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  • NPT Review: Less Than Meets the Eye by Amitai Etzioni, 1 Jun 2010 -- "I thought April Fools' Day was two months ago. Today we read that the 189-nation NPT review conference, after three weeks of meetings, produced a new agreement. ..."
  • Opium: Buy and Burn, or Not by Ed Corcoran, 27 May 2010 -- "Ever since the US invasion in 2003, opium has been a problem in Afghanistan. It was a traditional crop which had been virtually eliminated by the Taliban in one of the few positive aspects of their repressive, fundamentalist regime. ..."
  • National Security Strategy Released by Nikolas K. Gvosdev, 27 May 2010 -- "The White House has released the National Security Strategy. The NSS sketches out a very broad (and one might say bland) picture, setting very general themes and ensuring that there is a "big tent" approach to national security. ..."
  • Problems in Fighting Piracy in the Indian Ocean by Nikolas K. Gvosdev, 6 May 2010 -- "The rescue of the oil tanker "Moscow University" brings a satisfying close to this particular incident of piracy on the high seas: the ship and crew freed, pirates killed or in custody--and with the possibility that the captured suspects will not be "caught and released" but transported to Moscow to face trial. The good news, however, is counterbalanced by the fact that the South Korean tanker Samho Dream still remains in the hands of pirates off the coast of Somalia. ..."
  • Refashioning Afghan Strategy: Nation Growing by Ed Corcoran, 2 May 2010 -- "Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, now ground down by 40 years of warfare with broad areas dominated by brutal Islamic fundamentalists. The traditional power structures are inadequate to meet the challenge, especially with so many killed, including by Taliban assassinations. ..."

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