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Great Wall Motor Company Limited is a large multinational company, the first private whole vehicle automaker listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.With more than 30 subsidiaries and 38,000 employees, the products of Great Wall Motors include the three main categories of HAVAL SUV, VOLEEX Sedan and WINGLE Pickup currently. In 2011, the company has already achieved the capability of producing 800,000 vehicles and parts as well as the ability of independently producing core parts and accessories such as engines, transmission etc.

The award-winning Great Wall Motors has been listed in the Forbes Top 100 Chinese Enterprises twice, along with the honors of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands", "Most Valuable Listed Automobile Company", "No. 1 of Top 10 Listed Chinese Automobile Companies", "Brand for Export" recommended by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of M&E Products and "National Base for Whole Vehicle Export " designated by MOCOM and NDRC.

Since 2004, Great Wall Motors has be awarded as "Top 10 Listed Private Companies", "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", "Top 500 Chinese Machinery Manufacturers", "Made-in-China Top 500", "Top 500 Chinese Industrial Enterprises" and "Top 30 Chinese Automakers by Sales Revenue", etc.

In May 2010, Great Wall Motors was once again awarded as "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" and "Top 30 Chinese Automakers by Main Business Revenue".

Sales of 2010 and Operating Status

Great Wall Motors enjoys sustainable growth and a solid foundation. Its parent company and branches owe no loans or debts to anybody. In 2010, the whole group saw a turnover of ¥29 billion, total assets of ¥24 billion and net assets of ¥10.5 billion. Its development potential has won the recognition of international capital market; consequently, its stock has been chased by investors from Hong Kong and the world.

In the year 2010, the accumulative sales of Great Wall vehicles reached 390,000 units, registering a year-on-year increase of 70%, well over the average growth of the whole industry and becoming one of the brands which enjoy the most increment and fastest growth speed. Of which:

The sales of HAVAL SUV reached 150,000 units, registering a year-on-year increase of 109.5%.

The sales of VOLEEX Sedan amounted to 140,000 units, seeing a year-on-year increase of 73.1%.

The sales of WINGLE Pickup totaled 100,000 units, registering a year-on-year growth of 46%.

Market Position of Three Main Categories of Vehicles

Great Wall Motors has been taking a lead on international market and domestic market. It has successively remained No. 1 in terms of export quantity and export sales of Chinese vehicles for many years. In the year 2009, its four main models passed EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA), becoming the first self-owned brand making such achievement in China.

In 2010, Great Wall Motors established the principle of Creating Brand Advantage with Category Advantage and the three main advantageous categories: HAVAL SUV,VOLEEX Sedan and WINGLE Pickup.

HAVAL SUV has topped the sales volume and export volume in China for successive eight years.Currently, it mainly manufactures products of middle-sized H series, small M series, high-end SC series. In this January, Zhou Yong, a famous racing driver, participated in Dakar Rally with HAVAL SUV and finally ranked the 1st of Chinese teams and the 22nd of total scores.

Florid, Coolbear, VOLEEX C10 under the category of VOLEEX Sedan have established the reputation of good quality with their respective individual features. In January this year, VOLEEX C30 was crowned “2010 CCTV China Compact Car of the Year”.The sales of VOLEEX C30 successively surpassed 10,000 units for three months since its debut in the market, and sold 25,000 units in December, launched “VOLEEX Speed” and won its position of“King of Compact Cars”.

With 700,000 registered automobiles at present, WINGLE Pickup has nationwide kept the first place in sales volume, export volume and the quantity of registered automobiles for successive thirteen years. It has various specifications and types with "High, Middle and Low" levels. When competing with international pickups, it manifests its own unique competitiveness, resulting in a failure of foreign pickups to enter the Chinese market.

Main New Models to be Launched in This Year

A total of 13 new models of vehicles will be launched in 2011.

Six models of HAVAL SUV series, comprising 3 new models and 3 modified models with the main products are: 2011 HAVAL M2, HAVAL M3, HAVAL M4, HAVALH6, the high-end urban type of SUV.

Five models of VOLEEX Sedan: 2 new models and 3 modified models with the main products are: 2011 Florid CROSS, 2011 VOLEEX C30, VOLEEX C35, VOLEEX C50, VOLEEX C55.

2 modified models of WINGLE Pickup series.

