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Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Warsaw in General

Warsaw – the capital of Poland. This awesome city is full of contrasts, questions and astonishments. Warsaw will not leave you different – reflection and euphoria simultaneously spring to mind.

Live in Warsaw!

We would like you to accept our invitation and experience what it’s like to be Varsovian. So, kick back, relax and please feel right at home, because this fabulous city has plethora of fascinating features that would appease even the most peculiar reviewer.


Eurovoluntary – an interesting starting point in adulthood
On 24 February, a public meeting was held to discuss the opportunities of volunteering for young adults, following a series of European Open Lectures.
Christian Boltanski and his Heart Archives
Christian Boltanski has been one of France's greatest contemporary artists. The Heart Archives has been already exhibited in galleries around the world.
The Diplomatic tour in Warsaw
The Mayor of Warsaw met with accredited Diplomats for the first time this year.

Visit Warsaw

Warsaw is a city full of astonishing varieties and it never ceases to amaze with its magnitude of dimensions and themes, which for the inquirer have to be discovered, absorbed and understood.

Invest in Warsaw

Warsaw is home to some of the largest corporations serving business or conducting financial activities and to the largest legal companies operating in Poland. Warsaw hosts Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the most commercial banks operating in Poland and is also the location of main offices of the largest transport and shipping companies.

Cultural Information

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