2.Empirical formula:C12H23NO3
3.Chemical name:1-piperidincarboxylid acid 2-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-methylpropylester
4.Commercial name:SaltidinŽ
5.Common name:Icaridin
6.ELINCS number:423-210-8
7.CAS registry number:119515-38-7
8.Relative molecular mass:229.3 g/mole
9.Form:liquid, clear
10.Solidifying point:< -170 ēC
11.Viscosity:30.7 sec. flow time according to DIN 53211, 129 mPaˇs at 20 ēC
12.Boiling point:272 ēC at 1013 hPa
13.Vapour pressure:3.4 x 10 Exp-4 hPa at 20 ēC
5.9 x 10 Exp-4 hPa at 25 ēC
7.1 x 10 Exp-3 hPa at 50 ēC
16.Odour:little odourous
17.Purity of technical product:min. 97%
18.Flashpoint:142 ēC
19.Density:1.036 g/mŗ at 20 ēC
 in water:8.6 g/l at 20 ēC
 in propane-2-ol:> 250g/l at 20 ēC
 in acetone:> 250g/l at 20 ēC
 in n-heptane:> 250g/l at 20 ēC
 n xylene:> 250g/l at 20 ēC
21.Storage conditions:store at room temperature

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