Key Models: HAVAL M3: a small SUV stylishly designed for urban cross-bordering. It is equipped with all- aluminum engine of 1.5VVT and is planned to come into the market in the first quarter of this year. HAVAL H6: the middle and high-end urban SUV developed and manufactured by Great Wall Motors on the newest platform. It can match multiple kinds of efficient and energy-saving engines: mainly the diesel-powered engine of Green Static 2.0VGT and 1.5T turbo-supercharged gasoline engine with small displacement and high power. It’s planned to appear on the market in the second quarter of this year. VOLEEX C50: the brand new sedan independently researched and developed by Great Wall Motors. It’s equipped with 1.5T turbo-supercharged engine with the maximum power reaching 98kw and the maximum torque reaching 188nm, and is planned to be launched in the third quarter of this year.

“Three Hs” Strategy of Great Wall Motors

In 2011, Great Wall Motors implemented the “Three Hs” Strategy, i.e. High Luxury, High Performance and High-tech, which focuses on promoting product quality.

More specifically, High Luxury refers to those models of cars to be developed in the future that will have the specifications on par with the high specification standards for joint venture brands of higher level, and current models of mass production or to be mass produced will be equipped according to the high specification standards for joint venture brands of the same level; High Performance refers to those models of cars to be developed that will perform as good as joint venture brands of the same level, and the current models of mass production and to be mass produced will have obvious advantages compared with self-owned brands of the same level; High-tech refers to those models of cars that will fully showcase high technology with corresponding specification and performance positioning.

This plan, to be implemented in the near future, will cover all the series of products that are mass produced or programming models. The Three Hs concept aims to improve the quality and grade of Great Wall products and ultimately promote product branding, adding more additional value to our brands.

Plan of Establishing Brands with Category Advantages

In our opinion, the true brand should be the representative of a specific category in customers’ mind and the really strong brand should be the leader of a category.

Great Wall Motors will become China’s first enterprise establishing the brand based on the category.

In the aspect of category, Great Wall Motors has its own peculiar advantages: HAVAL SUV and WINGLE Pickup have seen No.1 in sales in market segment for many years;VOLEEX Sedan has established a good reputation in the industry and created “VOLEEX Growth Speed”, enjoying a solid foundation of category advantages.

In the future Great Wall Motors will continue to focus on the three main categories of SUV, Sedan, Pickup, targeting at becoming the leader of market segment with each brand being strongly positioned: HAVAL——China’s SUV Leader; WINGLE——Leader of China’s Pickup; VOLEEX——King of Compact Car.

Sales Target and Sales Network in This Year

Great Wall Motors saw a sales growth of approximately 80% in 2010, realizing great-leap-forward development.

In the year 2011, Great Wall Motors will continuously highlight the three main categories and maintain No. 1 in sales in market segment and rank the first in operation quality among self-owned brands.

Sales are estimated to achieve 500,000 units, with domestic market seeing sales of 420,000 units and international markets 80,000 units. Of which:

The quantity of both HAVAL SUV and VOLEEX Sedan exceeds 200,000, while WINGLE Pickup is over 100,000We will hold the first place of SUV and pickup sales volume in China and strive to get the top three of Chinese A-level family cars.

Since last year, Great Wall Motors has gradually established and perfected the sales network for three main products (HAVAL SUV, VOLEEX Sedan and WINGLE Pickup). Besides, the sales service network is expected to enjoy rapid growth. Three marketing networks are currently under construction and the number of domestic 4S show rooms has already surpassed 700 show rooms.

In 2011, Great Wall Motors will continue to strengthen the product layout on tier-two. Marketing campaigns will be launched through different networks so as to make the distributors focus on a certain category. The company will adhere to the development strategy of establishing brands based on categories and concentrating on various star products.

Basic Information of Innovation and Research & Development

Great Wall Motors Technology Center was founded in 1998. In these years, great changes have taken place with a total investment of RMB 3 billion in the past five years. Sufficient funding impelled the research and development technologies of Great Wall Motors rapidly achieving world-class level.

At present, the Center has owned a R&D team of over 5000 persons, of which more than 500 are technical experts, including 12 foreign experts, 20 technicians returned from foreign countries, and 60 doctors. It has owned world-class R&D equipment and system, jointly recognized as National Certified Enterprise Technical Center, Unit Setting up Post-doctoral Scientific Research Station by five ministries and commissions such as National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology.

It’s empowered with a capacity of developing and designing the three main series of products of Sedan, SUV, Pickup and power train.Hence, it can simultaneously develop more than ten models of vehicles. Besides, it has already built independent technologies, standards and intellectual property for various aspects such as engine, transmission, vehicle modeling, vehicle design, CAE, test.

In the next five years, Great Wall Motors will adopt strategies of Excessive Investment of Technology Resources for pursuing industry leadership. It’s estimated that RMB 5 billion more will be invested in researching and developing products and technologies. It will continue to expand the R&D team and plans to have more than 10,000 professional technicians in 2015, and will have world-leading R& D level and technical ability by 2013.

