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G’day everyone, this is James Shannon back again to deliver the rundown of SmackDown! from Down Under. I’d like to take a moment before starting the recap to say a big thankyou to everyone who sent feedback on what was my first ever recap last week. I really do appreciate the time and effort that went in to every email that was sent, and it comes as no surprise that each comment, whether positive or negative, was constructive.

To contact me in the future, shoot me a line at ‘ This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ’. I encourage and welcome everything from criticism to a simple “Hello.” Anything to help me tailor the recaps towards what you want to read.

Ross welcomes us to SmackDown! and we are two days away from Judgement Day. While John Morrison walks to the ring, we are informed that Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have challenged Morrison and a partner of his choosing to a match that will open the show. As Morrison reaches the ring, CM Punk’s opening riff plays, and the first man to win the Money in the Bank match at consecutive Wrestlemanias arrives. However he shows little regard to the safety of the briefcase, tossing it high in the air. A brief recap of the one-upmanship between Benjamin and Morrison is given as the World’s Greatest Tag Team make their entrance.

Wait a second… is this wrestling show actually starting with a wrestling match? What a novel idea.

Match Number one: John Morrison & CM Punk Vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Punk and Haas begin for their respective teams. Haas continues his new “aggressive” demeanour. CM Punk chants early at the first sign of his offense. Morrison in, and hits his break dancing leg drop. Punk and Morrison working fluidly as a team. Ok, this was awesome. Punk and Morrison went to hit stereo drop kicks to send both members of WGTT out of the ring, but Morrison was a little behind. Instead of throwing a full blown dropkick, he tried a bicycle kick. Too bad Haas was already sailing over the top rope before he could even lift the leg he intended to touch him with off the ground. At LEAST two feet of air between Haas and boot.

WGTT are now both down on the outside, signalling it’s time for an ad break.

Morrison is isolated as we return. Ross implies that all it is going to take for Benjamin to be World Champion is the right attitude. Chants for Punk as Haas and Benjamin work over Morrison. The crowd is getting into the hope spots, and reacted when Morrison made the tag. Punk running wild on Benjamin. Oh boy, Morrison: 1, Punk: 1. Punk went for his big leg lariat/heel kick on Benjamin. Unfortunately Benjamin’s flight instincts kicked in. A foot of air between boot and Benjamin, who sold it anyway.

Punk is now isolated. Crowd are quick to chant his name. Punk gets an awkward tag to Morrison as he’s clotheslined out of the ring. Morrison cleaning house, nails Haas with his standing shining wizard. climbs up top, only for Benjamin to pounce to the top rope from the ring. That leap is visually stunning. CM Punk deals with him though, leaving Haas open for Morrison’s split-legged corkscrew moonsault for the pin. Grisham called it the “Star Ship Pain”.

Winners: John Morrison & CM Punk, Pinfall.

They celebrate in the ring afterwards. No sign of Umaga, his name hasn’t even been mentioned.

Jericho walks to the ring after the ad break. Commentators push hard that Jericho is feeling disrespected. Jericho says he’s not afraid of Judgement day, as he is an honest man, of pure virtue, and always does what he says he is going to do. He has come to the conclusion that the disrespect is a part of a conspiracy, a conspiracy orchestrated by Teddy Long and all of the jealous superstars. But the conspiracy will end this Sunday when Jericho wins the IC title, and his rapture can begin. Drawing good heat here. Jericho blames Mysterio for his loss last week. So Jericho will take Rey’s title, to become an unprecedented nine time IC champion. He guarantees that the fans will not see a 619 on Sunday, or tonight. Jericho demands that Rey comes out now.

Edge’s music plays for a huge babyface pop. I honestly think they popped expecting Mysterio, and the cheers turn to jeers. Edge says that it has only taken a few weeks for him to be completely sick and tired of Jericho’s voice, to the delight of the fans. Edge says that people aren’t out to get Jericho, they’re out to get him. Edge isn’t impressed that Jericho could be a nine time IC champion this Sunday, as he’s a nine time WORLD champion. Edge calling out his opponent for Sunday, Jeff Hardy. Edge and Jericho bicker over who gets to summon their opponent.

