the releases so far: the demo (left), the Cynfeirdd (middle) & the Trollmusic version

Ainulindalë is a music project inspired by the mythology of J.R.R.Tolkien which has so far released one album called "The Lay Of Leithian". The music has often been described as calm, yet somehow magical folk by listeners from all over the earth. Ainulindalë is organized as solo project by Engwar who sings and plays the acoustic guitars. Other instruments like cello, drums and flute are played by guest musicians. "The Lay Of Leithian" has first been published as CD-R in Engwar's home country by the Cynfeirdd label and later on as CD by the German label Trollmusic. In regard to the first ideas taking shape, Engwar remembers:

"Ainulindalë really started in October 2002 when I decided to work on the adaptation of Tolkien's work to music. But as far as I can remember I had the idea of doing an acoustic based album since 1997 I think. Some ideas on "The Lay of Leithian" are seven years old..."

In spring 2006 Ainulindalë returns with new music in combination with a video clip that you can watch and download here. You can read Engwar's personal reflections of the making of the video here.

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