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All Metallica albums and future releases are banned in Jordan, a small country in western Asia. Here is what Tamim Salem reported to encycmet.com

Jordan map Metallica is looked at as the best thing that has ever happened on this earth by some of us here in jordan, but because Metallica are very popular, and some times loud, a newspapers did an article accusing them of being satanists and worshipers.

They also included some photos of the band, jamming in the mid 80's, and names of nonexisting albums such as "No life", "crow", and "Poison".

When I read that article i didn't really give a shit, but when I went to the music store to buy some tapes (We still use tapes here), the guy in the store told me that the Jordanian authorities will collect all metallica CDs and tapes and dispose them in the end of this year and ban all future releases.

Sem: As a side note, No Metallica is not Satan worshipers. The URL to the Jordanian newspaper is www.alarab-alyawm.com.jo

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