Teddy Long answers their call, and signs a main event for tonight, Edge Vs. Jericho. I can honestly say I was not expecting that. Just before the break, Jeff Hardy is shown walking in the back, face covered in green and white, and we’ll see him in action after next.

Hardy gets a great reaction as he walks to the ring. His opponent is… what? No… ok, stop right here. What the hell is going on?

I avoid spoilers, and all talk of SmackDown! before watching it, so that this recap can be as accurate a representation of a wrestling fan’s reaction as can be. But something is just off about this show.

And a quick trip to tells me that it was basically written on the fly, as Mysterio has re-aggravated his knee on Superstars. It shows. It really does. First of all, I assume we only got to see a match open the show to give them time to re-write some scripts. But it was stupid to have Punk out there without any mention or build to his match with Umaga. Then they had Edge be the one to shut Jericho up. Then there was the announcement that the main event will be between the two top heels on the show. Then finally, wackiest of all, to warm up for his title shot on Sunday, Hardy is going to face Ricky Ortiz.

Wow. Ortiz’s first match on SmackDown! is against the number one babyface, who cannot lose, as it is the show before his title shot. They really don’t want Ortiz to get over, do they? WAIT. Ortiz had a pre-taped interview asking fans to “rally up!” in order to help him defeat Hardy inserted in the corner of the screen as he walked to the ring. Does that mean this was PLANNED? Please tell me that was filmed after the match.

Match Number 2: Jeff Hardy Vs. Ricky Ortiz.

Grisham points out Ortiz’s “laid back” west coast demeanour. Ross points out how very wrong that statement is. Ortiz actually dominates to begin, and looks to hit his “Big O” very early, only for Hardy to get his knees up. Ortiz is straight back on offense. Hardy strings together every recognisable ‘Hardy’ move, finishing with a twist of fate to Swanton. Hardy used Ortiz’s body as a crash pad for that Swanton. When Hardy did hit his offense, he hit it a little slowly, but very heavily. I think Hardy may have been giving back as he got early in the match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy, Pinfall.

Hardy is holding his ribs as Josh Mathews interviews him in the ring. Hardy says Edge is a creature of habit – he always loses the title the month after he wins it. Crowd eats it up.

What has A. Fox done to her hair?! A horrible perm... thing. I get that you don’t want the heel diva being the best looking one out there, but why take a beautiful girl and make her ugly? Why not have a Victoria or Natalya around who isn’t a model, but can actually wrestle?

Match Number Three, Michelle McCool & A. Fox Vs. Gail Kim & Melina.

Melina is making her first appearance on SmackDown! since being drafted. Nice and fast to start things out. Interference from McCool on Kim settles things down.  Kim uses the ropes to hit a modified slice bread #2 to escape a dragon sleeper, allowing the hot tag to be made to Melina. Melina is great here. She’s been working very hard it seems. Fox runs in, only to be taken out by Kim so that Melina can hit the Code Red (they didn’t give it a name here) on McCool for the pin.

Winners: Melina & Gail Kim, Pinfall.

As we return from an ad break, Jimmy Wang Yang is already the ring, waiting for Dolph Ziggler to make his entrance. I wonder how many kids get either reference to Dolph Lundgren or Dirk Diggler.

Match Number Four: Jimmy Wang Yang Vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph offers a handshake to start, which Yang kicks away, hard. Ziggler takes offense, and shows some more of the violent streak that was on display last week when he beat down the Great Khali with a chair. Ziggler keeps Yang grounded, and is great with his “now he’s gonna tap!” and  other such commentaries on his own match. Wang with a speedy come back full of kicks and flight. I hope this was an accident, but I think Ross just made the comment that Wang may have found a “chink” in Dolph’s armour. You get two Ross, and that’s your first. Ziggler had the moonsault scouted, and when Wang landed on his feet, Ziggler jumped high in the air, put his arm around Wang’s head and just sort of fell to the ground for the pin. I really hope that isn’t his regular finisher. He apparently uses a ‘leaping reverse STO’ in FCW, hopefully this was the equivalent of a bad hair day for the move.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, Pinfall.

The Great Khali gives Ziggler no time to celebrate as he makes him way to the ring. Khali has tunnel vision. He grabs Ziggler by the head, and pulls him over the top rope. We cut to commercial as Ziggler runs up the ramp, looking to escape.

