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Obama shrine

The ruins of Oabama castle

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S31. March 12th. Prefecture Cultural Property Jyonai 1chome, Obama city Obama shrine

It faces across a river from the Obama fishing port, and the woods surrounded by the high stone wall. It is now a part of Obama shrine which enshrines Tadakatsu Sakai, the origin of Obama Han.

After the war of Sekigahara, the feudal lord would be Takatsugu Kyogoku. He ordered the fisherman to move to Nishidugo and built the castle. When Tadataka Kyogoku moved to Matsue in Kanei 11(1634), Tadakatsu Sakai became the feudal lord of Obama Han and started to build the castle tower and completed in Kanei 13(1636).

Since then, the castle has been owned by Sakai family for 238 years. However, because of the establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains, the prefecture office building of Obama prefecture was located in Meiji 4. But it suffered from a fire in December, Meiji 4(1871) and most of the building were collapsed and now there are only stone wall left.

the total area is 62.492 square meters and a main enclosure 10.347 square meters. It was three-storied castle tower and 29m in height. The height of stone wall is 11m.

There are base stone left and it is able to see the view of Obama bay from there. It was the stronghold which made the Kita River and the Minami River the outer moat of a castle and was surrounded with water in the four quarters.