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The Taylor-Burton Diamond

The orginal diamond was found in the Premier mine in South Africa in 1966 and weighed 240.8 carats. Taylor-Burton DiamondThe Taylor-Burton diamond was cut into a pear shape by jeweller Harry Winston and weighs 69.42 carats. Actor Richard Burton purchased the diamond for his wife Elizabeth Taylor to celebrate her 40th birthday in 1972.

The first owner of the diamond wasn’t Elizabeth Taylor, but Mrs. Harriet Annenberg Ames who gave the diamond away to be auctioned, because she couldn’t enjoy the diamond. She feared the loss or theft of the diamond and didn’t wear the diamond publicly. The winner of the auction was Robert Kenmore, CEO of Kenmore Corporation, the owners of Cartier. Richard Burton purchased finally the diamond from Cartier and the diamond was called the Taylor-Burton since then.

Liz Taylor with Taylor-Burton DiamondElizabeth Taylor wore this marvelous gem for the first time in public when she attended Princess Grace’s 40th birthday party in Monaco.

In 1978 Elizabeth Taylor sold the Taylor-Burton diamond after her divorce with Richard Burton. The diamond is now owned by Mr. Robert Mouawad who had the diamond slightly recut.

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