Cryme Time are all over Eve in the back. They’re stirring her up her by reminding her that Layla has upstaged her two weeks in a row. They even suggested that she was Layla has been talking bad about Eve’s mother. To get revenge, Eve sneaks up behind Layla as she is sitting in the makeup chair, and dumps a powder all over her face and hair. A big slap is thrown, which leads to a catfight. Shad and JTG pull them apart, grabbing a woman each.

R-truth raps his way through the arena. We have a rematch form last week, as Mike Knox makes his way to the ring.

Match Number Five: R-Truth Vs. Mike Knox.

R-Truth apparently asked for this rematch, believing he can beat Knox. For a second week in a row, JR brings up that Knox’s wears glasses, and talks about his mind being wandering when he tried to talk to him. Truth hit a dive over the ropes early on. A big bicycle kick turns things back to Knox’s favour when they re-enter the ring. An attempt at a second bicycle kick by Knox leads to Truth hitting his corkscrew elbow for the pin. I didn’t expect that to be the finish. Reply looked good.

Winner: R-Truth, Pinfall.

Mathews is in the back with Mysterio. Rey speaks a little Spanish, calling Jericho arrogant, egotistical and deceitful. Rey tells Jericho that if he wants respect, he needs to earn it.

Cut to the ring where both Grisham and Ross have left the announce booth and have entered the ring. They run down and plug the PPV over the house mic’s. Punk’s graphic gets a bigger pop than anyone, possibly matched by Hardy.

The World Champion Edge makes his way to the ring for the main event. And that match is next.

Jericho comes to the ring for the bout being dubbed “Egomania” by JR.

Match Number Six: Edge (c) Vs. Jericho, non-title.

The two brawl to the floor to start. Back in the ring, Edge misses a shoulder charge in the corner, hitting the ring post. Jericho pulls him out, only to send his shoulder into the metal again. Jericho hits a baseball slide dropkick on a downed Edge, sending him to the outside. Edge now sends Jericho into the steel steps and barricade to turn things around. Both men were on the top rope. Both men landed a punch. Both men fell to the floor, allowing a break in the action for a commercial break.

Jericho hits a single arm DDT after we return, and starts working over the arm and shoulder from the start of the match. Jericho hits a body slam with the arm in a hammer lock. Jericho berates Edge, asking whose show is this? Edge counters an attempted bulldog to buy some time, and finally hits the shoulder block in the corner. Jericho with a schoolboy, looking for a quick pin. Ref spots Jericho using his feet on the ropes for leverage. Edge uses the distraction to try his own quick pin. The ref again stops the use of ropes for leverage. Double clothesline in the middle. Jericho hits the bulldog, jumps for the lionsault, but does a full rotation, landing on his feet as Edge had moved. Jericho grabs his knee. Edge locks in a sharpshooter, looking attack the knee, but Jericho makes it to the ropes. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, but this time Edge makes it to the ropes.

Edge hits a spear, but Jericho rolls out of the ring to avoid the pin. Jericho has had enough, and grabs a steel chair, but Edge boots him in the face before he can use it. Ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Edge, DQ.

Ok, try to follow the bouncing ball here.

Edge motions towards using the chair on Jericho, but Jeff Hardy rushes the ring. Edge misses a swing at Hardy, dropping the chair. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate onto the chair. Hardy looks for the Swanton, but Jericho distracts him. Hardy leaps from the top rope to the floor, taking out Jericho.

The camera focuses on Edge lying motionless on the mat. Punk runs down the aisle, briefcase to his right, a ref to his left. But for a third week in a row, Umaga looks to prevent Punk’s title shot. Punk is not surprised, and nails Umaga between the eyes with the briefcase. Twice. Umaga is knocked to the outside. Punk follows him out with a dive over the top rope. Umaga starts fighting back, but we cut to Hardy attacking Edge again. They too brawl to the outside, and into the crowd.

This leaves Jericho as the only man standing, smirking at the top of the aisle. But now he too is blindsided, as Rey sends him into the SmackDown! set. The screen cuts back and forth between the three fights as the show ends.


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