Sunday, January 29, 2006
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Kansas   1970-1983, 1986-
Kerry Livgren    guitar, keyboards    1970-1986
Steve Walsh    vocals, keyboards    1971-1981, 1986-
Robby Steinhardt    violin, vocals    1970-1986
Richard Williams    guitar    1970-
Phil Ehart    drums    1970-
Dave Hope    bass    1970-1986
John Elfante    vocals    1981-1986
Steve Morse    guitar    1986-
Billy Greer    bass    1986-
They were interviewed for a VH1 Behind The Music, but the show was never produced because their off-stage lives were too dull.
They started out playing bars in the Midwest. They hated playing cover songs, but had to because the bar owners would not let them play originals. They got around it by playing their own songs and saying they were new songs from The Allman Brothers.
Topeka is the capital of Kansas. That's where they formed.
While they formed in Kansas, they've done the majority of their recording in Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music.
Morse, before joining Kansas, had been a commercial airline pilot. He had also played with Dixie Dregs and the Steve Morse Band.
Livgren is a born-again Christian. He recorded a solo album called Seeds Of Change that stayed on the Gospel charts for a year and a half.
The band began as Kansas, then changed their name to White Clover with the addition of Steinhardt. They changed it back before the release of their first album.
Steinhardt's father was the chairman of the music history department at the University of Kansas. When the family traveled to Europe, Robby played violin with several orchestras there.
Where Livgren found success as a performer of Christian music, Elefante became a producer of contemporary Christian music.
John Elefante produced at least one album for the band Scarecrow and Tinmen.
Robbie Steinhardt had a band in Tampa called Steinhardt/Moon for years. (thanks, chas - tampa, FL, for above 2)
Steinhardt is the only original member not from Topeka. He was the concertmaster of the Lawrence, KS High School orchestra. (thanks, Mark - Fort Worth, TX)
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The difference between Kansas and The Stones is that the Stones have some 200 songs that will still be played 50 years from now; Kansas has TWO. Kansas is definitely a great band. They've made some great songs that you rarely hear on the radio, like "People Of The Southwind", "Portrait (He Knew)", "Play The Game Tonight", "Fair Exchange", Rainmaker" and a couple more that just don't come to me right now. There are very few bands that can even hold a candle to what the Stones have accomplished in rock 'n' roll over their 44 years in the business. "Satisfaction" is NOT the only Stones song you'll ever hear getting airplay. Listen to a real rock station and you'll hear about 100 Stones STAPLES and as many 250 GREAT Stones tunes. In fact, as a lifelong Stoneshead, I would rank "Satisfaction" as about the Stones 40th best song. And others have ranked it as the greatest song ever. That said, then the Stones must have pretty damn good songs under their belt.
- Ken, Dupont, PA
Kansas' greatest hits album... it wins the "Album Played the Most" award in my collection.
- James, Windsor, CA
how come "carry on wayward Son" and "dust In the wind" are the only kansas songs you hear on the radio? They're good songs, but c'mon!
- Stefanie magura, Rock Hill, SC
kansas is really boring . they need some pzazz to them. at least otehr bands have something original about them
- micah, huntington beach, CA
Any time someone says "oh, this is the best song" or "this is the worst song" it doesn't mean anything. People are always giving their opinions about who is the greatest band or what is the greatest song. It's just someones opinion and really, who cares? What matters is what piece of music will stand the test of time. People will still be playing "Dust In The Wind" and "Carry on Wayward Son" fifty years from now. Long after most of the artists we know today are gone and completely forgotten. The ONLY reason people remember groups like the Rolling Stones is because they aren't dead yet and they insist on touring when they should have retired 25 years ago. "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" which was voted "The Greatest Rock Song of All Time" is musically and lyrically a piece of garbage. It is repetative, obnoxious and boring. Compare that to "Dust In The Wind" or "C.O W.S", I don't think so. That's my opinion.
- Chuck, Mtn. View, AR
Kansas kicks major ass! Although I don't entirely agree that "Carry On Wayward Son" is a bad song, when you listen to other Kansas material, you notice that it sounds nothing like the rest of their work. This is for better or worse depending on personal preference.
- Dick, Detroit, MI
"Carry on wayward son" is mediocre at best. Unless you're into commercial rock. Their best song? That's like saying Boston's best song is "More than a feeling". When you compare it to the rest of their stuff, it's terrible. Both bands." are you serious? those songs are the more popular because they are the best. those are 2 of the most well known and most popular songs in all of classic rock
- sdfsdf, U.S., IL
Has anyone ever heard of a song called "dust in the wind", hello!
- Jacob, Pinebluff, NC
"Carry on wayward son" is mediocre at best. Unless you're into commercial rock. Their best song? That's like saying Boston's best song is "More than a feeling". When you compare it to the rest of their stuff, it's terrible. Both bands.
- David, Lubbock, TX
kansas is the best old group that ever played. "carry on wayward son" is the best song played by them !!!!! :-)
- brock, coalport, PA

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