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Danzig / Misfits Interview

For over 20 years, thousands of skateboarders have gone bananas for the hard hitting sounds of a small punk band from Lodi, NJ, by the name of The Misfits. And although the original line-up hasn't worked together in more than a decade, kids continue to play the old records, get the logos tattooed on their body, and go nuts for the classic Misfits sound. Since disbanding, the original lead singer, Glenn Danzig, went on to a semi-successful solo career, hitting it big time with a song called "Momma, I'm Coming Home," or "Mother" (whichever—both songs sucked), and the original bassist, Jerry Only, went on doing The Misfits, with an ever-changing roster. And although both Danzig and The Misfits have new albums out and are touring, all die-hard Misfits fans want to know is: Are they ever getting back together? And if so, can they please hurry up?

Danzig Speaks

You were signed to Hollywood Records [a division of Disney] for a second. What happened there?

Three weeks into our deal, Roy Disney found out we were signed to his label. They promised me my own label. Michael Eisner himself said, "You're going to be totally autonomous and no one is going to screw with you." It was the biggest load of bullshit. Three weeks in he pulled the plug on us when he saw this Tower Pulse cartoon where me and Eisner are shaking hands and Mickey Mouse has all these 666's on his head and upside down crosses and people on rides burning and shit. People started protesting, sending e-mail and faxes that we were on the label. So we got out of there.

The Misfits are still touring. Are you planning on seeing the show?

Nope. It's not The Misfits. I think it would have more credibility if they had never done a band before it or if Jerry just called it "The Jerry Only Band." There's no original members in the group except for him. It lacks any kind of credibility except "let's make some money off of this."

I guess what everyone wants to know is: Is there any way you would ever work with The Misfits again?


I read somewhere that Jerry said, "You can only have your head up your ass for so long. Eventually we'll work together again."

Never happen. If anyone has their head up their ass, it's him. You know, I'm not the one out on the road calling something The Misfits that's not. Ok? So let's get real about that.

You're a pretty burly guy. Do you think you can kick that new singer's ass?

You know what? Only time will tell.

The Misfits Retaliate

One big departure from the old stuff is, I noticed, there's no swear words on the album

Not one. We're not compromising the music. But I guarantee, there's not gonna be a swear word on the record because I don't write a song and be a wise guy and say one stupid word that keeps it from being on the radio. If I can write a song and sell it to you without resorting to that kind of crap, it shows much better authorship and much more involved thinking in your lyrics. With this album, we've gotten to a position where we don't hear about the old so much. People are more interested in the new band, which is where we are today—which is where I want to be. I want to be living in the now, instead of in the past. We still play some of our old songs. We still think that stuff is very important, but now we do more of the new stuff.

So, what's your relationship like with Glenn Danzig these days?

Nah, we don't talk.

You seem like a big guy, do you think you could knock him out?


So, there you have it. The chances of a reunion are as likely as a Beatles reunion with John. Neither Glenn nor Jerry wanted to really get too into the topic, but I feel Jerry believes, one day, Glenn will see the light. Either way, there is one thing these two, once-close friends, can agree on: both think they can kick the other's ass. And I'll be honest, I'm a bigger fan of fist fights than reunion tours. So, let's get it on!


Ryan C.
17 Nov 2007, 10:08
I didn't know they hate eachother. :(
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