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BANDAI's History
  May 1980   Makoto Yamashina appointed President, with Naoharu Yamashina becoming Chairman.
Gundam plastic model

  July 1980   Gundam plastic model toy series is launched, sparking its own huge boom.
      Tonka Japan changes its name to Mameet.
  November 1980   Celent established.
  January 1981   Bandai France S.A. (presently Bandai S.A.) established as a European sales/marketing base.
  March 1981   Bandai enters candy toy market segment.
  December 1981   Bandai Italia S.R.L. established as second sales/marketing base in Europe.
  May 1982   Bandai B.V. established in the Netherlands.
  June 1982   Bandai U.K. Ltd. established in Britain.
  October 1982   Bandai Australia Ltd. established in Australia.
      New department established to pioneer the planning, development and creation of animation and film within Bandai.
  November 1982   Video planning and production division established within the Bandai Group
  March 1983   Popy, Bandai Models, Bandai Manufacturing, Bandai Overseas, Mameet, Celent and Bandai Publishing all re-absorbed into Bandai. Paid-in capital rises to ¥11.39 million.
      New corporate identity and philosophy established. "Dreams & Creation" expresses clearly Bandai's new vision.
  April 1983   Kinnikuman series of capsule toys are a big hit on launch.
  August 1983   Apparel Department set up.
      A.E. Planning (now Bandai Visual) established.
  December 1983   The industry's first original animation feature, ÅgDaros," is launched.
  October 1984   Gundam plastic model series surpasses 100 million units in cumulative sales.
  December 1984   Fuman (H.K.) Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong.
  May 1985   With the establishment of Sino-Japanese joint venture firm China Fuman (Fujian) Toys Co., Ltd. in Fujian Province, Bandai formally enters the Chinese market.
  November 1985   Launch of first NES software release Kinnikuman-Muscle Tag Match. Selling over one million copies, it becomes a big hit.
NES Software Muscleman series
(c)Yudetamago/Shueisha · Toei Animation

      CAD manufacturing introduced at Shizuoka factory.
  January 1986   Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section. Paid-in capital ¥107.96 million.
  August 1986   Maba established.
  February 1986   Nekonyanbo becomes a big hit.

  September 1986   By assisting in the production of "The Baby Elephant," the Bandai Group enters the film world.
  January 1987   The "246 Club," an event space in Minami-Aoyama, opens.
  March 1987   Thai joint venture firm Bandai and K.C. Co., Ltd. (presently Bandai Industrial Co., Ltd.) established.
      Full-length original animation feature "The Wings of Oneamis" released.
      Quick Curl launched. A new range of character-based household goods also goes on sale.
  May 1987   Chairman Naoharu Yamashina appointed Executive Advisor.
      Contract signed with Walt Disney for video products.
      Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) series is a hit.
Saint Seiya Saint Cross Series
(c)Masami Kurumada · Shueisha · TV Asahi · Toei Animation

  April 1988   Media Department established to propel Bandai into the video business.
  July 1988   First sales of Card Dispenser (Carddass) machines.
  August 1988   Listing gained on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section.
      Bandai cooperates with the production of the musical "The Forest is Alive/Twelve Months of Nina"
  January 1989   Completion of Head Office building in Komagata.
  July 1989   "Shot M78" Ultraman retail outlet opened.
  October 1989   CBandai enters the music industry with the launch of the Emotion label.