like your cousin Abby?

Kyle: No, thank you, Mommy.

Diane: Well, okay. Oh, look. It's the entire Newman clan.


Gina: Hello, everyone. Hi.

Victor: Hello, Gina.

Gina: Happy Mother's Day. Thank you. So glad you could make it. Cassie, you look beautiful, like a young lady.

Victor: Doesn't she?

Cassie: Thank you.

Gina: Well, I saved the biggest and the best table for you.

Victor: So nice of you. Thank you.

Nikki: (Whispering) are you all right?

Sharon: (Whispering) yes. I feel a little shaky.

Nikki: Hold on until this thing is over. Nothing weird is going to happen with all these people here.

Sharon: That's easy for you to say. You're not the one seeing dead people.

Nikki: Sharon, get a grip. We can't have a scene.


Dru: Oh, look at how beautiful.

Neil: Oh, it's nice.

Lily: Oh, there's Colleen.

Dru: Honey, I want you to sit with us first.

Lily: Well, who else would I sit with? It's Mother's Day. I can see Colleen anytime.

Neil: Ladies, the place is filling up fast. Let's grab a table, shall we?

Dru: Honey, we have a reservation.

Neil: Come on.

Dru: Relax. Hi.

Victor: And hello to you.

Waiter: Do you want some more water?

Neil: Maria.


Mary: Well, thank you, honey. Thanks. Yes.

Todd: This food is outstanding.

Mary: I'm so glad you could come out, Todd.

Paul: It looks like everyone in town is here.

Todd: Wouldn't have missed it for the world, Mother.

Mary: Great.

Paul: Wonder how things are going for him.

Mary: Who, son?

Paul: Oh, you don't want to know.

Todd: That's mysterious.

Mary: Well, that certainly is.

Paul: Okay. I was just thinking about Michael Baldwin, that's all.

Mary: Oh, good heavens. Why would you care what that miserable vermin is doing?


Michael: Uh, Dr. Walker, how is Kevin this morning?

Reese: Fairly well, I'm glad to report.

Michael: Meaning what? His brain--all there, slightly damaged, what?

Reese: Well, fortunately, we were able to keep the cerebral perfusion pressure that I mentioned before within acceptable parameters, so I don't think there'll be any lasting damage.

Michael: You say, "fortunately." It wasn't luck. It was skill and hard work, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am.

Reese: Well, you're welcome.

Michael: And now?

Reese: We, now just a normal period of recovery from the rest of the injuries and the surgery, of course. But he's young and strong, and I think he'll probably be back to his old self, barring any unforeseen developments, within a week or so.

Michael: Yeah. Just in time to be put back behind bars, beaten some more, terrorized. Uh, can I see him?

Reese: Well, as you say, Kevin is an inmate. He's not supposed to have any visitors. That's why they have the guard at the door.

Michael: Yeah, well, I'm his lawyer as well as his brother. Little thing called the constitution--

Reese: That's between you and the guard, Mr. Baldwin. Please keep it short, though.

Michael: Sure. I will. Thanks. Thanks again.

Reese: All right.


Dru: Gina, this is gorgeous.

Neil: Yeah, really nice.

Dru: You've gotta try it. Those are delicious.


Nick: Here you go, buddy. There you go.

Noah: How do they make pancakes so flat?

Victor: How do they make pancakes so flat? Well, let's see. How do they? Oh, I know. They take a huge birthday cake, and then they drop something very big on it, and it flattens it... I think.

Victor: Sharon, are you all right?

Sharon: Yeah. Sure, I'm fine.

Noah: You're not saying anything, Mommy.

Cassie: Noah, leave her alone.

Nick: Yeah, your Mom works so hard for you every day of the year, that today she can act any way she wants.

Sharon: Oh, thank you.

Victor: So this is nice, isn't it? Do you know how they make those?


Phyllis: Oh, no.

Phyllis: Ryan, hey, I know you're swamped, but could I have a bottle of water-- I forgot--for my workout?