Information on Technology R&D Center

In recent years, Great Wall Motor has done much for improving R&D facilities which is hard to achieve by common enterprises. Especially its Four Centers (Testing Center, Trial Production Center, Modeling Center, CAE Center) have already reached world-class level and domestic-leading level.

In Testing Center, various of tests can be conducted on security, emission, vehicles, chemical materials, parts, NVH; A new testing laboratory of 10,000 square meters is planned to be built, including a wind tunnel test room, an EMC Test Room, Powertrain Performance/NVH etc.

Trial Production Center is equipped with flexible body welding line, GA work station and has the capacity of designing jigs/fixture for trial production, rapid tooling, gauges, mainly taking charge of trial production of samples of parts and vehicles of all models researched and developed by Technology Center, and producing personalized commercial vehicles;

Modeling Center is equipped with world-leading measuring equipment for conducting data measuring. Of which double-cantilever three-coordinate measuring machine /double-arm 3D measuring machine, FARO flexible 3D measuring machine, KREON laser system have virtual and realistic assessment systems, interactive touch assessment system and vehicle digital processing system and other advanced facilities, taking a lead in the world.

CAE Center has a wide range of simulating and analyzing software. The hardware can be directly used for cooperating with the world and carrying out technical exchanges, laying a solid foundation for sustainable independent innovation. In the aspect of new energy, it will grasp the core technologies such as developing and calibrating vehicle controller.

Information on New Technology Center of Great Wall Motors

At the end of last October, the New Technology Center of Great Wall Motors with an investment of RMB 5 billion was kicked off. The New Technology Center is able to carry out various R&D work such as early research, style design, conceptual design, simulation design etc. Besides, the Center also boasts of the capacity of researching and developing all the series of vehicles of SUV, Sedan and Pickup as well as world-leading engines, transmission, electric controls and safety systems.

The New Technology Center will have eight centers of international level, including Modeling Center, Trial Production Center, Testing Center and Engineering Center and four product-developing centers which will develop products of SUV, Pickup and Sedans respectively, including technology pre-research, BENCHMARK, conceptual design, style design, simulation design, engineering design, trial production test, process design, manufacturing and post-sale support as well as life cycle technical data management, knowledge management.

Joint Capital and Cooperation

For many years, Great Wall Motors has focus on the development of national automobiles and insists on independent self-owned brands and sticks with the brand tagline “Great Wall- Creation of China”. At present, though the company has yet to cooperate with multi-national corporations in terms of funding vehicle development, it has established sound and wide cooperation relations for some key component parts and many technology projects with famous international, domestic parts specialized companies, such as the internationally-renowned companies Robert Bosch GmbH, Delphi of Germany.

These specialized companies cooperate with Great Wall Motors in synchronously mutual researching and developing as well as producing products with the intellectual properties belonging to Great Wall Motors and the manufactured products also keeping pace with the highest world class technical standards. Thus Great Wall Motors has explored the path of obtaining the most advanced technologies with the minimum cost. The company’s experience demonstrates that it’s absolutely possible to gather and absorb the strong points of others for advancing our own cause.

In recent years, the abundant strength, strong development potential and rapid growth of Great Wall Motors has attracted the attention of well-known multi-national corporations. We are open to cooperating with foreign investors provided that such cooperation has complementary advantages and is beneficial to the development of self-owned brands.

Basic Information of Overseas Markets

During the 14 years since Great Wall Motors exported its products for the first time, its process of developing overseas markets has always been stable. It has been successively situated in the front row of export quantity and export sales for more than 10 years. Currently, Great Wall autos have been exported to more than 100 countries worldwide and sold in 80-plus countries around the world. Besides, the overseas outlet stores have amounted to 581. So far, Great Wall autos are mainly exported to Africa, Central and South America, Europe, Asia , Australia, Italy and Russia.

In 1998, Great Wall Pickup was exported to Iraq as self-owned brand for the first time. In 2006, HAVAL SUV went overseas and was bulk exported to Italy-an EU country for the first time. Since August, 2008, GWPERI, FLORID, VOLEEX C10, VOLEEX C30 have been exported in bulk.

In 2010, the exported vehicles reached 55,000 units with the export sales reaching more than RMB 3 billion, both up over 60%. The overseas market of Great Wall Motors showed a continuously stable trend. Russian market, suffered heavy losses in the year 2009, saw a sales volume approaching 8,000 units in 2010, a jump of 17 times.

