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Bianchi Today
In 1973, Bianchi won its second World Championship title with Felice Gimondi. Two more will follow in 1986 with Moreno Argentin and in 1992 with Gianni Bugno.

In 1980, the Bianchi trademark was taken over by Piaggio Group.

In 1982, Bianchi launched on the European market the “BMX”: special bikes designed mainly for youngsters to perform off-road acrobatic feats and thus set a trend.

1984 was the year of the “Mountain bike”, the off-road bicycle designed in cooperation with Bianchi USA.

In 1987, Bianchi took over the Austrian trademark “Puch”.

The year 1990 brought a further innovative idea leading to a completely new generation of bicycles, the prototype of the modern city bike. Bianchi’s new creation was called “Bianchi Spillo”, and in a short time it became a reference for the whole bicycle industry; even nowadays, all the manufacturers have a range based on this bicycle model.

Though without losing sight of the on-road competitions, Bianchi focused on mountain bike challenges.

In 1991 Bruno Zanchi, riding his Bianchi bike, became MTB World Champion in the downhill specialty.

In 1993 another Bianchi biker, Dario Acquaroli, got the MTB World Championship in the cross country specialty.

In 1995, Bianchi re-engineered in-depth its city bike models through the “City Project” aimed to equip them, for the first time ever, with avant-garde frames, built according to the most updated ergonomic parameters.

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