Case studies

Work towards gender equality in the Andes

In Peru, the regions of Ayacucho, Apurimac and Huancavelica form part of what is known as the “Andean trapezium”, one of the poorest parts of the country. BTC runs an integrated economic development programme there that aims at creating jobs for rural smallholders and at increasing the income of small regional businesses. In the long run it aims at contributing to poverty reduction.

Développement du sanctuaire national de Tabaconas Namballe

Le Sanctuaire national de Tabaconas Namballe (SNTN) se trouve dans la province de San Ignacio, dans une région connue pour son niveau élevé de pauvreté. Ceci contribue à la pression exercée sur les ressources naturelles du Sanctuaire.

Decentralisation of water management in Gao region

The number of drinking wells in Gao (Mali) is insufficient to meet the population's water needs. Mali has launched a decentralisation process early 2000. Water management is one of the competencies handed over by the state to the municipalities.