In 2010, sales volume of HAVAL in Austria surpassed that of Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson for the first time, becoming the locally famous SUV brand in terms of sales. In the first half of the year, Florid achieved great success in entering South Africa for the first time and its sales in a single month surmounted 300 units, stepping into Top 5 in sales.

In addition, in the year 2011, Great Wall Motors will successively export its products to the Northern European markets in Sweden, the three Baltic States for continuously expanding its European markets.

As planned, the export of Great Wall autos is expected to reach 80,000 units in 2011.

Overseas Strategic Planning and Latest News about KD Assembling

In recent years, Great Wall Motors has established KD assembly plants with local partners in Russia, Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, Ukraine and other countries.

Since 2009, the countries newly establishing KD plants include Bulgaria, Senegal, Venezuela, the Philippines, Malaysia, Ethiopia. So far, Great Wall Motor has owned 12 overseas KD assembly plants.

Currently, Great Wall Motors has reached the intention of establishing plants by cooperating with countries such as Italy, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Sudan, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey. By 2015, its overseas assembly plants will reach 24 with a production capacity of 500,000 units.

It’s estimated that by 2015, its overseas sales will account for 30% and exported vehicles will reach 600,000 units.

Progress of Great Wall Tianjin Production Base

In February, 2009, Great Wall Motors planned and invested totally RMB12.25 billion in constructing a project for the production capacity of 800,000 passenger cars, necessary parts and components, export logistics and living community which will occupy an area of 3569,000 square meters (about 5354.06 mus) and be carried out in three phrases.

The world's most cutting-edge technologies and informatization equipment are introduced to Tianjin project. The stamping workshop uses the Swiss ABB six-axis automated production lines. The welding workshop uses the robot grabbing assembly system. The painting workshop uses spraying systems imported from YASKAWA in Japan and SAMES in France. The assembly workshop uses the AGV system.

The first phase of the vehicle project, occupying an area of 795.10 mu with construction area reaching 328,000 square meters, was kicked off in June, 2009 and is planned to be put into operation in the first half of this year, including plants of die stamping, welding, coating, assembly, products-submitting for examination and appraisal etc. HAVAl H6 and VOLEEX C50 will be manufactured here.

the Phase II construction project in Tianjin base is under construction. The project covers an area of 429,200 square meters and features an annual production capacity of 250,000 sedans and SUVs. Consisting of stamping, welding, painting, and assembly workshops and living & office facilities, it will be put into operation late in the next year.

The Phase III project covers a land area of about 1,078,000 square meters and features a planned investment of RMB 4.2 billion. The construction of the project will be initiated in 2013. It will be put into operation in 2015. Supporting facilities covering stamping, welding, painting, assembly, and testing processes for producing 300,000 B-Class sedans and high-end SUVs will be established.

By 2015 when the whole project is completed, the vehicle capacity of Great Wall Tianjin Production Base will reach 800,000 units and a number of high-end models of SUV and high-end models of sedans will be launched. Besides, the site will also become the export logistics base with its production value estimated to surpass RMB 100 billion.

Great Wall Xvshui Parts Industrial Park

Great Wall Xvshui Parts Industrial Park is a major project of Hebei Province. The total investment in this project is estimated about ¥16 billion, occupying an area of approximately 6,000 mu, which will be completed within 45 months. The new park will be equipped with the most advanced, cutting-edge scientific and technological production equipment so as to provide parts and accessories for the new models of Great Wall Sedan, SUV, Pickup etc in the future. Meanwhile, the fully-functional testing ground for ring-shaped runway featuring 7kilometers in length and 260 KMH at the curve will also be completed. It’s expected to be completed and put into operation in 2014.

Its completion will lead to a green auto city featuring low-carbon and environmental protection, normative layout, smooth logistics in the northern part of Baoding City!

The new park, the extended area of Baoding High-tech Zone, boasts of obvious traffic advantages for it is an hour’s drive away from Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang and only 8 kilometers away from the north outer ring road of Baoding City, 15 kilometers away from Xvshui County.

R&D of Great Wall Core Power Engines

The one who owns engines will occupy the global market. Among self-owned brands, Great Wall Motors is the first one owning core power engines. For 10 years, Great Wall Motors has always topped the R&D and production of engines. At present, Great Wall Motosr has already owned two engine production bases with a capacity of 500,000 units.

As early as May, 2000, Great Wall Motors built a modern engine production base with an annual capacity of 200,000 units through sophisticated planning (Great Wall Internal Combustion Engine Plant). It produced parts and accessories for Great Wall series of SUV, Pickup and dozens of domestically famous vehicle enterprises.

