Julie Andrews
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"Starlight Roof "

1947 - 1948

  Julie Andrews' first great success was in the London Hippodrome revue, "Starlight Roof". Opening on 23rd Oct 1947, the show ran for many months and included Julie in the cast for much of the run, the 12 year-old clearly having the time of her life. The original scheme was to have Julie sing a popular song, but the idea was dropped, along with Julie, before the opening night. The producer had a change of heart however, and at the eleventh hour decided to have Andrews back in the cast, singing an operatic aria, the Polonaise from "Mignon". That she stole the show is now part of Julie Andrews folklore, but below you can read two contemporary accounts of that opening night, proving that Julie really was the "Pocket-Money Star" that stopped the show !  
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  "The Daily Mail" - 24th October 1947  
  "The Express" - 24th October 1947