Ryan: Sure thing, Mrs. Abbott.

Gina: Well, hello, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey, Gina. Look at this. You're really packin' 'em in, aren't you?

Gina: Well, yeah. Actually, Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year.

Phyllis: Oh, that's right, it's Mother's Day. Thank goodness you reminded me.

Gina: Excuse me.

Phyllis: I wonder if I'll see Daniel today.


Kay: It was a wonderful, romantic evening. Arthur was a gentleman. Did I tell you what a superb--

Jill: Yes, you have told us. You've told us three times what a wonderful dancer my Father is.

Kay: Well, excuse me, Jill.

Jill: As a matter of fact, you haven't stopped talking about last night's greatest hits since we sat down. Doesn't surprise me, though. When she drinks, she can never stop talking.

Liz: Oh, now, Jill, there is no rea-- Katherine, have you already been drinking today?

Kay: No.

Liz: See?

Kay: But now that you mention it, I think it's time I started. Uh, waiter. You, dear.


Guard: Sir, you can't go in there.

Michael: Says who?

Guard: Are you authorized medical personnel?

Michael: I'm the patient's lawyer, not to mention his brother. So if you'll kindly step aside.

Guard: I have my orders-- no visitors.

Michael: Who issued these orders--Detective Weber? Hmm. How many heads do I have to make roll downtown to gain access to my client?

Guard: That's up to you, sir. Just doing my job.

Michael: And I'm just doing my job. So unless you want to arrest me, I'll be going in.

Michael: Shall I assume I'm under arrest? You gonna read me my rights, officer? Go ahead. Call your superiors. I'll wait. They'll make an exception, I'm sure, considering the patient's here in the first place because of your department's complete and utter negligence. If you had taken as good care of him in the cell with those thugs that did this--

Guard: Five minutes.

Michael: Five minutes? Five minutes. Make your call. While you're on the phone, I'll feel free to take as long as I need.


Kay: Ah, yes. Just delicious. Waiter? Another, please.

Jill: Oh, please donít.

Kay: Pay no attention to her. She's not my Mother. Thank you. Thank you very much. You worry too much, Jill. I'm not going to embarrass you, even if I wanted to, though it is a temptation. But I would never do that in front of Elizabeth.

Liz: That's nice to know.

Jill: Just wait till she's through with this one. She's on to the next one, then all bets are off, I guarantee it.

Kay: Do you know something? I cannot believe that she never drove you to drink, no, I really canít. Amazing.

Kay: So good. It's wonderful.


Brad: So now that you've had a couple bites of that quiche, what do you think?

Abby: I like it, Daddy.

Brad: See, she likes it.

Colleen: Can I go see Lily for a second?

Brad: Sure, honey.

Colleen: Thank you.

Brad: Hey, I have an idea. Let's go check out that kid's playroom. Diane, you wanna come with us?

Diane: Kyle, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Adults are so boring.

Brad: Let's go.


Victor: Did we hear something about a playroom?

Ashley: Oh, your timing's impeccable. Why don't you join the parade?

Victor: Noah, do you know Kyle and Abby?

Noah: Yeah.

Abby: Hi, Noah.

Noah: Hi, Abby.

Ashley: Do you wanna say hi to Victor, too?

Victor: Hi, Abby.


Sharon: Well, I don't remember the last time I was this hungry. Everything is so good.

Sharon: That has to be hard for you to see.

Nikki: I want to be happy for Victor. As much as he didn't expect to become a father again, he is fascinated with that child. I guess I have to face facts-- Noah and Cassie are gonna have to form a bond with her. Who knows when they're gonna find out?

Nikki: So how are you? You seem okay.

Sharon: I'm all right. So far, no sign of... anything.

Nikki: Good. Stay away from the champagne. You and I have a date with a psychiatrist later, and I need you sober. I'm gonna circulate a little bit.

Nick: They got some new food. It's killer. You okay?

Sharon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.


Nikki: Elizabeth.

Liz: Oh, Nikki.

Nikki: Good to see you.