In August, 2006, it succeeded in developing INTEC, a high pressure common-rail electronic control diesel engine of 2.8TC by cooperating with Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany. High pressure common-rail is the latest core technology of diesel engines in Europe and America and Great Wall Motors is the first manufacturer popularizing and using such technology in China. Its appearance turned a new page in the history of diesel engines of self-owned brands.

In May, 2008, Great Wall Motors launched the campaign of upgrading all- aluminum VVT engines with small displacement and entered into the era of all- aluminum VVT Engine of small displacement. Such engines can be used for Great Wall sedans and SUV of small displacement. Hence, it claimed the title of “Chinese Hearts" Top 10 Engines.

In September 2010, Green Static 2.0VGT independently developed by Great Wall Motors came into being. It ranks first in terms of emission, power, noise and energy consumption, winning 15 patents authorized by the country. Consequently, it’s named as “Chinese Hearts" 2010 Top 10 Engines and Top 10 Brands of Green Internal Combustion Engine and Diesel Engine.

At the end of 2010, the first turbo-supercharged engine with small displacement independently developed by Great Wall Motors—1.5T(4G15T)was also successfully installed on subsequent sedan products such as VOLEEX C50. Its power is 25.6% higher and its torque is up 36.2% compared to those of engines with same displacement;As it can easily reach the power and torque of 1.8L engine, it’s able to realize better power and economy of fuel oil, thus enjoying more market competitiveness.

R&D of Great Wall Motors New Energy Models

Great Wall Technology Institute has established a professional technology team who take charge of researching and developing new energy models of Me-Centered by cooperating with several internationally famous professional parts companies.

Currently, Great Wall Motors has already successfully developed 7 models of brand new electric vehicles powered by new energy: GWKULLA, Smart EV, HAVAL M3 EV, DEER electric coach car, HEV HAVAL, Florid Intelligent Control, COWRY Plug-in HEV.

Great Wall Motors has made quite a huge investment in exploring technologies for new energy autos, personnel training, test bed for vehicles, test room for battery pack, test bench for generator and developing tools for controlling vehicles. As a vehicle plant, Great Wall Motors is committed to researching and developing core technologies of vehicle controlling, vehicle system matching for new energy autos. In combination with the national Twelfth Five-Year Plan, in the next five years, Great Wall Motors will invest ¥1 billion in speeding up R&D and industrialization of new energy autos.

Great Wall Motors is currently developing pure electric system platform and Plug-in HEV system platform and will launch models suitable for different markets. Great Wall Motors is now engaged itself in researching and developing new energy autos according to the strict product-developing processes and will offer quality assured products to consumers in the future. We will never blindly market immature products for enjoying the subsidy policy. Electric vehicles are expected to be launched to the market in 2011. Plug-in HEV models of vehicles are expected to hit the market in 2012.

Development Positioning and Plan for Production Capacity for the Next Five Years

Great Wall Motors is determined to be an excellent representative of Chinese vehicle brands and become the excellent domestic benchmark corporate with lean thinking and lean management.

Great Wall Motors is positioned to remain China’s No. 1 in sales of SUV and Pickup and take the first place in market segment of economic sedans.

The development target for the future is: realizing sales of 1.8 million units and production capacity of 2 million units by 2015. A production capacity of 1500,000 units will be newly increased in Tianjin and Baoding in the next five years. Of which the domestic sales accounts for 70%. Turnover more than RMB100 billion and profits over RMB 10 billion.

Plan of Products and Core Parts for the Future

In the next five years, RMB 3 billion will be invested in developing products and more than 30 brand new models will be launched, including 8 models of VOLEEX Sedan, 13 models of HAVAL SUV, 3 models of WINGLE Pickup, and 7 models of new energy vehicles.

The products main include: HAVAL M3, HAVAL H6, HAVAL SC60, VOLEEX C50, VOLEEX C70 etc.

7 models of electric vehicles powered by new energy: GWKULLA, Smart EV, DEER electric coach car, HEV HAVAL, Florid Intelligent Control, COWRY Plug-in HEV DEER coach car. Great Wall Motors will continue developing electric vehicles, which are powered by electric-based hybrid power with various proportions of oil and CNG and will be launched to the market without losing any time.

Core parts: Great Wall Motors will make investments in researching and developing 8 efficient gasoline and diesel engines with small displacement.

5 models of middle-sized gasoline engines, covering three kinds of displacement of 1.3L、1.5L、2.0L; 3 models of efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly diesel engines of 2.0L displacement, with the technical design of VGT supercharge. Besides, it will develop and produce transmission of 5MT/AMT, 6MT , 4AT, 6AT.


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