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CAP LC 2005

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Maison d`Arrêt Fleury-Mérogis
To the
Cour de Cassation
75001 PARIS
December 2, 2004

In the matter of Dr. R. G. HAMER
I state the following for the record :

1. The Ministry of Justice has obviously issued instructions concerning visitations rights for my lawyers and visitors during 7 weeks and until the very day after the deadline (December 1st) for appeals to the Cour de Cassation expired. Visitation rights were granted to my lawyers and other visitors only on December 2, 2004, after 7 weeks. This is a severe breach of the law, and disabling the legal proceedings. The underlying objective was of course what I had previously suspected: to block all communication and therefore prevent the proceedings from being referred back to a court of the first instance, which the Euro order defines as mandatory in my case. This is also a severe violation of legal statutes, paralyzing the trial at its very base.

2. Both instances at Chambery had earlier (in 2000!) accused me of an outrageous crime, following the issue of an international arrest warrant. But I had not been to France in 12 years, and had not treated any cases originating from France. Apparently I had "instigated" with my books to practice an illegal kind of medicine. This is total nonsense. Of course books are being written in the hope that someone will read them. How it is possible to come up with such an accusation, based on patients whom I had never seen nor met, who were deemed incurable after 20 rounds of chemotherapy and who were sent home to die - how anyone can construct such a criminal accusation, this must truly be the judicial equivalence of a would-be con artist's twisted mindset, and one that has never before seen in the whole world. This is something I have never encountered in all my years as an expert in internal medicine, and probably my colleagues neither. Piecing together such an outrageous and wildly incomprehensible accusation constitutes a major breach of law by those in charge of the law.

3. The authorities at Chambery have also produced the following fantastic and arbitrary explanations: Apart from the fact that there had not been any "patient cases" in France since 1992, at least not to my knowledge, it should be considered perfectly normal if one consulted on general scientific questions with the association's chairperson in Chambery (ASAC) who, at that time, explored the theory of the German New Medicine. That is what an association is for. In 1996, I had had no knowledge of patient cases for 4 years, and had not wanted to know.

4. The ASAC association printed and sold my books. It is common practice all over the world that the author receives a certain percentage of the revenue. This is all the ASAC ever did. The money was declared appropriately. And since our charitable) Centre for New Medicine in Austria (Burgau) needed the money more urgently than Cologne, we asked ASAC to send the money here.

The Centre for New Medicine in Burgau offered workshops every fortnight, with between 3 and 10 physicians and medical officers present, and cancer patients received free consultation. Over 5 years, 6500 cancer patients have visited the Centre and have taken advantage of the no-cost consultations (figures compiled by the prosecuting attorney's office in Wiener Neustadt, Austria).

According to a memorandum by the same prosecuting attorney's office, more than 6000 of these terminally ill patients survived for 5 years, last not least due to the royalties from by books which I waived and which ASAC sent to Burgau. To this day I don't see what would have been wrong with this and how the dedication of 3 to 10 physicians working hard and often long into the night for 3 to 4 days a week could in any way be related to the doings of a religious sect.

5. As the prosecuting attorney's office in Wiener Neustadt officially stated, more than 6000 patients survived, i.e. over 90%. The usual survival rate of patients treated traditionally is only 2-3%, according to the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg. I have offered 20 times to file an official request for certified evidence on the efficacy of the New Medicine, but the court at Chambery not only ignored this entirely - there exist 30 officially deposed statements of verification by university professors, medical officers etc. - but in an act of despotic abuse of power declared the New Medicine for wrong and also flouted the most rudimentary and basic rights linked to the filing of a motion to hear evidence. This whole matter is one single continuous violation of the law by the judicial system. I am not only innocent, I am totally and absolutely innocent.

I am sitting in France's most dreadful prison as if I were guilty. And every day I spend waiting for a decision by the Court de Cassation I serve a sentence that I did not merit. And when the Cour de Cassation hands down its decision in March and declares my innocence, how will the French judges compensate a 70-year-old for having gone through 6 months of concentration camp? This will not be possible even with money.

Petition: I request the Cour de Cassation to refer the trial back to the first instance (as per the statutes of the Euro order) by granting interim injunction. I also request my immediate release from prison.

Dr. Hamer

P.S. My former lawyer commented the Chambery verdict as follows :
" With this verdict France has clearly closed the door to the community of European civilizations."


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