Liz: Good to see you.

Nikki: You too, Jill. Katherine.

Kay: Hi, Nikki. Oh, God, sit down. Sit down. It's so good to see you. Oh, goodness, yes. Oh, just... so good to see you.


Lily: Let's go call Sierra.

Colleen: Okay.

Ashley: Now, Abby, you have fun. You know where to find me if you need me, okay?

Diane: And you stay with Noah, okay, big guy?

Cassie: Noah, take Kyleís hand.

Brad: Let's go, everybody.

Ashley: Bye.

Ashley: Oh, hi. Cassie's really become quite the young lady, hasn't she?

Victor: It's amazing, isn't it? I mean, what a difference a year has made. She's a young lady. And Abby is adorable, beautiful...

Victor: And very bright.

Diane: Have fun, sweetie.

Dru: Hey. Happy Mother's Day.

Diane: Same to you.

Dru: Did you get a load of Phyllis?

Diane: Who could miss her?

Dru: Which means that Damon Porter is somewhere by himself.

Diane: Well, as soon as brunch is over, I'm going to drop Kyle off at the sitter's, and then I'm going to try to locate our favorite chemist.

Dru: Are you up for the challenge?

Diane: The question is-- is Damon?

Dru: He loves to be seduced.

Diane: Well, as long as I have time to work my womanly wiles-- just keep her here.

Dru: Okay. I can do that.


Sharon: I'm gonna go check on the children.

Nick: Okay.


Paul: Would you look who's here? Hey!

Todd: Hey!

Man: How you doing?

Paul: All right. Hello, Mrs. Brady.

Todd: Hello, Mrs. Brady.

Paul: How are you?

Mrs. Brady: Fine, thank you.

Todd: Wayne Brady, you old son of a gun, how are ya?

Wayne: I'm fine, man. I'm fine. I'm still not used to seeing you in this suit. Amen.

Paul: Ain't that something?

Wayne: Very nice, very nice. Hey, Paul, you all right?

Paul: Hey, yeah! You look good.

Wayne: Thank you.

Paul: I can't believe you're here.

Wayne: Yeah, well, mom and I, we were on our way to my aunt's house and we decided to stop in and see if there was anyone left from the old crowd.

Paul: Well, look who's here.

Mary: There's me!

Wayne: Mrs. Williams, hey, sweetheart. How you doing?

Mary: Hi, Valerie. It's so good to see you.

Valerie: Mary, you haven't changed a bit.

Paul: No, and neither have you. Do you have a minute? Can you sit and stay a little bit?

Wayne: Absolutely. After all, how often is it that you get both of the incredible Williams brothers in one place at the same time, right?

Paul: Right.


Kay: Arthur is such a-- a perfect gentleman. When we were dancing, oh, Nikki, it was like floating.

Jill: Oh, again with the floating. You're floating right now.

Kay: Get off my back!

Jill: (Whispers) Mother, stop it.

Kay: I am just telling my friend here, my dear friend Nikki, what a wonderful, wonderful time that we had.

Jill: Yes. Well, the rest of us are not having a wonderful time because of the condition you're in. Do you get that?

Kay: Oh, dear.


Diane: Fizzy water, slice of lemon or lime.

Ryan: Coming up.

Diane: Trolling for new victims?

Phyllis: You're foaming again, Diane.

Diane: So, um, where's Damon?

Phyllis: Um, I don't know. I'm not his keeper.

Diane: Oh, whew. Thank goodness. I thought you were.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not. You know, I would've pounced on Kyle, but you, uh, dumped him off somewhere.

Diane: He's in the kiddie playroom.

Phyllis: Oh, the kiddie playroom, right, right. Well, maybe he would have said, "Happy Mother's Day" to me, who knows?

Diane: You know, Phyllis, I would have been happy for him to hug you and wish you whatever you wanted, but he probably wouldn't have wanted to.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't have.

Diane: Thank you.

Phyllis: You're boring me. You can leave now.

Diane: I'm leaving. So are you planning a workout?

