This year marks the 20th anniversary of the end of Group B Rallying. To honor this era I have gathered information from all over the web for this site. I hope you enjoy what you see. Much of the info comes from other sites than you may have already seen. I hope there is also some good info for you to discover. I am currently looking for people that can help me to research and edit the details on this site. If anyone is interested, please send me an email:

This site focuses on a nearly forgotten era in motorsports: Group B. I have seen several great sites on the topic, but always thought there was never one that pooled all of the info. That is the goal of this site.

Many know of the famous Quattro, RS200, and 205 T16 produced under the 200 unit homologation rules, but this rule also allowed for smaller companies to compete in the series. They only needed to produce 20 evolution models of a regular production car to compete. Many forgotten cars fit into this category: BMW M1, Citroen Visa 1000 Pistes, Skoda 130LR, etc. Not nearly as successful as their competition, these cars raced still raced in Group B and still warrant respect. Many of them I have rediscovered by browsing through Rallybase which lists all entrants for past rally events, the classes they were in, what they were driving and where they finished.

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