Israel Is 'Stealing Palestinian Children's Eyes,' Iranian TV Series Says -- 12/23/2004

Israel Is 'Stealing Palestinian Children's Eyes,' Iranian TV Series Says
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
December 23, 2004

( - A weekly TV series now airing in Iran claims the Israeli government is "stealing Palestinian children's eyes."

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, a group that monitors Arab and Iranian TV channels, the TV series premiered in Iran on Dec. 13 and airs every Monday on Iran's Sahar 1 TV station.

MEMRI said the drama (called "For You, Palestine," or "Zahra's Blue Eyes") was written and directed by former Iranian education ministry official Ali Derakhshn.

The series is set in Israel and the West Bank, and it details an Israeli plot to harvest organs from Palestinian children, particularly eyes, for use in transplants.

According to MEMRI, the story follows an Israeli candidate for prime minister, Yitzhak Cohen, who is also the military commander of the West Bank. The opening sequence of the show contains graphic scenes of surgery, and images of a Palestinian girl in a hospital -- her eyes removed and bandages covering the sockets.

In episode one, Yitzhak Cohen tells a medical conference about Israeli medical advances in the field of organ transplants.

Later in the first episode, Israelis disguised as United Nations workers visit a Palestinian school, ostensibly to examine the children's eyes for diseases, but in reality to select which children's eyes to steal for use in transplants.

In the second episode, MEMRI said, viewers learn that the Israeli president is being kept alive by organs stolen from Palestinian children, and an Israeli military commander is seen kidnapping United Nations employees and Palestinians.

Palestinian and Iranian media outlets routinely demonize Israel and Jews in their programming, to keep hatred - and violence -- flourishing, Israel says.

Launched on July 1, 2004 the MEMRI TV Monitoring Project tracks and translates Arab and Iranian TV channels to "bridge the language gap between the Middle East and the West."

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