Phyllis: You can leave now.

Diane: Bye.

Phyllis: Oh, Daniel, where are you?


Kay: I don't know why Jill insists on dragging all of our little squabbles out in the open. I am so sorry, Nikki. Sorry.

Nikki: About what?

Kay: About he

Jill: She thought you were so sorry because you're so drunk.

Kay: Never explain, never apologize-- that is my motto.

Nikki: You know, I have to get back to my table. My family is treating me to brunch, after all.

Kay: No, please donít. No, no, please stay. Stay.

Nikki: I canít.

Jill: She wonít.

Nikki: (Mutters) get her home.

Jill: Nice work, Katherine. But hey, you're not done yet. There's still people here.

Kay: I can clear the room. You want me to do it? I can. I can clear this room.


Michael: God. Look at you.

Michael: How am I supposed to find the words to tell you how sorry I am?

Michael: This was all my fault... no one elseís. I should have never left you alone, especially not after you made bail. Of course you were gonna run. How blind could I be? Then... this isn't the first time I've left you to fend on your own.

Michael: I haven't been a brother to you, not like I should have been.

Michael: I was too wrapped up in my own stuff, you know...

Michael: Getting out of the hellhole we grew up in.

Michael: And I, uh, left you behind.

Michael: I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life.

Michael: All I can say is...

Michael: I'm going to try to do better. No. I am going to do better. That is a promise.

Michael: (Laughs) I wish you were here wisecrackin' right now. You know, you'd say, "gee Mikey, where have I heard that before?"

Michael: I've broken so many promises to you. I've let you down so many times, so many ways. And no more, little brother. No more. And I'm gonna start by making sure that you live. I am gonna stay in this hospital every minute of every day. Chantal has brought me new clothes. I am good to go. I'm gonna stay here until you open your beady, little eyes and ruin my life all over again. (Chuckles) that's supposed to be a joke, you know? You still like jokes? You loved playing them on me. (Chuckles) the sicker, the better. Remember that time we had, what, that little dog, uh... Ginger? And your Dad came home in a drunken rage, and he kicked her off the porch and snapped her neck. And I was-- I was so upset, you know, I couldn't stop crying. What'd you do? You called from a pay phone down the street, and you were whimpering and barking... (laughs) you're pretending... (laughs) you're pretending that you're Ginger calling from doggie heaven. (Laughs) I couldn't believe you.

Michael: Oh. Oh. I wanted to kill you myself. And what about the time that you actually pretended to be dead just to scare me out of my wits? You know, it didn't work then, bucko, and it's not gonna work now.

Michael: Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Michael: Just blink 'em, all right? Let me know that you're okay. I need to know that you're okay.

Michael: You're the only family I have, little brother.

Michael: Shoot.

Michael: Hey.

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. You in there? It's me. It's me. It's Mikey. Kevin?

Michael: Hey.


Dru: Thank you, honey.

Neil: Thank you, my man. Appreciate that. Hey, this food is great. I love spending Mother's day with my two favorite women.

Lily: But...?

Dru: Honey, don't tell me you have to work.

Neil: A C.E.O. is always working. Plus, it's tomorrow morning in Sydney, Australia, and I've got a board meeting with one of our subsidiaries to attend by conference call.

Dru: Be careful what you wish for.

Neil: Lily, you can go and hang out with Colleen if you like.

Lily: Oh, that's okay. I think she's leaving pretty soon anyway. She's been away from J.T. for a whole two hours. I think the strain's beginning to show.

Dru: Oh, those two are getting very serious, aren't they?

Lily: Yeah. Colleen is really lucky.

Dru: Well, um... you know, you two can leave, all right? I have some business I have to tend to. Go ahead.

Neil: You sure about that?

Dru: Yeah.

Neil: All right. Well, Happy Mama's day.


Jill: Look. See how nice and peaceful it is? Everybody's here with their families. All they wanna do is have a good time. So if you continue to keep your voice down, everyone can enjoy themselves.

