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bauhaus 1921 || the weimar bauhaus publishes its constitution. the teachers are called masters, the students apprentices and journeymen. || the bauhaus now incorporates workshops in stone sculpture (schlemmer), woodcarving (muche), furniture (gropius), pottery (marcks), gold, silver and coppersmithery (itten), mural painting and stained-glass painting (itten), weaving (muche), graphic printing (feininger), bookbinding (klee). gropius’s architecture office (walter gropius, adolf meyer, carl fieger) designs and builds the sommerfeld house in berlin-dahlem for the businessman adolf sommerfeld, incorporating works by bauhaus students. walter gropius designs the memorial to the victims of the right-wing putsch of march 1920. || the state academy of fine arts is re-established by professors defecting from the bauhaus. || walter gropius is commissioned to convert the municipal theatre in jena. || paul klee starts his classes, which he calls “practical training in composition”. || johannes itten attends a congress of the mazdaznan sect in leipzig and introduces this doctrine at the bauhaus in collaboration with georg muche. gropius delivers lectures on the theory of space and practical technical drawing, supplemented by seminars from adolf meyer. || lothar schreyer becomes head of the theatre workshop. the council of masters resolves to publish the bauhaus prints. || the conflict between gropius – who believes the bauhaus should accept outside commissions – and itten – who is opposed to this on principle – comes to a head.

politics 1921 || german-soviet economic agreement. government of social democrats, german democrats and centrists headed by wirth. walter rathenau (german democratic party, aeg general manager) becomes minister of reconstruction. || inflation takes off: 1 dollar = 88 marks. || separate german-american peace treaty. || 1 dollar = 209 marks.

science. technology. arts. 1921 || science and technology: albert einstein awarded nobel prize for physics, insulin discovered, coal liquefaction put to use on an industrial scale. || literature: german translation of "fruits of the earth" by andré gide, "the good soldier schweik" by jarolsav hašek. || theatre and music: toscanini appointed to run la scala, "murderer: the women's hope" by paul hindemith and oskar kokoschka. || film: "rhythmus 21" by hans richter, "between two worlds" by fritz lang, "the kid" by charlie chaplin. || art: "three musicians" by pablo picasso, "l’oel cacodylate" by francis picabia. || architecture: einstein tower, potsdam, by erich mendelsohn.

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