Kay: Well, I'm not stopping them, Jill.

Jill: All right.

Kay: Go on, everybody! Have yourself a grand ol' ball!

Liz: Katherine. Katherine. You keep this up, Katherine, I am going to leave.

Kay: Well, that-- that's your choice, Elizabeth. Though I do prefer that you stay because I do not want to be alone with carry nation here.

Liz: You have had too much to drink.

Kay: You know, everybody keeps talking to me about my drinking, but nobody--nobody talks to me about my thirst. Nobody. Are those waiters-- where are-- they're all avoiding me.

Jill: Oh, my God. Everyone is avoiding you.

Liz: Katherine, you're not yourself when you're like this.

Kay: That's exactly the point, Elizabeth. You should try it. No, seriously. Two selves for the price of one. I mean, that-- that's a deal. That's a deal, right? Oh, God, here he is.

Jill: Don't you dare. Don't you dare give her another drink.

Kay: I will start screaming. I will, I'll scream.

Jill: Take ten of the damn things. I don't care.

Kay: Hi, Drucilla.

Dru: Hi.

Kay: It's delicious.


Michael: Kevin? Kevin. Kevin, its Michael. Can you hear me? Do you know who I am?

Kevin: Mi-- Mikey.

Michael: Yeah. It's Mikey. I hate when you call me that, but it's good for now. Now's fine. You can call me anything you want. (Chuckles)

Kevin: I--

Michael: Shh, shh, shh. Don't try and talk, okay? I was just kiddin'. Don't push yourself.

Kevin: Wha-- what ha-- what ha--

Michael: Shh, shh, shh, shh. Look, you are hurt bad, and now you're in a hospital. And they're taking real good care of you, okay? That's all you need to know. That and, uh...

Michael: And I'm here. I'm here for you. Kevin, I'm not going anywhere.

Michael: You got my word on that.


Nikki: Victor had to leave. How are you doing?

Sharon: Nikki, I'm scared.

Nikki: I know.

Sharon: No, I'm scared of going to the psychiatrist.

Nikki: Why are you afraid of that?

Sharon: Because... what if I really am losing my mind? And what if he tries to keep me away from my kids? I couldn't handle that. I don't want to end up in some padded cell.

Nikki: Sharon, stop. Stop. Nobody's coming after you with a straightjacket.

Sharon: Promise?

Nikki: You are overwhelmed with issues of guilt. Killing somebody, whether they deserve it or not, will do that to a person. Now you've gotta get over that before it destroys you.

Sharon: Well, you make it sound so easy, like people get kissed by dead people every day and just get over it.

Nikki: Sharon, it's in your imagination. Your mind is playing tricks on you. Now you take a deep breath and compose yourself and go back into that party. Everything will be all right.

Sharon: Okay.


The role of Daniel is being played by Michael Grazeidai.


Michael: All right, all right, all right. You know, tell the judge that I can be in chambers right after lunch. I know, but something's come up. A family emergency.

Gloria: Excuse me. I'm looking for a young man named Michael Baldwin. I was told that I could find him here.

Nurse: Is he a patient?

Gloria: No, I don't think so.

Nurse: I'm sorry, ma'am. I can't help you.

Gloria: Thank you anyway.

Michael: Yeah. Yes, I'm still here. Listen, I'm gonna call you back.

Gloria: Gosh! I almost didn't recognize you.

Michael: It's been a long time.

Gloria: Yeah, but it only took me a second, though. Now I see that you haven't changed a bit.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Gloria: Well, I went to your office. The girl said that she was gonna call you to tell you at I was coming.

Michael: Um, I have to turn my cell phone off in here.

Gloria: Oh, well, then... surprise! Why are you standing around in a hospital?

Michael: Kevin is hurt.

Gloria: Oh, no, what happened?

Michael: He was in jail, and some prisoners beat him up.

Gloria: How bad is he?

Michael: He'll survive the beating, but being in jail, you know, after what Tom Fisher put him through, you can imagine how hard that might be.

Gloria: Now don't you start in. Kevin came to see in Detroit, and he wanted to dig up the past, and I told him I wasn't having any of that.

Michael: Oh. Why did you come to Genoa City?

Gloria: I guess... seeing Kevin made me realize how out of touch we've been.

Michael: Look, what do you want from us?

Gloria: I wanna see Kevin.

Michael: Oh, that's not gonna happen.

Gloria: Michael, I'm his Mother. I going to see my son, and you're not gonna stop me.


Phyllis: Hi.

Daniel: Hello.

Phyllis: Hey, can-- can I have a coffee?

Daniel: Sure.

Phyllis: Because...

Daniel: It's a little cold.

Phyllis: Yeah, it doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me. Thanks.

Daniel: Well, I better go.

Phyllis: Okay. Thanks for the coffee. See ya.


Jill: I've called a cab. Who's coming with me?

Kay: Oh, it is so like you, Jill, leaving you Mother-- both Mothers alone on Mother's day.

Jill: Look, you know what, Katherine? You are my Mother. And I owe you respect and concern, but you cannot act any way you please and expect me to put up with it. She canít.

Liz: Honey, she has a disease.

Kay: No, I don't have a disease! I don't have any excuses!

Jill: Shh, please. Please keep it down.

Kay: You keep it down. You keep it down! I am feeling great, and, Jill, listen to me. I just--I don't want you hovering all over me. Now why don't you go and get your taxicab, whatever, and-- and I'll just have some more champagne. Elizabeth, I swear, this is...

Jill: I can't take this.

Kay: The best champagne I have ever tasted.

Jill: I don't care if this makes me a bad daughter. I can't take it anymore.

Liz: Jill, you have to be patient. She can't help it.

Kay: Will you stop that? I can--I can too--

Jill: All right, all right, no, you're coming home with me.

Kay: I can too, but I don't--

Jill: You're coming home with me right now. We're not gonna be on the front page of the paper--

Kay: Help! I'm being molested here! I'm being molested here!

Todd: Excuse me, may I?

Jill: Please do.

Todd: You're Mrs. Chancellor, aren't you?

Kay: Yes, that's right. Who are you?

Todd: Todd Williams. I've heard your name many, many times before.

Kay: You're a priest.

Todd: Yes. Is that okay with you?

Kay: That's your problem.

Todd: Well, I'd like to help if I can.

Kay: Well, no, you canít. You can't help me because, you see, I don't-- I don't need any help.

Todd: You look a little unsteady to me.

Kay: No, no, no. Well... you know, I had a little-- no, I had a-- I had a lot to drink. Celebration, you know, mother's day.

Todd: Oh, I know exactly what you mean. At first, it feels great...

Kay: Yes.

Todd: Then not so good, then suddenly you start thinking, "I wish I'd never started."

Kay: Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was really, really great, and then all of a sudden, something went wrong.

Todd: You know what I think? I think you need a little bit of fresh air.

Kay: Yes, that's a good idea. Do you got any on you?

Todd: Well, if you'll let me, I'd like to take you outside. We could take a walk, hmm?

Kay: Yeah, that's--but...

Kay: Don't let her tell me what to do anymore, anymore.

Todd: Nobody is going to do anything to you. All right? Shall we walk?

Kay: Yes. I, uh...

Todd: Careful.

Kay: I-I-I didn't have any dessert.

Todd: That's okay. We'll come back in.

Kay: Okay, we can have dessert later, right? They have excellent food here.


Sharon: Wow.

Nikki: Poor Katherine. To start drinking again after all these years, it's just tragic. The longer she keeps it up, the harder it's gonna be to stop.

Sharon: Nikki. It's happening again. I am having another hallucination. I see Cameron. He's right there.

Nikki: That's no hallucination. I see him, too.


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Cameron: What do you know? The Newmanís. Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

Nick: Where the hell you been?

Michael: He doesn't wanna see you.

Gloria: He said that?

J.T.: Before you get on that plane, I need to know where your head is.

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